Here is your opportunity to join Mumbai’s biggest and most happening Travel Club – MUMBAI TRAVELLERS !!

We are calling for applications for various posts in Mumbai Travellers (Part-time). If you feel you are passionate enough to join Mumbai Travellers, check out the details below :


Today, every founder member of Mumbai Travellers is quite settled in their own divisions or fields, but long long back everyone of us had a great passion to travel places but had no bucks in the wallet to attend any trek, outing, safari or whatsoever! And this is where, 8 years ago, we started conducting treks, outings, photography tours etc. of our own so that we could –
-Enjoy a great travel experience @ free of cost
-Share our Knowledge, Thoughts and gather numerous -Memorable moments with fellow travellers
-Upgrade our Management skills, as every outing comes with a number of tasks that carves your personality towards perfection from all the angles of management.

In today’s date, there are a number of guys around willing to follow their passion / take Travel industry as their profession. But we know very well How difficult it is and What pains it takes to follow that passion !!

For all such Travel Lovers, Mumbai Travellers is a ready-made stage, where they can
-Travel for free to their favorite outings
-Plan, Execute and Conduct their own tours/ outings/ dream journeys in association with us
-Promote their own outings to all our club members and gather maximum number of participants for their outing
-Learn a number of things from industry experts and founders @ Mumbai Travellers
-Earn handsome remuneration by working as coordinators / Business associates
-Secure a dream passion / career / profession / business


  1. Trekking Division
  2. Cycling Division
  3. Eco-Tours
  4. Offbeat Tours
  5. Camping Division
  6. Corporate Outdoors


While applying, please update yourself with below points :
1. At a time you can apply for maximum 3 Divisions.
2. Age should be between 21 years – 40 years.
3. Your interview will be based on the division you have applied for.
4. If selected, you will undergo a technical training session before you join on field. If selected, you will have to lead, at least 02 outings per month for minimum 1 year.
5. There will be a probation period of 03 months after selection, before we confirm you as permanent leader and put your details on our website as a Team Member
6. If you wish to lead for other divisions as well along with your current divisions, you can put a request after completing 06 months in MT
7. MOST IMPORTANTLY – Applying candidate should not already be a tour leader or employee of any other adventure, outdoor or travel company serving same products as of Mumbai Travellers


The candidate should have following Qualities

  1. Excellent Leadership skills
  2. Endurance
  3. Presence of Mind & good decision making
  4. Team building abilities
  5. Fair Experience in terms of Trekking / Travelling / Adventure
  6. Basic knowledge of First Aid
  7. Good communication Skills


Step 1 : Send us a mail on with subject line “JOIN MT : <YOUR NAME> : <PROFILE YOU ARE INTERESTED IN>”
Step 2 : Answer the questionnaire that we will send you in reply mail. Be true !
Step 3 : Shortlisted candidates will be called for Outdoor Session
Step 4 : If you have made it till this point, you surely are a rare creation of nature !!
Step 5 : Last application date : 25th May 2018


To be frank – “Hell Difficult” !! 

This is perhaps the most difficult interview in the industry simply because the post comes with loads of responsibilities w.r.t safety, security, comfort and at times life-risk of our beloved travellers. We are totally okay if any of our recruitment campaigns go totally waste, but we absolutely do not favor intake of candidates who may not turn out to be responsible enough. There have been incidences that our most frequent travellers, college buddies and even relatives have applied for the position of Mumbai Travellers leader, but ultimately got rejected as they could not touch or cross the bench mark of being a Mumbai Travellers Leader.

The selection process start from moment you put up an email for application and goes as deep as verification of your social media profiles.

We have 15 different steps / criteria that a candidate should excel in. At all steps, candidate scores points out of 10. If your gross total is 100+ points out of 150, then and then only you will be selected as a leader. And trust us…it is extremely difficult to score even 70+ points. So our friendly suggestion to you…think 10 times before applying, and apply only if you are deserving enough to avoid the further disappointment.


It’s not a full time job, as most of our trips are over weekends, in most of the cases you will be allotted tours only on weekends. Remuneration will be on per day basis as per industry standards of Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000 per day. Complete travel and living expenses of the leader on tour will be taken care by Mumbai Travellers.


We at Mumbai Travellers have a vision of exploring world, and that’s what we work for. We are the trend setters, We hate Tourism and love Travellism and we are very proud of it !! With Mumbai Travellers every leader gets opportunity to travel the world and no wonder that we have awesome fun on all our trips; however please understand that as a lead you are definitely carrying vital responsibilities on your shoulder and you should be capable enough to balance both things 🙂

Welcome to our family…Start living your passion 🙂

Feel free to share this post to those who you think surely deserve this…
Looking forward to have a great bunch of people !!

Cheers !! Keep Travelling !!

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