37.2 km of hiking. 62277 steps on mountainous terrain. 5 days. 1 Mountain Range - Kumaon.12 locations. Kathgodam-Bhimtal-Mukteshwar-Bhaalu Gaad Waterfalls-Shashbani-Almora-Kosi-Katarmal-Goluchhina-Airadiyo Ridge-Ranikhet-Nainital. All of this meant nothing when we saw the Mighty Himalayas looming over us, as the clouds and mist gave away their veil to reveal the most beautiful face of Nature. The only thing that made us believe that we were not in a dream, was the amazing company of new travel companions and friends that were present there to enjoy the bounties of nature with us. The hikes, the bonfires, sunrises and sunsets alike, travelling becomes a luxury with people who you care about. Mumbai Travellers cares for it's travellers. Hence, they were able to design a trip which would give us an eccentric experience of Kumaon. Karishma, our tour coordinator and leader, an avid traveller, kept us on our toes, in spirit and body, to make sure we had an enriching experience of the beautiful Kumaon, as were our hosts at the places where we stayed, be it Campsite, century old stone house and the beautiful village of Shashbani. Kumaon Hinterland Tour would be a journey I will cherish, forever.

Sabyasachi Talukdar

Initially my friend & me were skeptical about the cycle trip to Alibuag with Mumbai travellers, but as the day inched closer we were happy to have signed up for the activity. The minute we reached at the designated meeting point all doubts were put to rest, everyone was so warm & welcoming - from the coordinators to the other members who had signed up for the same, we all instantly became friends. The interesting mix of people from different age groups & professions was a great mind opener. Sameer sir, Akshay sir & Marwah sir made sure everyone was Comfortable, Safe, Hydrated & Well Fed with delicious food throughout the trip. The 45 kms of cycling didn’t feel so strenuous because of the leaders, the company of the fellow members and adequate resting points. The ferry ride, cycling amidst nature & the beaches was Uplifting. One of the other amazing aspects was that everyone kept encouraging each other to keep going till the end. We came back with many happy memories, lots of photographs & great friendships. In all, my experience was great. Big thanks to Mumbai travellers. Looking forward to going for more trips ahead.

Shweta Vaswani

The Kalavantin Trek and Prabalmachi Camping on 13th-14th January was an experience of its kind. We were able to bond together as a team real quick. This happened maybe because of the small group size of 6 trekkers that we had. The two Leaders Satya and Abhishek made sure that the entire group feels comfortable and completes the trek successfully and safely. The travel stories, survival tips and camp pitching techniques from the mouth of the MT leaders were an add-on to the trek. Kudos to the entire team of Mumbai Travellers.

Amit Jena

Mumbai Travellers have come out with this wonderful concept which allows everyone to mingle with each other where all age people come together and enjoy to their fullest. You leaders are doing a great job. You have blended well entertainment, historical, trekking and travelling events. Even a solo traveller will not be left aside.

Vivek Bhalerao

Me too..Awsome cycling rides with MT Team..I even don't remember how may rides I did ! But because of leaders like Parag Kamble, Suraj Shedge, Heniel Fernandes i got motivated for cycling..Thanks to MT Team again..Many more rides to go..Cheers

Mandar Shende

My journey with Mumbai Travellers(MT) started 15 months back. I did 10+ treks, cycle rides, bike ride, backpacking, offbeat tours all with MT. My experience with MT was awesome. The latest one being "Gandikota - Grand Canyon of India". Even though it was offbeat tour, the logistics were arranged well. The vehicles used in transit were well maintained. Overall excellent planning & execution. The leader was humble and supportive. It has been my experience with MT that the group I get everytime leaves long lasting impression and cherishing moments.

Venugopal Adep

I would like to mention that this was my first trip with Mumbai Travellers but it was far beyond my expectation, I had an amazing time and I am sure my Christmas eve couldn't have been better than this. Would really want to thank Mumbai Travellers for making my experience one of the most memorable one. Special Thanks to Gauri for being such a wonderful leader and making us enjoy every moment to the fullest. Cheers!!

Megha Jain

The Winery & Camping was awesome, especially the team lead Gauri - The charm gal we called her, it was well mannered & organised. The location was also too good, looking forward for more such Eco friendly tours from MT.

Sachet Pawar

You guys don't need any feedback. Your trips are always well planned, fun filled with experienced leaders. Infact all of you including office staff. I personally don't know all of you but heard a lot about you guys. I was hesitating to join you guys on my first ever trip in year 2016, but there was no truning back. I always liked the trips with MT. Same was the case with Sandhan Valley Trek. It was fun. It was well organized and planned.

