Nilesh Haldankar NILESH HALDANKAR aka NEEL

 Nilesh, a thorough Traveller by heart, is the foundation stone of Mumbai travellers. A Passionate trekker, a geography bug, a mature travel planner, an understanding leader or a responsible entrepreneur is how one can define Nilesh. After gathering great exposure under some brand names in the travel industry, he started to travel his own journey as an entrepreneur and today he is providing Travel solutions in the style of “Anything, Anywhere for Anyone”. But somewhere deep down the heart of Neel, was rooted the passion (‘KEEDA’ to be more precise :)) for establishing An Unique Traveller Club which can serve as a great platform for all the like minded Travellers. This silent & simple looking guy has a lot of MASTI to enjoy life at its best and may be that is why he is always so confident that there are lot more Unique travel experiences to come up on MUMBAI TRAVELLERS !!
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BABA, A person who can do Magic on people (often Girls :)), solve all problems or put someone in problem as per his wish, is the UPADHI devoted by his fellow trekkers. Wildlifer by Blood, Traveller by Behavior and Entrepreneur by Brain, Saurabh is a pure management keeda with hands on experience in leadership. Carrying a great experience of wildlife census management, Travel industry operations, Web-development, Online promotions and Business development, he is always ready to troubleshoot any hurdle coming in the way. Sharing and spreading the beauty of wildlife, rivers, mountains, valleys, sky, oceans, and every single aspect of nature, is his real passion and hence the idea to start Mumbai Travellers came up from his fertile brain. He is some of those ‘don’t dream; just plan’ category and is currently planning some lifetime journeys for his MUMBAI TRAVELLERS.
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Jogi Prajapati


“One fine day a dude leaves his secure job, just for the passion for travelling that he has…” there is this popular story everywhere and Jogi is also a Hero of this story. Jogi is the one who believes deeply in Immediate action, Power of team work and Importance of matured thinking and is passionate for wildlife and photography. “Photothon” is one of the very unique concepts that has come out of Jogi’s fertile brain and Mumbai Travellers is looking forward to MAKE IT LARGE in coming years. Mimicry, Singing, Dancing, Anchoring, or whatever…you just name it and Jogi has got all the talents to rock the stage, may it be a trek or an event!!  Along with the in depth knowledge of marketing, Jogi is also very keen on relationship buildings and Team handling, no wonder that he has great friend circle and a cheerful life.
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