Industrial Visit Tour Packages in and around Mumbai !

Industrial visits are an important part of the curriculum of many schools and colleges across the city. For professional degree courses, such as Architecture, Pharmacy, MBA, Media Studies, and Bio-engineering, industrial visits form a compulsory and graded part of studies. Mumbai Travellers offers services to organize industrial visits for Mumbai colleges, schools, and professional institutes. 

An industrial visit is extremely crucial for a student for it is at this stage that he / she gets the first hands-on experience in a real working scenario. This is the phase where a student can finally bridge the wide gap between theory and practical experience. Industrial visits also help students identify which role they would like to take up in a company. Moreover, they get direct exposure to their future working environment. Industrial visits are equally important for parents and teachers as they want students to make the right career decision.

Our team at Mumbai Travellers understands how important industrial visits are and therefore we provide top notch organisation for industrial visits and educational tours. We believe in quality not quantity and have a select list of tie-ups with industries to ensure the students go back with a wonderful experience and not merely a few photographs in a resort or factory. 

We understand how crucial and hectic industrial visits can get, for both the student and the accompanying faculty. Therefore, we at Mumbai Travellers undertake end to end preparation and execution of the journey. We ensure that you get the right travel means with sufficient halts and punctual arrival at the venue. We co-ordinate with the right people at the industry / factory and office to ensure that your educational tour doesn’t encounter any snags. All prior permissions are taken and entry fees are included in the industrial visit package to ensure that you get a hassle-free experience.

Safety is always on the top of our list of priorities. We ensure that the students and faculty are accompanied by a trustworthy guide and a safe driver. We take safety very seriously as we understand many educational tours take students to other cities and may require overnight stay. Mumbai Travellers offers educational tours and college excursions to suit all budgets. Charges depend on the number of students, the date of visit, number of days, and location. We understand your need to provide a budget friendly trip to students and therefore all prices are quoted keeping your ideal costing in mind. Give us a call today so we can work out the best educational tour and industrial visit package for you. 

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