Mohsin Khan

It was wonderful experience travelling with Mumbai Travellers yet again. This was my second journey, but enjoyed this one more. Something about leaders now, overall they were really supportive, friendly, down to earth and organised everything perfectly. The food was delicious! @Grishma, Thanks for helping me out in the river. That was really nice of her coming along way from distance to help. Not just me, even rest of the group acknowledged it so thanks to her again. Also her photography skills are great. @Parag, Very disciplined about timings and schedule. So hats off to him for that. Also the way he got people gel together was really nice. Shared some of his adventure experiences too which was good to hear. @Kaustabh, Very soft spoken person. Helped me a bit teaching how to swim. Friendly and his conversations with Parag will be remembered. Once again, thank you guys for the memories!

Tejes Naik

I just returned from the Dudhsagar waterfall trek with Mumbai travelers on 20 Aug 2017 and I wanted to tell you what an absolutely AWESOME time I had. I also wanted to express my appreciation for our guides Parag kamble, Rahul and kausthub. They did a phenomenal job! They were very friendly, informative and would be very dedicated to making this the best experience ever for our group. Plus the dynamics of our group was a pleasure also. Few of us made some great friends on this trip, the six of us in our group had a great time! I was having some issues with the fit of my personal backpack as we were heading out. Once reaching the second leg of our trip, Parag analyzed the fit of my pack and made the appropriate adjustments. After the adjustment, my pack fit like a dream - no issues at all. The personal touch that Rahul, Kausthub and Parag give the hikers in the group was very impressive: after the completion of our hike and during the trek, the stories nd experiences they kept sharing was impressive and fun. That made us relax and didn't realize the difficulties of the trek. At the end of the trek I was down with knee pain nd barely could walk. And the way the whole team took care of me and gave all first aid was really commentable. I would specially extend my appreciation to Parag who helped me walk throughout, since the time I had knee pain and the way he ensured that my bagpack is carried by another group member and made me settle in the car. Again I'd just like to say this was the best hike ever, I had the time of my life. Please pass on my appreciation and gratitude for a great hike to Parag.

Ancy George

"Bhandardara Eco Tour " was an awesome experience. Our tour guide Vaibhav Khaire ensured that we enjoy to the fullest. He gave us very useful tips on how to climb down rocks and crossing river, ensuring safety at each step. The Sandhan Valley small trek, the reverse waterfalls, Randha falls and drenching ourselves in the local waterfall, was amazing and memorable experience. Our tour leader gave us Tea several times during the day along with bhajis, vada pav, roasted peanuts, boiled peanuts, bhutta. The lunch made by local people was very tasty. It was an amazing trip.

Sonali Joshi

Dream come true... It was in 2015 during Ladakh trip I said to Jogi about my wish to travel to Spiti and look in Aug 2017 the wish came true.. oh what a beautiful experience it is to be transported into the nature's lap and live your heart's content. Thanks co-travellers you all made the journey so much memorable.. It was right blend of bubbly youngsters and eternal enthusiasts senior citizens. Could not have asked for more happening people around during these 12/13 days to be with. The drivers of my vehicle and all those who took care of all of us did commendable job. Could pass through treacherous roads and passes bcos of their care and experience. We all owe them a lot. Enjoyed every moment in the beautiful valley bcos of the well thought out itinerary by Jogi and Nilesh. I am so very happy to have lived my dream of Spiti valley. Thanks once again to the founders of Mumbai Travellers for this wonderful life changing experience and as usual look forward to many more ... :)

