Vaibhav Khaire aka Shakti  (Trekking, Cycling and Backpacking Divisions Head)

 A crazy traveller, thorough tour planner and mad backpacker is what Vaibhav is. After gaining exposure of traditional tourism industry workflow in India, he realised he is from Mars and joined MT. Since then has never turned back and has been successfully & creatively leading Mumbai Travellers’ entire Trekking division (since 2014) and Cycling & Backpacking divisions (since 2015)

 Creating crazy travel concepts, Exploring n establishing unknown travel destinations and devevering best in industry experience of  those destinations is what he loves doing.  Once you travel with him, what u will fall in love with is his mad compassion towards travelling and his unique perspective to explore any destination, may it be popular or an offbeat one. Currently, Vaibhav is possessed by his Biggest Dream in Indian Travel Industry – Backpacking entire India and making MT’s travellers backpack every corner of our beautiful and diverse country!! No wonder Mumbai Travellers is so proud of this Man-on-wheels !

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Kedar Kalamkar Mumbai Travellers

Kedar Kalamkar (Corporate Division Head)

 A Not-So-Regular MBA guy who joined Mumbai Travellers as a part time freelance trek leader. Concept was simple – Work in ICICI as wealth manager, Get sucked in office from Monday to Friday and enjoy Weekends in company of nature as MT’s trek leader. Life seemed cool !!

But then sales pressure started taking over travel passion, Sr.Manager’s orders started dominating over wishes from bottom of heart. Now it was time for him to face the most decisive moment in life…Faced…Resigned from ICICI and Joined MT. The road was not clear but for Kedar it was never about the destination…it was all about enjoying every moment of the journey!

And that’s what Kedar is doing today at Mumbai Travellers…heading Corporate Travel Division, designing Unique corporate outbound travel concepts, Exciting it with utmost perfection, Delivering maximum outcome from corporate learning and Making sure it is endless of fun at every outing he serves.

He has proudly handled corporate travel accounts of some of the top notch names in industry like Carlsberg India, Pepe-Jeans, Colgate, Accenture, GBM etc and is focused on hitting names in fortune 500 !!

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Sameer Sawant

Sameer Sawant aka Sam (Operations Manager & Dude of Mumbai Travellers)

An avid trekker, cyclist, adventure lover, climber, has been exploring mountains ever since he got hooked to the mountains & forts. An experienced leader, mentor & motivator. A young traveler by heart loves watching sunrise from mountain peaks. He’s always full of surprises, don’t be deceived by his quiet nature & age. He’s our lambi race ka ghoda.

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Karishma Joshi aka Kalli (Eco-Tours Division Head)

Youngest yet most dynamic member of Mumbai Travellers family, Karishma Joshi is our sweet-chubby-buddy and backbone of MT. Karishma had once joined MT as a trainee admin executive and over the period of time, with focused hard work and creative innovations, has escalated herself to position of Head of Ecotourism Division & Web Marketing. After her years of experience with Mumbai Travellers, Karishma today has evolved into a super talented tour leader and a multifaceted personality specializing in Web Marketing, Creative Promotions, Concept Creation, Ecotourism development & Customized tour operations. 

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Premlata Kounder

Premlata Kounder Mahajan (Customer Rltnshp Executive)

The most simple and innocent heart in Mumbai Travellers, aimed to be a famous artist since she had picked crayons for drawings and paintings. A quiet girl who passes some crazy & lame PJS, loves cooking & dream to travel each and every corner of the world since she has stepped in the company. Travel fever leaves no-one ! ;-) 

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Saily Gokhale aka Bandhavgarh Princess (Wildlife Division Head)

Saily, aptly named as princess of Bandhavgarh, has fallen in love with forests forever since her college days. A personality full of joy, energy and team spirit, Saily handles Wildlife Division of Mumbai Travellers as Operations manager. Academically she is Master in Environmental sciences from University of Mumbai and has vast experience in wildlife conservation and wildlife tourism in Madhya Pradesh. Sweet-at-heart Saily is also a passionate artist & enthusiastic cook. No wonder she has a long list of fans ;-)  

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Parag Kamble (Business Manager)

Through working as a Business Manager, his passion has been always attracted by outdoor activities. He is not only a Silver Medalist in 0.22 firing at AIVSC (National Level) but also 03 times Bronze Medalist in Water Polo in Mumbai University & Completed Air Wing NCC which makes him a complete adventure person. He has been splendidly good at maintaining relationship with people. Swimming, Cycling, motivator and negotiator are other impressive skills to count on. He always have a positive approach towards every thing. Dreaming of World Tour on Cycle is the milestone he is waiting to achieve. 

