I had a lovely trip the weather was perfect .. the resort tigers den had great food , good service and was very beautiful. The rooms were big beautiful and spacious . Our tour leader Saily was very well organized and took care if our every need also she was very loving and made sure we were very comfortable . We had 4very good safaris the park was lush and dense we were lucky enough to see 4tigers and many behavioral variations from a female and male tiger courting and cubs grooming each other ,and territory marking. We also saw many other animals like Indian gaur ,spotted deer , sambhar, ruddy mongoose and langur . The birding too was great the safari driver who is now our close friend Sonu would stop for photography once he would spot anything interesting and made an extra effort to show us the best views and get the best shots . Thank-you everyone for making this a dream trip. Will join again soon . Lots of love

Unnati Srivastav

Very well organized trek. Excellent food. Perfect sized group. Dedicated group leaders. Could not have been better. Thank you for such a well organized trek. Looking forward to more such events.

Deepak Pai

Had an amazing experience on the tour. Enjoyed cycling along the coast at night .All of the leaders were very encouraging and fun! ... This is the first time I played kho-kho on dadar chowpatty or did stretching on Worli sea face! Met some wonderful people as well....Will definitely come again. Thankyou so much Mumbai Travellers for this awesome experience :)

Priyanka Dighe

Before giving any feedback I would like to share 1 special moment about us. As a Traveller I have started my journey with Mumbai Travellers exactly 1 year before (1st tour with MT - Paragliding in Kamshet, 25th Dec. 2015). So I really wanted to celebrate my 1st Traveller’s anniversary with MT on the special occasion of Christmas and that is the reason why I have opted for this tour amongst all other tours/plans. Now coming back to feedback….Well, I won’t say it is a feedback but this is a stage where we can share our views/experiences about the wonderful journey, the time we spent together, beautiful memories & the list is too long to finish, right ;) Now it’s my time to share my experience :) Almost everyone came along with the group/partners except me. But believe me I never felt alone at any point of time. The group was awesome. I really had a good time there. The journey begins with lot of fun dhamaal masti and it was till the end with the same enthusiasm which is the best part. I really enjoyed the games we played, the fun we had together, Of course the wine tasting ;) but above all I have wonderful memories of this tour to cherish. What you could expect more when you travel with new people, visit new place, new experience and things are going absolutely fine for you which make you feel so happy. Wherever you go, you always learn the new things & this tour was exactly about that. I have learned/understood many (new) things about wines; it’s processing, about its conception/misconception in the minds of people and all. I would definitely suggest my friends/relatives to visit such places to look for these things from different perspectives. Karishma & Swati did a fantastic job as tour leaders. They always had something new in order to keep everyone interested and involved in all the activities throughout the tour. Arrangements for the food, stay, travelling were good. Jogi Sir…Do I need to say something different about this guy? Well, everyone knows very well about him. He is just awesome. We really had a good company. Thank you so much Karishma, Swati, Sayali (she is cool) & Jogi sir for making this tour so special for me (and I am sure everyone has the same thing to say). You guys are doing a wonderful job :) Keep it up. Hmm…I think I should stop here. I know I have many more to say but I have already written too many things and I don’t want mein itna likhu ki people will treat it as essay and not the sharing of experience..hehe Definitely I’ll meet you guys soon…wanna enjoy a new travelling experience with MT. Looking forward to it. Till the time bye bye….

Swapnil Deshpande

I have completed one midnight cycling ride and two treks (Vikatgad & Kothaligad) with MT. My life has changed completely after being associated with MT(Mumbai Travellers). I got transformed from tourist to traveller. The leaders are very friendly, I feel safe under their guidance. There is wide range of offering from MT (Backpacking, Wildlife, Nature Trail, Trekking, Cycling, Biking, Photography events, and many more categories to be added) to suit everyones tastes and moods. Since last few weeks, MT has become part and parcel of my life. My last trek (Musical Night Trek to Kothaligad) is life changing experience to me. I would strongly recommend you to just try MT once, you will be associated with it forever.

Venugopal Adep

I call the MUMBAI TRAVELLERS club my extended family They have been instrumental in making me a confident solo female traveler besides encouraging me to try out treks too I have learnt a lot from them too;from Saurabh social responsibility n philanthropy;from Jogi how to enjoy n to ensure that others enjoy too;from Nilesh to be alawys helpful. Team Mumbai Travellers with its team of dedicated leaders have embraced me within their fold n I super duper enjoy their wild n whacky trips... some of the things I have never done in my life like rapelling,white water rafting, going to watch fireflies in the dark forest n many more But one thing is GUARANTEED each n every trip will be ROCKING N FULL OF FUN N LAUGHTER besides teaching you something new about the place Also I have met so many amazing individuals who became friends on these trips that my list of FB friends has grown exponentially . I can truthfully say that team MT has truly inspired me to travel more, to travel further than even my dreams n that even the sky is not the limit , we can venture beyond ANYONE UP FOR STAR TREK (register me first if MT is going )

Nikita Shah

Mumbai Travellers is like a second family if you like to enjoy travel and have the explorer bug in you. Nilesh Haldankar, my contact point here is apt with his responses for every customised tour that I have done so far, right from Kolhapur to Rajasthan. He ensures seamless deleveries without a hitch. Off the track to spiritual trips anything and everything on earth, Mumbai Travellers have it . Kudos to the team

Binoy Sasidharan

Ladakh… heard it is challenging… curvy roads…huge mountains touching sky… crossing pagal naala… extreme weather conditions…. But all these factors were eased by Mumbai Travellers Though you have to kill these factors on your own but the support and management by these people were awesome… Most of us do not like the parental moderation when we are exploring new places so as we three friends… the decision was to make whether we have to go with MT or search for other group who can lead us to a riders dream place… decision was made and we are glad that we travelled with MT!!! Three Cheers for MT ..it was truly a memorable journey…. Looking forward to have many such memories with you guys Nilesh Haldankar, Jogi Prajapati, Suraj Shinde.

Dhiraj Patil

Sandan valley bike trip Hey guys had an amazing weekend wid mumbai travellers and al d biking enthusiasts Mesmerising natural beauty, heavy rains, lovely people, good arrangements and most importantly u guys had very good info abt d places and roads. Phookman, vespa, mafia, Maggi, pakode and dat awesome lemon grass waali chai, village stay, never seen before reverse waterfall, alarm and d list continues... m sure other ppl from group will add more to it.. Wud love to be part of d gang again..i wud highly recommended MT for all

Azhar Lakhani