Madhuri Birodkar

I'm basically an outdoor enthusiast and love trekking and touring in Himalaya. The Himalayan range covering North to Northeast offers such a diverse landscape, one will always love to come again and again. Himachal Pradesh, HP, is well known for its tourist attractions. Simla, Kulu, Manali, Dalhousie, Dharamshala and so on. The true face of HP lies beyond these places and very little is known about them. When "Mumbai Travellers" announced their offbeat tour to Lahaul Spiti, I and my wife decided to join them. We knew from our experience of past tours with MT, it would planned meticulously and offer a a good experience to be with nature. Setting off from Chandigarh by SUVs with like minded group of travellers, daring but responsible bikers and an excellent support staff, it was a normal road tour via Simla , with a night halt at Narkanda and then towards Rampur where we meet Sutlej river. Here onwards we are following one river or the other and that to me was thrilling. Continuing our journey alongside Sutlej till it meets Baspa river at Karcham and then following Baspa we reached Kinnaur camps at Sangla. Wow ! This camp is just awesome, Heavenly. They almost grow all the vegetables inside the camps for use in kitchen and that too organically ! Though every camp was very good, this one was the best. I just fell in love with the place, the delicious food and the hospitality of the guy Tulsi managing the place. To me travel along winding roads, if I can call them so, with mighty rivers on one side, mighty mountains with landscapes varying from one extreme to another and unpredictable weather, Hot at times, cold at times, windy sometime is the best way to know nature from close. Travelling alongside the great rivers and standing amazed at the confluences of Baspa with Sutlej, Spiti with Sutlej, Pin with Spiti were the high points of this dream come true tour. It was beyond all my expectations and will remain fresh in memory for lifetime. There were of course other highlights like visiting Basteri village, Chandraral lake, crossing scary pagal nullahs and Star gazing. Hats off to MT for organising this very difficult tour look very easy . Special mention about my friends and co-founders, Nilesh and Jogi who have special skill to attract like minded adventurists and keep the spirit of the group very high with their constant interactions. Looking forward to next such adventure with them.

Srinivasan KS

Spiti and Pin Valley are completely off beat tours. with Mumbai Travellers, we did it in our own car, svelte red Creta. I love driving, and the leaders in the tour, Nilesh and Jogi helped me take this further. Spiti is an unpredictable place given the height, terrain and the suddenly changing terrain due to sudden changes in temperatures. Their leadership skills are commendable given they managed 5 bikes, 4 cars.......total 21 people. Apart from the fact that there were no roads, only stones, beaten mud and rushing Pagal Nallahs, the leaders, including Kiran gave us a wonderful culture trip in the villages. Batseri and Kibber need interaction with villagers. so we went hiking around the place, both to acclimatize and fully understand the lives of people who have chosen to stay at that height and terrain. it was a trip to remember! And it feels so true: when the Himalaya beckons, we MUST go!

Dr.Jay Gupta

10 days of sheer adventure… Spiti was one tour which was to ticked off from bucket list asap… so it was 2017 finally decided to visit spiti and did my booking with MT, still sceptical whether would do it on my bike or travel in SUV. So finally I was doing it on my bike. As the tour commenced the group was a great mixture of all ages with enthusiast people eager to explore Himalayas and willing to accept any challenges that may come forward. 10 days of the tour passed swiftly among group of lovely people and beautiful experience it was whether riding on the bike or travelling in TT and SUV. The arrangement of accommodation, food and logistics was absolute fantabulous . couldn’t expect anything more in such kind of terrains. The entire tour was carried out professionally by tour leaders with great coordination. Professionalism was evident in every aspect by MT. Looking forward to next adventure with MT. Thank you MT for this lovely experience..

Omkar Malushte - Works at Citicrop

I did LoBhi trek with MT. It was the best trek of my life. Arrangement was very good. Suraj and Sameer sir are the best leaders ever.

Sampada Salunkhe - Deputy Branch Manager at Bank of Maharashtra

I always had an amazing experience traveling with Mumbai Travellers. Keep up the good work.

Anahita Buhariwala - Studied at H.R. College of Commerce and Economics

I was part of Kalavantin Pinnacle trek on July 15.I would really like to share some of the things that I experienced. This was my 5th trek with Mumbai Travellers, I really liked the concept of singing National Anthem before the trek.Really appreciate. :) With regards to trek, well managed , coordination was too good...from meeting at the Panvel station to graciously completing the entire trek. Most important, I really appreciate both the leaders Nikita and Abhishek for their amazing leadership skills.Despite of maddening rains and crazy winds they managed it so well even at those difficult rock patches and made sure that we enjoyed every bit of it, which is very important especially when it is just a one day trek and you have deadline to reach back. I feel good leaders are very important for a trek, because that's how a traveller can be guided well and can have a good experience on the trek. A BIG THANK YOU to Nikita and Abhishek. And yes, food was amazing :)

Manshvi Palan - Works at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

I met Mumbai travellers in a biking expedition towards Ladakh. I could see great discipline and intense planning. Which were is an essential quality of everyone who understands how to respect nature. Unlike most groups, the team was friendly and could easily extend warmth towards fellow travellers. I could witness that personally. 'I owe you guys for that :D' keep up the good work of exploring nature.

