I am fond of travelling and have travelled solo and with various groups. Started with popular tourist attractions, Picked up new interests along the way and explored more to go to places never been before. For over a year most of my travels has been with Mumbai Travellers. And the best part is that even after so many trips, I still continue to be spolit for choice when a long weekend is around the corner because of the variety of interests they work with.This team is passionate about what they do and engage as well as invest heavily in the experience they offer to the travellers. Be it adventure, trekking, wildlife, ecotours or backpacking, you can be assured of a safe and enjoyable trip. Leaders that I have travelled with have been most helpful and knowledgeable about the places we have visited. Young bunch of people who think and do things differently and give a comfort level to every person be it a 10 yr old or 55 yr old - Have thoroughly enjoyed with Karishma, Saily, Saurabh, Vaibhav, Vishaka, Yashwant, Ishita, Kiran, Sameer, Kanika, Kaustubh, Vikram, Nikita, Swati and as much it pains me to say Rakesh too 😉 Looking back at the trips i have almost done every ecotour that Karishma, the division head and now a dear friend has put up. Ecotour to the uninducted is a 2-3 day trip to offbeat destinations giving you an opportunity to explore locations not frequented by outsiders, taking in the flavour of local cuisine and stay. Locations like Jog falls with Yana caves, Lonar crater, Gandikota with belum caves, Velas turtle festival, khajuraho with bedaghat to name a few are not locations that are easy to plan a solo trip to. So having a team planning an economical trip covering all major attractions within 2 to 3 day weekend is simply awesome. Not to mention the "if time permits" destination that gets thrown in by Karishma into the itinerary that i have always been very excited about.. Much can be said about the beautiful places themselves but crazy stories from fellow travellers and leaders during late night chats, well meaning leg pulling during the trip, memories from the delays during train journey followed by on-the-run improvisation are simply unforgettable. Along the way I have met some amazing people and fellow travellers who have made the travelling all the more enjoyable and memorable. Always thankful and lots of love to MT

Gayatri Ananthakrishnan - L&T Infotech https://www.facebook.com/gayatri.akrishnan

My trip with Mumbai Travellers has been amazing. Everything was organized just perfectly and Vikram, Jogi, Abhishek and Karishma made sure to make this a wonderful experience for me. I think this is one of the best trips I’ve taken so far.. Kudos to the team, keep it up! See you guys soon!

Renita Jones - Works at Digital Group Inc https://www.facebook.com/renita.jones.37

Had a wonderful n out of the world time at Vaitarna. From the word Go... the trip leaders Abhishek Vikram Jogi n Karishma coordinated very well with all the participants with things to carry n the train timings n what all to expect at the campsite. The highlight of the event was our Mr Starry Man- Mr Vikram Virulkar n his astrosession breaking all the misconceptions v had since childhood about the world above us. Sighting moon craters...planets n constellations n the milkyway thru telescope was an awesome 1st time 1st hand experience. All our basic comforts n needs were well taken care by all 4 leaders. All in all a beautiful starry experience n special thnx to MT to come it come true :D

Jyoti Bangera - Works at HDFC Bank https://www.facebook.com/jyoti.bangera.587

Hello! To cut the long story short, the midnight cycling organised by Mumbai Travellers Club - Go Travellism was superrrr. I rate you people 20 on 10. Met awesome people. Special mention to the leaders - Akshay and Neil, you guys are the best. Yes, I do have all the awesome pictures but why not experience the awesomeness by yourself :P Cheers

Namrahtaa Madkaikar - Senior Manager - Inside Sales at QS Quacquarelli Symonds

Lonar Crater--- (Lost world of Maharashtra) - Eco tour--04-05 February “I’m girl who just cannot sit still.” However rich we become and far we travel, we Indians always find peace in the lap of Mother Nature!!! Our roots are connected here! #Sense the true spirit of #nature Food cooked on stove made of mud and heat of coal is a truly an experience in itself. That food Served with abundance love by farmers will always be taste of our tongue, then the one served in five star hotel#IfyoueatToday.. #ThankaFarmer please avoid wastage of Food as farmer really works hard his life to feed all of us. Kalaash water is the best to quench our thirst#Feel of school and chemistry lab!! Smell of chemicals!! Fabulous experiment!! Birds music #Special lessons from Sir “Bugdane”! Combination of science and mythology!! Lord of creator, lord of protector of the universe, lord of destruction, yes Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh, you will find all three here!!! That sounds amazing naa!!! That’s how it feels, when you are at Lonar!!! Serene, peaceful, phenomenal and Incredible Lonar!!! … LIVE the experience and life of true nature. Yes, you need to visit lonar!!

Teema Bajaj - Consultant at Grant Thornton LLP

I attended the Kokankada trekking and Camping on 28th-29th January and I had the experience of a lifetime. This was my second outing with you and I will always remember it for all the good reasons. Right from the beginning, the arrangement of everything was brilliant. Be it food or the expert guidance of my leaders, there was nothing more I would ask for. The leaders were extremely friendly and they helped me become confident that I could do it, when my self confidence was low. They guided us throughout the trip and I'm extremely thankful to MT for this memorable trip. I met a group of amazing people and there was so much to learn- from photography to how to descend the mountain to avoid falling, my friends and I will remember all these things for life. Special thank you and kudos to Kiran Bhaiya, Suraj Bhaiya and Nikita for being amazing instructors and we can't wait to come back for our next event with you!

Vidisha Singh - Studies at Rajhans Vidyalaya

I had a lovely trip the weather was perfect .. the resort tigers den had great food , good service and was very beautiful. The rooms were big beautiful and spacious . Our tour leader Saily was very well organized and took care if our every need also she was very loving and made sure we were very comfortable . We had 4very good safaris the park was lush and dense we were lucky enough to see 4tigers and many behavioral variations from a female and male tiger courting and cubs grooming each other ,and territory marking. We also saw many other animals like Indian gaur ,spotted deer , sambhar, ruddy mongoose and langur . The birding too was great the safari driver who is now our close friend Sonu would stop for photography once he would spot anything interesting and made an extra effort to show us the best views and get the best shots . Thank-you everyone for making this a dream trip. Will join again soon . Lots of love

Unnati Srivastav

Very well organized trek. Excellent food. Perfect sized group. Dedicated group leaders. Could not have been better. Thank you for such a well organized trek. Looking forward to more such events.

Deepak Pai

Had an amazing experience on the tour. Enjoyed cycling along the coast at night .All of the leaders were very encouraging and fun! ... This is the first time I played kho-kho on dadar chowpatty or did stretching on Worli sea face! Met some wonderful people as well....Will definitely come again. Thankyou so much Mumbai Travellers for this awesome experience :)

Priyanka Dighe