Frequently Asked Questions :

1. What is the Age group of travelers joining the tour?
Normally travelers of all age group travel with us as Journey of Travel is not limited to any specific age. To be specific for Treks and Adventure activity: 08 yrs – 40 yrs (it may vary from activity to activity)

2. Being a First timer, can we join trek ?
Treks are of different grades (level) first timer can easily join easy grade treks (only if you are physically fit) You can even opt for Medium Grade treks after having word with Division Head, Mr.Sameer on 9702009900. But for difficult level treks one need to be physically fit and should have experience of minimum 2-3 easy and medium level treks.

3. Is everyone coming in group and I will be travelling alone..?
We get many individual registrations and few group registrations also, so no need to worry you will make some really good friends on event you won’t be left alone. 

4. What all things to carry ?
Every tour has different things to carry list depend on the season as well. It is mentioned on the itinerary itself on the website. So you can go through it before registering for the tour.

5. Who will be leading the tour ?
Leaders are finalized 2-3 days prior to the event so leader’s details with contact number will be mailed to you all 2 days prior the tour.

6. Do we need to carry Towels/ Sleeping bag for the event ..?
You need to carry it if it’s a overnight trek or a monsoon trek. Other leisure and photography events you will get it in the hotels itself.

7. What does quadruple or Triple sharing means..?
Quadruple sharing means 4 pax will be sharing in one room / gypsy and triple means 3 pax in one room/ gypsy, extra mattress will be provided accordingly.

8. How many Female Travellers will be travelling ..?
Generally for every outing we have 40% girls count at times we get 60-70% girls on tour. So girls seems to be exploring the world more 😉

9. Can we do the same event specially for our group..?
Yes definitely any of the tour or trek can be conducted specially for your group on any given dates. Every event to be customized needs some minimum count which will be conveyed to you once we get your query. For customization please drop us a mail on

10. Will there be network on Trek/Tour..?
Generally we don’t get networks on trek or while doing some offbeat tours as this places are untouched and are far away from human disturbance. But there are few treks where you get networks, so you can consider few exceptions.

11. Will you assist us with train/flight bookings..?
We don’t assist with such bookings but we have a very professional Ticketing agent who can help you with any mode of transport bookings you can get in touch with him directly : Alok Singh : 08097327743

12. What will be weather of the place we are travelling to ..?
As we are fortunate to get birth in India, we have three different seasons accordingly you can prepare yourself for the event. But human disturbance has caused unwanted weather at times, if such is the case you will be informed about the weather 2 days in advance of the outing date. 

13. Are Sport shoes compulsory on treks or Kitos will do ..?
Please don’t trek on Kitos it can be fatal at times as slippery surface may cause severe damage to you. Always wear trekking shoes which will help you with good grip or else you can get your new/good condition sport shoes. Its about your life so don’t take chances travelers !

14. Can I join the leader before the meeting point and get his/her company till meeting point..?
Yes you can definitely do that leader details will be mailed to you so you can get in touch with the leader and take his company it will be a great fun as you can enjoy his old experiences 😉

15. Is anyone travelling from Western/ Central / Harbor line..?
We can help you with the details once we have got all the registrations for the event. So have patience we will share the details with you if you want.

16. Can I get pick up on the way..?
Yes of course, but only if its on the route/ highway and you are ready to wait for a longer time considering delay of Mumbai traffic.

17. What will be your pick up and drop point ..?
For all our events in which Bus transport is included we provide pick up from 2 locations : 1. Dadar (E) Near Swami narayan temple, opp Dadar station. 2. Thane (E) Near Eternity Mall.

18. Are Pillions allowed..?
Yes pillions are allowed for all the bike riders, but we need to confirm it from the other lone riders whether they are ready to take you on their bike or not.!

19. I am just a learner can I still join photography special tours..?
All the photography tours are perfect for the learners, as you will get to learn from the Expert about photography and co-travelers also share their experience. So don’t hesitate just go for it. !!

20. How many people will be there in Gypsy for a Tiger safari tour..?
All wildlife safaris will have 6pax in one gypsy.

21. Can I get a Safari on 4 sharing basis..?
Definitely yes, but it will be on extra cost and you need to inform us well in advance.

22. Can I get room on twin sharing ..?
Definitely yes, but it will be on extra cost and you need to inform us well in advance.

23. I am jain, so will you be able to arrange jain food for me..?
Yes all the Hotels provide Jain food. But if you are asking for trek meals we need to confirm it first from the locals at the base village.

24. Can we booze..?
No no no… We don’t allow hard drinks on our tours. It’s disturbing and at times causes big issues on tours.

25. How will be the bus …?
For all our tours we provide Non Ac private luxury buses.

26. What is registered Membership cost..? How Can I become a Member..?
We at Mumbai travelers have started paid membership which is Annual and Lifetime membership. For details you can visit :

27. Can you help me only with Hotel bookings..?
Yes of course that’s our work profile. You can mail us your details on our customized division and one of our executive will get in touch with you !!

28. I can’t bring packed lunch so can I get lunch on trek from any hotel..?
Normally we arrange treks to remote areas so don’t expect any hotels in that area, but in few treks locals can help you with lunch or dinner on extra cost.!

29. Will there be any changing/ Washroom facility available on trek..?
One can change clothes in local villager’s house, but there are exceptions while trekking where we don’t get any facilities so it’s always out in woods.

30. Can I pay on spot for the event ..?
We are so sorry  ! We strictly don’t accept cash on tours you need to pay in advance !!

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