Tilak Dp

Recently concluded my first expedition with MT. This was the Chiplun one, in search of the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher. It was a truly amazing experience. As 5 of us were traveling from Pune, as opposed to rest of the group from Mumbai, co-ordination and planning was a bit more important for us. It was done quite professionally by Saurabh and his team. Individually, I have been to this place last year, but it was more of a photography focused trip. The main difference this year, traveling with MT, was the extended sessions which were around understanding / studying the behavioral patterns of the bird and around conservation in general. The night jungle walk, with opportunities for Macro, was a perk. Thoroughly enjoyed the trek to Devrai and the exploration of newer perches of the ODKF was rewarding. The overall group was friendly and the timely instructions did help us respect nature and stay safe. Without a doubt, I would recommend MT to my friends and look forward to the next adventure with them.

Ramakant Kulkarni

You gave a moment of a lifetime. Kudos to u guys Kanika, Vishakha aka Vishu, Sameer & Suraj, you all are wonderful leaders. Keep travelling. Thanks the org & the people who all together made the trip #Velas #oliveridhleyturtles hatchling festival special, though we couldn't see the hatchlings but we got much more.

Karan Kapoor - Senior Application Development Analyst, Accenture

MT for me means: * Weekend Travel * Explore unknown beauties of Maharashtra * Cozy Home-stays and cordial hosts * Lip smacking local home food * Meeting interesting people on the way * And most of all safe and secure travel at reasonable costs. A very Big Thankyou to the entire team of MT for all the Awesome Travels and Memories. Hope we have many many more to come. Wish you success in all your endeavors.

Brinda Kamath

They are the best!! Had an amazing experience while camping in bandardhara....

Nilanjana Majumdar

I had been to heritage ride on 1st April Midnight,and It was fun,informative :)

Viky Maradia - Former Consultant at Samba (Bank)

Mumbai Travellers is a nice team. Completed my first cycling event on 31st July 2016 from Karjat to Kondanna caves. The day started with meeting at Karjat station and den a breakfast at Mayura Restaurant near Karjat Station. We got our Cycles good enough to ride and got the instructions from the leads regarding the do's and dont's. Stopped at couple of places in between to click pics to create memories. The best thing for such trips is the opportunity to meet new people. Our leads made sure that everyone of us know each other so asked us to brief about ourself and the craziest thing ever done. We reached the village to start for the trek and again got instructions to be kept in mind while trekking. Hows peeve straightforward the path looks a small wrong step could be dangerous. So we followed the instructions and finally reached the Kondanna Caves. Our lead Yashwant gave us some historical details and the architectural aspect of the Cave which was interesting and this particular thing is what is required from the team. i.e to know about the place we are trying hard to reach. Everyone spent an awesome time in the waterfall and altogether with the whole group. We came down had a nice lunch prepared in the village and came back cycling to Karjat station marking the end of the trip. Overall it was a nice team Mumbai Travellers who made our Sunday a Funday. I would recommend people to go with the events by the MumbaiTravellers team and would love to join it again as per the availability.

Sudhanshu Shekhar

My Experience with Mumbai travellers club has always been a special one..My recent trip to Jhalana and Sariska has been the most beautiful memory. My dear friend Saurabh took care of everything to ensure I get the experience of the lifetime. With the bottom of my heart, I thank him and Mumbai travellers Team for giving me such marvelous wildlife tours. Looking forward to join you guys on another tour again...Thank you and all the very best in your future projects.

Indraneel Chavan - Works at Wipro Limited

I went for my first ever trek with MT to Dukes nose Moonlight rappelling on 10th Dec 2016 and it was an amazing experience. The leaders were very helpful and made extra sure that we have a great trip. Also there was a company of nice group of people!!!!

Rachit Chheda

My first midnight cycling event with Mumbai Travellers on 17th December'16. The event was very well organised. Kudos to the team. Had the best time of my life cycling from Colaba to Bandra and also the mini activities (kho kho, stretching) were fun. Looking forward to many more trips with these guys. If you love adventure, you must definitely give a try.

Shardul Niphade

Very few people would have ever thought that they would be able to explore mumbai in the night that to on a cycle with a group of people they never met before. Playing khokho at 3.30 am on the beach was an experience that i will always remember. The group leaders were well trained and jovial and always used to lift up everyone's spirits when they were tired. A must for the people who want to do something different and see another side of the city that never sleeps.

Rishabh Shah

It was the best thing I ever in did in 3 yr of Mumbai stay. Truly enjoyed the midnight sea coast cycling good work guys.

