After 8 years of successful journey of catering 1000’s of travellers over 100’s of unique & offbeat tours, we have refreshed ourselves a LOT!


Back in 2016 we slowly started operating international destinations in format of tailor-made tours. It was a great expansion as our travellers were really keen on exploring International destinations along with the domestic ones. Now having had a good exposure in past 3 years our team is totally set to cater a variety of international destinations in group tours and customized tours format.

In International tours, we take responsibility of end to end services, from flights and visa bookings to providing a complete destination package for honeymoon, family trips, institutional trips and corporate outings.


Over the years the demand for Customized tours have increased and we are proud to have started it earlier enough to have a fully functional & exclusive customized tour division at our office.

At the moment destinations like Bhutan, Nepal, Sri-lanka, Maldives, Bali, Mauritius, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa are our strong holds and we have successfully established great partnerships with destination experts of Europe, Norway, Egypt and Antarctica.

In India, we master in destinations like Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Golden Triangle, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala.

As we are a boutique travel company and serve handcrafted packages designed especially as per your specific requirements, we take minimum 24 hrs to revert back with your package but we do ensure that we are always just a call away till the end of your tour, which is our USP as an online travel portal. Personalized products & personalized services is what differentiates us from others.


Mumbai Travellers is no more just a travel club, we have had been aspiring to become a boutique travel company and we are happy to be there now.

We have striked out trips that were once forcing our travellers to compromise on safety, comforts, basic necessities, hygiene, infrastructure; which also includes group tours like weekend treks & adventure activities, which have now become overcrowded, death traps and has lost the charm due to the influx of many non-registered & fly-by-night tour operators.

During this high wave of quality assurance, we have upgraded the amenities pertaining to resorts and hotels in most of our tours to uplift the overall class of stay, food, comfort, hygiene, safety and services so that all our tours offer value addition & value for money.


Being Indian, we have a special love towards our country and its uniqueness. It had always been our dream to showcase the best side of our country to inbound travellers who might not be familiar with the real beauty, diversity and cultural essence of India. We feel proud, when our inbound travellers give us overwhelming feedback about the fantastic time they had exploring India with us.

In Inbound tourism, we majorly focus on tours providing the true essence of Indian culture, tribal lifestyle, heritage, tiger tourism, bird watching, wildlife photography, recreational activities like Yoga and Ayurveda and Special city experiences. All these tours are majorly planned with the comfortable accommodation offering continental & Indian cuisine, affiliated experts & guides, and comfortable transportation with reliable drivers. However, we are also open and in fact enjoy catering to curated offbeat tours for inbound travellers who are looking for something rustic and unique experience with options of home stays, tent stays, local transport, traditional cuisines etc.

So if you have any foreign national friends and acquaintances, do refer us for a true authentic Indian experience.


After spending more than a decade in Tourism Industry our collective experiences have grown multi-folds and have ensured hassle free & memorable experience in everything that we have done and delivered. Our roots have grown deeper in terms of destination knowledge, attention to detail and working with reliable community members.

Having a great connection with local communities help us to avoid hassles or goof ups and strengthens us to manage unforeseen difficulty on-tour. We ourselves being on tours many a times, have added to the first-hand experience of our team, unlike other travel agents, who generally do not have any field experience. We see this as a major reason that we got awarded as one of the India’s most preferred tourism brand and also got featured in Top 10 Corporate travel companies in India.


The strength, confidence and thrill that we have, comes entirely from quality of our team. We just started as a team of two co-founders and today we as a team, are a collection of 15+ domain experts; everyone here is specialized in their own sectors, ranging from Wildlife naturalists to certified mountaineers ; from Product research & development to Corporate Training. It is these expertise that makes us travel consultants instead of travel agents and also helps our organization become a multifaceted solution for travel.



Yes, we have upgraded to a new office at one of the most premium business parks in Mumbai. From a mere 32 sq feet table space in a waste space of someone else’s office corner to a corporate office in Mumbai, the journey had been really glorious. Today, it feels greats when our office environment radiates positivity and trust to everyone in the ecosystem, from our clients, vendors to employees.

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