Imagine!!  The silence is broken by the only sound of your wildly pounding heart, as your binoculars desperately search the expanse for the sighting of a big cat. The thrill of spotting a tiger in its natural habitat is unmatched. There is a reason indeed why this majestic animal is the national animal of India. […]

Do you fancy heading out into new and offbeat terrain with nothing but a bag of essentials? You might be bitten by the backpacking bug. Offering a fresh perspective, backpacking brings along a breath of freedom and the chance to truly live the journey on the go. Meet new people, experience new cultures, and amalgamate […]

As the year enters its final quarter, the gentle nip in the air reminds us softly of the wonderful festive season around the corner. Nothing could be more fun than heading off on holiday with the people you love to enjoy the festivities all around. From across the country, there are many exciting locales that […]

Imagine yourself surrounded by an unending stretch of white sand deserts under the charming, bright moonlight with festivities and colour all around! This is not a scene from the Arabian Nights fables, but rather a reality closer to home, in our very own Rann of Kutch. And there is no other better time to experience […]

Hi there!! Greetings from Mumbai Travellers It’s been a great journey for Mumbai Travellers till now, all thanks to each and every traveller who have been a part of our journey. It’s the common passion of “Travel” which has brought us together and created this great travel platform. It’s this passion which has gifted all […]

Land of Tigers-Tadoba Tiger Reserve !! About the Tadoba National Park : Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve is the pristine and unique eco-system situated in the Chandrapur district of the Maharashtra State of India. The Reserve contains some of the best of forest tracks and is endowed with rich biodiversity. It is famous for its natural heritage [...]
About Dodhani & Sunset Point Trek : Dodhani village is located at the base of Matheran hills. Journey from Panvel to Dodhani passes through beautifully green, velvety paddy fields. This picturesque village is the starting point for our trek to Sunset Point. The climb from village goes through ridge & it sometimes passes through dense forest. [...]

Dear Travellers, Thank you for our amazing love and support towards Mumbai Travellers Club. As we build the foundation of success, we completely recognize the trust you have placed in us and with your continuous support, we assure you to maintain our best-in-class service, genuineness and gratitude. Buy Now → About the Concept  At Mumbai […]