Aniket Ajinath Shinde

I have been with the team for 2-3 treks. These guys are awesome. From arranging the trek to hospitality to sight seeing everything was well planned and smooth execution was done. The group leaders are enthusiastic and energetic which helps to keep up the spirit. No moment you feel bored. I loved traveling with MT

Mansi Thatte

“Being a traveloholic at heart, any type of tour is a welcome for me. But since I have found this option of Ecotours with Mumbai Travellers, I have been very relaxed. A normal service person can go for a week long or even longer duration of tour once or twice a year & that definitely is a rejuvenating break. But that freshness lasts for very short. Those who are working continuously with a hectic schedule in Mumbai know that regular short breaks are the real answer for breaking a stereotype. So Ecotours provide exactly that. (Trekking is not everyone’s cup of tea) Offbeat but well researched itineraries, convenient tour dates which are weekends or long weekends, comfortable stay & arrangements, lots of options to choose from & lots of fun – this is how Ecotours can be described. I have been to tours like Jog falls which is a well-known attraction, but Yana caves and jungle trail to reach there was a pleasant surprise. Bhedaghat, Dhuandhar falls & Khajuraho are world famous sites, but Raneh falls was relatively unknown but equally beautiful . One gets to meet like-minded, positive strangers who turn into friends at the end of trips. One can get totally disconnected with their work & office. Karishma, who is a division head of Ecotours, has become an expert in planning, Managing & if required firefighting with a smiling face, to ensure that each trip becomes an experience for each of traveller . So I am already planning my next Ecotour;) “

Swapna Deshpande - Working at Macleods Pharmaceuticals ltd

If you stay in Mumbai, love to travel, see interesting places, make new friends, have unique experiences and if you are wondering what to do on weekends, think no more. MT is what you are looking for. Look at their trip calendar and you will never be bored again…and the best part is, it does not break the bank either!”

Peter Theobald - President (Security Business) at Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic

I am fond of travelling and have travelled solo and with various groups. Started with popular tourist attractions, Picked up new interests along the way and explored more to go to places never been before. For over a year most of my travels has been with Mumbai Travellers. And the best part is that even after so many trips, I still continue to be spolit for choice when a long weekend is around the corner because of the variety of interests they work with.This team is passionate about what they do and engage as well as invest heavily in the experience they offer to the travellers. Be it adventure, trekking, wildlife, ecotours or backpacking, you can be assured of a safe and enjoyable trip. Leaders that I have travelled with have been most helpful and knowledgeable about the places we have visited. Young bunch of people who think and do things differently and give a comfort level to every person be it a 10 yr old or 55 yr old - Have thoroughly enjoyed with Karishma, Saily, Saurabh, Vaibhav, Vishaka, Yashwant, Ishita, Kiran, Sameer, Kanika, Kaustubh, Vikram, Nikita, Swati and as much it pains me to say Rakesh too ? Looking back at the trips i have almost done every ecotour that Karishma, the division head and now a dear friend has put up. Ecotour to the uninducted is a 2-3 day trip to offbeat destinations giving you an opportunity to explore locations not frequented by outsiders, taking in the flavour of local cuisine and stay. Locations like Jog falls with Yana caves, Lonar crater, Gandikota with belum caves, Velas turtle festival, khajuraho with bedaghat to name a few are not locations that are easy to plan a solo trip to. So having a team planning an economical trip covering all major attractions within 2 to 3 day weekend is simply awesome. Not to mention the "if time permits" destination that gets thrown in by Karishma into the itinerary that i have always been very excited about.. Much can be said about the beautiful places themselves but crazy stories from fellow travellers and leaders during late night chats, well meaning leg pulling during the trip, memories from the delays during train journey followed by on-the-run improvisation are simply unforgettable. Along the way I have met some amazing people and fellow travellers who have made the travelling all the more enjoyable and memorable. Always thankful and lots of love to MT

Gayatri Ananthakrishnan - L&T Infotech

My trip with Mumbai Travellers has been amazing. Everything was organized just perfectly and Vikram, Jogi, Abhishek and Karishma made sure to make this a wonderful experience for me. I think this is one of the best trips I’ve taken so far.. Kudos to the team, keep it up! See you guys soon!