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Harsh Joshi

Harsh Joshi aka Milind Soman 

Harsh is one of the smart and dashing leader of Mumbai Travellers. By profession he is into Critical Application Support Banking Domain IT. He has covered most of the treks in Maharashtra with a dream of trekking each and every pinnacle of Maharashtra. He has vast knowledge of Sahyadris and is one of the coolest guy to deal with. He is caring, fun loving and up to mark when it comes to responsibility. Ability to handle big groups with ease and great presence of mind is one of the add on qualities he has. He had recently did Asia’s Longest Tyrolean Traverse at first as an participant which is recommended to the Limca World Book. He is spreading Adventure Wings in Mumbai Travellers now. 

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harshal gajare

Harshal Gajare aka Harsh

A man of few words and Bio-technologist by profession, trained in J.J Hospital and BRIT; Rider and traveler by passion. One who doesn’t like to work and is a really down to earth person. He is indeed a great observer and a lover by nature who falls in love everything he sees ! 

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Viraj Khorjuwekar aka “Viru”

Viraj is one of the best lead of Wildlife and Photography division. His photography has won many hearts and also given him appreciation and awards. When it comes to sharing information about wildlife and photography no one can beat him. He is a complete Wilderness package, has secured knowledge about flora, mammals, birds, herps and insects. Funloving guy and always open for new things and ideas.

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Prasad Parab

Prasad working at Tata AIG Life Insurance is among those who believes in travelling rather than being a tourist. He is again one of the wildlife lead of Mumbai Travellers. He has gained immense knowledge of wildlife by exploring various destinations in India. A person celebrating his honeymoon at a wildlife destination, what else you want to describe his love towards wildlife..!! Loves to enjoy, share, teach and also learning new things.

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Siddhesh Shirsat

Siddhesh Shirsat aka Sid

Siddhesh, Currently earning his living in salesA student by nature; enjoying, experimenting and to explore new places, food, routes, culture and Life. An adventourist – Adventure & Tour and Both to Explore and extend his limits. He had explored and travelled Bhutan on Bike, Hampi-Badami Motorbike trip. Also an SSI Open Water Scuba Diver, dive at Goa, Andaman & Lakshadweep. Rock Climbing, Air rifle Shooting is the another interest he had turned in experience. Travelling all the national Parks of India and across is one the long waited wish in his bucketlist. 

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Ishan Lee

Ishan Lee aka Bilee aka The Biker Baby

Legend of being 3 quarter Mallu and 1 quarter Bengali belongs to the Media Marketing world and has 1 milestone, to be a part of an Expedition to Mount Everest. A passionate rider and a responsible head lead of the biking tours. He loves singing (which no one likes likes him doing so..) and like to paint graffiti and comic strips. With all those talents, he is also a pretty Sleeping Beauty.

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unnamed (1)

Kiran Malvi aka Kirya

The most decent leader and foodie leader of the Mumbai Travellers and the vivid trekker with a soul full of curiosity. He Created an android application without having any knowledge about android programming & that too without anyone’s help and have aims  to be really Good and Successful Software Developer.

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Ishita Manek aka Ishfish

Ishita Manek, the first girl in the history of IHM Mumbai aka Dadar catering which ranks amongst the best in the country to take up bartending as a profession.  Among the first few recognized female flair bartenders in India,covered by leading newspapers and magazines,for being a woman in a male dominated field. Self-taught fire spinner and poi teacher! However, her most important achievement has been spearheading the formation of an Anti- Child Sexual Abuse cell at the NGO. She works with, Hamara footpath, through which they hope to reach out to communities and schools to protect children from abuse. Her Pride? She is a part of a team that put 3 abandoned street children into schools.

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Abhishek Jha

Abhishek Jha aka Abhi

He is one of the Leaders who did not passed his board exams with Flying colors BUT have achieved 3 National Himalayan Treks Successfully and is successfully settled in JP Morgan as a Team Leader. The one with great stamina, physique and a very strong will power. He also merits in Biking, Sport and Singing.