Renita Jones - Works at Digital Group Inc

Had a wonderful n out of the world time at Vaitarna. From the word Go... the trip leaders Abhishek Vikram Jogi n Karishma coordinated very well with all the participants with things to carry n the train timings n what all to expect at the campsite. The highlight of the event was our Mr Starry Man- Mr Vikram Virulkar n his astrosession breaking all the misconceptions v had since childhood about the world above us. Sighting moon craters...planets n constellations n the milkyway thru telescope was an awesome 1st time 1st hand experience. All our basic comforts n needs were well taken care by all 4 leaders. All in all a beautiful starry experience n special thnx to MT to come it come true :D

Jyoti Bangera - Works at HDFC Bank https://www.facebook.com/jyoti.bangera.587

Hello! To cut the long story short, the midnight cycling organised by Mumbai Travellers Club - Go Travellism was superrrr. I rate you people 20 on 10. Met awesome people. Special mention to the leaders - Akshay and Neil, you guys are the best. Yes, I do have all the awesome pictures but why not experience the awesomeness by yourself :P Cheers

Namrahtaa Madkaikar - Senior Manager - Inside Sales at QS Quacquarelli Symonds

Lonar Crater--- (Lost world of Maharashtra) - Eco tour--04-05 February “I’m girl who just cannot sit still.” However rich we become and far we travel, we Indians always find peace in the lap of Mother Nature!!! Our roots are connected here! #Sense the true spirit of #nature Food cooked on stove made of mud and heat of coal is a truly an experience in itself. That food Served with abundance love by farmers will always be taste of our tongue, then the one served in five star hotel#IfyoueatToday.. #ThankaFarmer please avoid wastage of Food as farmer really works hard his life to feed all of us. Kalaash water is the best to quench our thirst#Feel of school and chemistry lab!! Smell of chemicals!! Fabulous experiment!! Birds music #Special lessons from Sir “Bugdane”! Combination of science and mythology!! Lord of creator, lord of protector of the universe, lord of destruction, yes Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh, you will find all three here!!! That sounds amazing naa!!! That’s how it feels, when you are at Lonar!!! Serene, peaceful, phenomenal and Incredible Lonar!!! … LIVE the experience and life of true nature. Yes, you need to visit lonar!!

Teema Bajaj - Consultant at Grant Thornton LLP

I attended the Kokankada trekking and Camping on 28th-29th January and I had the experience of a lifetime. This was my second outing with you and I will always remember it for all the good reasons. Right from the beginning, the arrangement of everything was brilliant. Be it food or the expert guidance of my leaders, there was nothing more I would ask for. The leaders were extremely friendly and they helped me become confident that I could do it, when my self confidence was low. They guided us throughout the trip and I'm extremely thankful to MT for this memorable trip. I met a group of amazing people and there was so much to learn- from photography to how to descend the mountain to avoid falling, my friends and I will remember all these things for life. Special thank you and kudos to Kiran Bhaiya, Suraj Bhaiya and Nikita for being amazing instructors and we can't wait to come back for our next event with you!

Vidisha Singh - Studies at Rajhans Vidyalaya

I had a lovely trip the weather was perfect .. the resort tigers den had great food , good service and was very beautiful. The rooms were big beautiful and spacious . Our tour leader Saily was very well organized and took care if our every need also she was very loving and made sure we were very comfortable . We had 4very good safaris the park was lush and dense we were lucky enough to see 4tigers and many behavioral variations from a female and male tiger courting and cubs grooming each other ,and territory marking. We also saw many other animals like Indian gaur ,spotted deer , sambhar, ruddy mongoose and langur . The birding too was great the safari driver who is now our close friend Sonu would stop for photography once he would spot anything interesting and made an extra effort to show us the best views and get the best shots . Thank-you everyone for making this a dream trip. Will join again soon . Lots of love

Unnati Srivastav

Very well organized trek. Excellent food. Perfect sized group. Dedicated group leaders. Could not have been better. Thank you for such a well organized trek. Looking forward to more such events.

Deepak Pai

Had an amazing experience on the tour. Enjoyed cycling along the coast at night .All of the leaders were very encouraging and fun! ... This is the first time I played kho-kho on dadar chowpatty or did stretching on Worli sea face! Met some wonderful people as well....Will definitely come again. Thankyou so much Mumbai Travellers for this awesome experience :)

Priyanka Dighe

Before giving any feedback I would like to share 1 special moment about us. As a Traveller I have started my journey with Mumbai Travellers exactly 1 year before (1st tour with MT - Paragliding in Kamshet, 25th Dec. 2015). So I really wanted to celebrate my 1st Traveller’s anniversary with MT on the special occasion of Christmas and that is the reason why I have opted for this tour amongst all other tours/plans. Now coming back to feedback….Well, I won’t say it is a feedback but this is a stage where we can share our views/experiences about the wonderful journey, the time we spent together, beautiful memories & the list is too long to finish, right ;) Now it’s my time to share my experience :) Almost everyone came along with the group/partners except me. But believe me I never felt alone at any point of time. The group was awesome. I really had a good time there. The journey begins with lot of fun dhamaal masti and it was till the end with the same enthusiasm which is the best part. I really enjoyed the games we played, the fun we had together, Of course the wine tasting ;) but above all I have wonderful memories of this tour to cherish. What you could expect more when you travel with new people, visit new place, new experience and things are going absolutely fine for you which make you feel so happy. Wherever you go, you always learn the new things & this tour was exactly about that. I have learned/understood many (new) things about wines; it’s processing, about its conception/misconception in the minds of people and all. I would definitely suggest my friends/relatives to visit such places to look for these things from different perspectives. Karishma & Swati did a fantastic job as tour leaders. They always had something new in order to keep everyone interested and involved in all the activities throughout the tour. Arrangements for the food, stay, travelling were good. Jogi Sir…Do I need to say something different about this guy? Well, everyone knows very well about him. He is just awesome. We really had a good company. Thank you so much Karishma, Swati, Sayali (she is cool) & Jogi sir for making this tour so special for me (and I am sure everyone has the same thing to say). You guys are doing a wonderful job :) Keep it up. Hmm…I think I should stop here. I know I have many more to say but I have already written too many things and I don’t want mein itna likhu ki people will treat it as essay and not the sharing of experience..hehe Definitely I’ll meet you guys soon…wanna enjoy a new travelling experience with MT. Looking forward to it. Till the time bye bye….

Swapnil Deshpande

I have completed one midnight cycling ride and two treks (Vikatgad & Kothaligad) with MT. My life has changed completely after being associated with MT(Mumbai Travellers). I got transformed from tourist to traveller. The leaders are very friendly, I feel safe under their guidance. There is wide range of offering from MT (Backpacking, Wildlife, Nature Trail, Trekking, Cycling, Biking, Photography events, and many more categories to be added) to suit everyones tastes and moods. Since last few weeks, MT has become part and parcel of my life. My last trek (Musical Night Trek to Kothaligad) is life changing experience to me. I would strongly recommend you to just try MT once, you will be associated with it forever.

Venugopal Adep

I call the MUMBAI TRAVELLERS club my extended family They have been instrumental in making me a confident solo female traveler besides encouraging me to try out treks too I have learnt a lot from them too;from Saurabh social responsibility n philanthropy;from Jogi how to enjoy n to ensure that others enjoy too;from Nilesh to be alawys helpful. Team Mumbai Travellers with its team of dedicated leaders have embraced me within their fold n I super duper enjoy their wild n whacky trips... some of the things I have never done in my life like rapelling,white water rafting, going to watch fireflies in the dark forest n many more But one thing is GUARANTEED each n every trip will be ROCKING N FULL OF FUN N LAUGHTER besides teaching you something new about the place Also I have met so many amazing individuals who became friends on these trips that my list of FB friends has grown exponentially . I can truthfully say that team MT has truly inspired me to travel more, to travel further than even my dreams n that even the sky is not the limit , we can venture beyond ANYONE UP FOR STAR TREK (register me first if MT is going )

Nikita Shah

Mumbai Travellers is like a second family if you like to enjoy travel and have the explorer bug in you. Nilesh Haldankar, my contact point here is apt with his responses for every customised tour that I have done so far, right from Kolhapur to Rajasthan. He ensures seamless deleveries without a hitch. Off the track to spiritual trips anything and everything on earth, Mumbai Travellers have it . Kudos to the team

Binoy Sasidharan

Ladakh… heard it is challenging… curvy roads…huge mountains touching sky… crossing pagal naala… extreme weather conditions…. But all these factors were eased by Mumbai Travellers Though you have to kill these factors on your own but the support and management by these people were awesome… Most of us do not like the parental moderation when we are exploring new places so as we three friends… the decision was to make whether we have to go with MT or search for other group who can lead us to a riders dream place… decision was made and we are glad that we travelled with MT!!! Three Cheers for MT ..it was truly a memorable journey…. Looking forward to have many such memories with you guys Nilesh Haldankar, Jogi Prajapati, Suraj Shinde.