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Shatrughana Sahu aka Satya

One of the gem of Mumbai Travellers, Satya is an Adventurer and Mountaineer who have always dedicated his life to outdoor adventures. Trekking, Running, Swimming, Rock Climbing etc has always been his passion. He had recently achieved Grade “A” in BMC (2014) and AMC (2016). Name it and he have got all places and adventure in his bucketlist. He only dream to leave his footprint in every corner of the world. 

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Suraj Malusare aka Surya

Langoti friends prefer calling him Surya, the rough and tough guy  is an Insurance Adviser but his heart beats for Mountains and Adventure. He is the first person jumped in First Giant Swing Nature Set In INDIA, This set up was done by all INDIANS. He achieved 02 Gold Medals achieved in HMI institute in Indoor rock climbing & Cross Country Race Competition !! He is in love with Mountains and so say a big ‘NO’ to flirting. He loves bikes, birding and wildlife safaris. He have successfully completed the toughest Trek of Maharashtra ‘AMK’ in a record breaking time of 09 hours and 36 mins. He loves to explore virgin pinnacles and walls and have completed 10 explorations in Shayadris so far. No wonder he is famous for making and breaking records in adventure !

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Suraj Shedge

Suraj Shedge aka CB

Scored Grade ‘A’ in the Basic Mountaineering Course and NCC. Suraj Shedge, is also a Gold Medalist in Rifle Shooting. He is also a “Marathon Runner” and individually self reliant. He is a man of Discipline and perfection with entertainment package. Being a fitness freak, he is adventurer by blood. Hobbies like Cycling and collecting antiques and old coins is what makes Suraj happy. His passion and love for mountains & adventure makes him one of the talented leaders.  

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Devdutta Naik

Devdutta Naik aka DevD

Free Naturalist by profession and an Owner of His Homestay, Dev had won the Title of the “World’s Toughest Rider” riding 1600 kms in 24 hours. He loves to lead groups and also a good listener. That’s how is pretty good at making friends. Most Probably he is the only one working on Milipede Taxanomy and had received National and International level appreciation for his dedicated research on Bio-Diversity and their conservation. Apart from Biking and Wildlife, he had thrice won Gold Medal Winner in National Kickboxing. He is really good at Photography, story telling, management, writing, team building and story telling. It is his dream to bring likeminded people together and start a Conservation education School. 

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Kanika Mukhija

Kanika Mukhija aka Manga

A software engineer at Accenture by profession and a national basketball Player !! Either its dancing, photography or her writing she have got all skills to be a complete Talent Package. There is a backpacker inside her, she can get up any day, pack & leave for somewhere she haven’t been before. She can easily adapt surrounding. Either to party hard or to sit alone on mountain or near beach to meditate, everything makes her happy and alive. She had done projects for Pablo, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Raghu Rai, Bartholomew as a Photographer and will soon turn her passion into her career.

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Rohan Gokhale aka RG 

Rohan Gokhale is a rider by soul and hardcore bike lover. He is currently working with Insurance Broking & Claims Division of Willis Towers Watson however dedicated his life for exploring on wheels. He have an experience of 70,000 kms riding (55k on Hero Honda and 15k on Bajaj Avenger) and still counting.. He have accomplished 1000 kms in 15 hours of bike ride. Other than bikes, ice creams, desserts and sweets melts his heart hastily. So, he have tried his hand on making pastries, cakes and cup cakes. Starting from playing leading role as Synthesizer in Gadkari Rangayatan – Thane to achieve an Opportunity received to visit Singapore and get a New Project and Clients for Willis Towers Watson. Sooner he will be following his dream for Whole India on Wheels in time frame of two months !!

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Nitin Dorugade aka Tintin

Zealous for outdoors and real raw adventure, Nitin is a Cyto genetics and Biotech expert. His passion for outdoors had dragged him from Biology classes to teach Football on ground. He is the one who believes in having more number of real friends than money in his bank account. A Compassionate traveller who love to make people travel and feel the joy of Wanderlust the way he does. A desire to conquer all three outdoor world of Land, Air and Water and travel every corner, every path and explore every culture in this small world.

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Nikita Khandagale aka Nikie

This drama queen will make sure that every event rocks. Apart from being associated with 8 – 4 desk job, travelling and creativity plays an important role in her life. Sketching, pebble art, bottle painting and Mehndi name it and she can make one for you. This Latin ballroom dancers can spin you around with joy. Her mantra in life is to “Explore the unexplored and travel like a traveller and not like a tourist”. Her list of ” places to see” is endless and her dream is to leave home to travel and never come back.

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Suyash Padekar

Suyash Padekar aka Anna

A Multi-Talented, working in Event Management field desires to Explore and Travel each and every corner of the world before he settles down. He dreams to stand in the Fortune 500 list. Being in the Event Manager, he knows very well to lead the events & outings, handling situations and gelling up the group. Apart from Travelling; swimming, movies, sleeping & writing interest him alot.

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Yashwant Sahebrao Didwagh aka Yash

This rock star of Mumbai Traveller is a Guitar Tutor, Law Professor, Writer and poet. One who dreams to be celebrity guest on Marathi Comedy Show-Chala Hava Yeu Dya has also published a book “Yethe Kavita lihun Miltil” and own his blog Being in outdoor, tuning on his own tune on Guitar makes him Happy go Lucky !! No wonder, he doesn’t need any punch lines to impress travellers around him.

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Gauri Swati

Gauri Swati

A Zoology Student for life, Gauri is a Corporate girl on weekdays and a passionate traveller on weekends. She has achieved Visharad in Indian Classical Dance Style; is also an Abacus Instructor and have been NSS Member for three years dealing with Social Development in her graduate years. This quick learner is a sharp observer, hard working and really good at cooking.

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Suraj Nirmale aka Surya

An Animal lover and fitness freak by nature; Suraj Nirmale is an UPSC aspirant and aims to earn those two stars once he joins Indian Army. He is a complete patriotic, defense lover and a very positive enthusiast. He have achieved best cadet NCC (2010), National Integration camp (Pondicherry) and have been first responder in Disaster by National Civil Defense college (Nagpur) and continuously 3 year winner in University Quiz. Rescuing and Feeding cats-dogs, Calligraphy, Origami, Crafts, Gardening, Cycling, Bonsai trees, Pet training is his favorite past time. 

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Grishma Chunekar aka Grey

An E-commerce executive aims to own & manage an E-Commerce Company. This Creative, Good Cook, Attitude, Silent Joke Cracker, Nature Lover is recommended for Indian Army as an office. Apart from Travel, she is really amazing at cooking various fingerlickin’ dishes and dancing on tunes. 

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Mukesh More aka Laughing Buddha

A brilliant Mechanical engineer is a cricket fanatic, Bibliophile, die hard foodie and Philanthropist. He had been a part of had Melghat Dhadak Mohim and represented as a leader in N.S.S in his college days on various levels. Talkative and Socially connected, Mukesh is the showman of his life.  People gets really bored in his absence. It is no surprise that he has no longer single ! Well, he is now focusing on his goal to cover those seven destinations of his bucket list (02 are already accomplished).

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Akshay Raghunath Dabhade aka Dabby

Dabby is a self employed Co-founder of Blackevi Technology Pvt. Ltd. and a part time photographer. He is a sleeping beauty, good listerner and full of passion. An experience of 9 years trekking is what makes him one of the skillfull leader of Mumbai Travellers. Giving up is the word you won’t find in his dictionary. He have been a part of Cricket, Volleyball, Athletics, long distance running and many more in his college days…and that’s how he fell in love with adventure and sports. 

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Rushiraj Khatu aka Raj

A soul with great Speed and flexibility that entitled him as the “Prabalveer” (Winner of Fort Prabalgad climbing championship). From that day Raj became one of the strongest pillars of the group. His stamina to conquer any given mountain and expertize to descend any waterfall smoothly makes him one of the best technical resource in the team. When it comes to finding ways during treks, raj has no comparisons, no wonder that people feel safe when he is along

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Pravin Ladkat 

Pravin is a very hard working, obedient and sincere foundation stone of Mumbai Travellers. You name the thing and Pravin has all the zeal to try it out. Never say no to anything is the basic instinct of  Pravin. A truly courageous heart is stronghold of  Pravin and may be this is the thing that makes him a multitasking self employed person. When Pravin is on an outing, he has a lot to learn from others and others have a lot to learn from him as well.

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