Dhiraj Patil

Sandan valley bike trip Hey guys had an amazing weekend wid mumbai travellers and al d biking enthusiasts Mesmerising natural beauty, heavy rains, lovely people, good arrangements and most importantly u guys had very good info abt d places and roads. Phookman, vespa, mafia, Maggi, pakode and dat awesome lemon grass waali chai, village stay, never seen before reverse waterfall, alarm and d list continues... m sure other ppl from group will add more to it.. Wud love to be part of d gang again..i wud highly recommended MT for all

Azhar Lakhani

26th September when I realised that life is not about hanging out with friends within limits but it's much more than that... I found that making new friends gives a different pleasure, it is better to be crazy than lame. N Mumbai Travellers gave me that start of realisation with a amazing trip of river rafting on 26th of September.. With a group of 15 people and my two sisters along with our team leader vishakha was a mind blowing experience. Fight with splashes, screaming on top of our voice, clicking selfies.. and relaxing on waters.. not a minute of tiredness, being totally foody.... everything was totally different from usually routine.... I am really grateful to Mumbai travellers.. and a big thank you to our team leader vishakha.. I am looking forward to many such trips... and would love to be a part of this wonderful family.

Ashwini Aiyer

I recently completed 45kms countryside cycling with Mumbai Travellers on 23rd/24th July 2016.. It was a memorable experience..right from event co-ordinators, technical management n cycling guidance.. To n fro Transportation, our overnight stay..food arrangements.. Very very well Organized.. Thank you guys for selecting such an Mesmerizing location.. Still in hangover of the scenic beauty running in mind while cycling riding n stay... I know u will come up with lot of such adventurous trips for Mumbaikars...

Swati Pawar

This was one of the best experience in my life. The arrangements were really great. The entire group was amazing and i found new friends which was special. The tour leaders Viraj & Prasad are amongst the best. Their knowledge about wild life and photography is great and they are very cooperative. Surely looking forward for many more tours with Mumbai Travelers…Thanks a lot

Sanket Kotkar

Superbly organized trip.. comfort, time, and likes of all was taken into consideration,, and taking care of a gang of 12 girls in not an easy task… Kudos to Neenad & Rakesh !! Keep up the good work..Cheers !!!!

Natasha Bhagwat

Mumbai Travellers is doing a super job by having the right mix of light events,treks,outings and fort history and conservation

Mumbai Hikers - (NGO promoting Adventure trips and treks at Mumbai)

Life changes after you trek with Mumbai Travellers...you feel safe and secured at an unknown place when you are in their group....HATS off guys, this is just a beginning

Miss. Samidha Sawant - Swiss International Airlines (Multiple Treks)

Dear Mumbai Travellers Team, I wish to thank you for planning my Honeymoon tour to KERALA from Hotels to sightseeing all arrangements were up to the mark. surprised Candle-lit dinner at Paradise Resorts was a special treat and of course a memorable one. Really enjoyed this very special tour with special arrangements done by you guyzzz ... Thank you once again...

Mr. Sunil Vitmal - BARC (Honeymoon Tour)

Peth trek was really nice. It was memorable for us as it was Jui's (Daughter) first trek. Thanks to the team leaders (Special thanks to Samruddhi Thakekar tai she said ). She was tired and went to school today and was very eager to narrate the incident to her teacher , friends and her grandparents. Thanks once again . Keep rocking Mumbai Travellers

Mrs. Vaishali Palsure - Teacher & Homemaker (Peth Trek)

As part of Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra's initiative to involve nature lovers in the marine turtle conservation program, the 16th nest at Velas will be sponsored by Mumbai Travellers. The donation amount will be used for nest protection, regular monitoring of the nest and for arrangements during the Turtle Festival. We would like to thank Mumbai Travellers for coming forward to help protect marine turtles on India's western coast

Sahyadri Nisarg Mitra - NGO & our Social Partner

Thankzzz a lottt Jogi, Saurabh and Suraj Das sir and all other participants :) It was a wonderful trip....Njoyed and learnt a lot from you guyz

Pratik Chorge - Student

Hi Mumbai Travellers team, On Saturday 6th of July 2013, I had planned a corporate outing for my colleagues with the help of Mumbai Travellers @ Kolad for River Rafting. And I cannot completely express how fantastic it was. Everyone in the group enjoyed it to the core. The major aim for such outings for us is to get people in the group close to each other to maintain a good and enjoyable working environment. And this trip did exactly that to us. And it couldn't have been possible without your perfect planning and co-operation. Everyone loved the place, facilities provided and especially the lunch that we got at Pooja's Farm. And the best part was that we got it at an affordable price. Thanks to Jogi for giving us a good negotiation. And on behalf of everyone in the group, I would like to thank you all for organizing such memorable trip.. Our special thanks to Suraj, our leader on the trip, he was very helpful and kept the things lively. We love your passion for adventure and we look forward for some more adventures together. Keep it going. Cheers

Mr. Sumesh Lund - Software Engineer (Corporate Tour, Bank De Paris)