We travel to be a part of nature and to let nature be a part of us.

Mumbai Travellers conducts special eco-tours that are based on environmental conservation and that create minimal impact on the natural surroundings. These ecologically sustainable tours are the need of the hour, and provide a truly unique experience to those wishing to escape the hectic rush of city life. Come escape from your work and worries as we take you through a unique experience in travel. See a different side of life as you journey through villages, farms, jungles, valleys, caves, waterfalls and discover little known locales of beauty in the country. Mumbai Travellers has a well-established travel network throughout India to ensure your eco-tour is unique, exciting, and refreshing.Mumbai Travellers welcomes to take you on a journey you will never forget. Our Eco-tourism packages lies in multiple categories like Agro tourism, Offbeat tours, Eno-tourism, Rural tours, Stargazing trips, as well as cultural and heritage tourism getaways. With a host of different activities under the eco-tourism segment, theres something for everyone!

Ecotrip with Mumbai Travellers (3)


  1. SEPTEMBER 2018

    Eco-Tour : 02nd September 2018 : Kaas Plateau 1 Day Tour

    Eco-Tour : 09th September 2018 : Kaas Plateau 1 Day Tour

    Eco-Tour : 16th September 2018 : Kaas Plateau 1 Day Tour

    Eco-Tour : 23rd September 2018 : Kaas Plateau 1 Day Tour

    Eco-Tour : 30th September 2018 : Kaas Plateau 1 Day Tour

    Eco-Tour : 29th-30th September 2018 : Gandikota & Belum Caves

  2. OCTOBER 2018
  3. NOVEMBER 2018

    Eco-Tour : 10th-11th November 2018 : Gandikota & Belum Caves

    Eco-Tour : 23rd-25th November 2018 : Khajuraho Heritage Tour

  4. DECEMBER 2018

    Eco-Tour : 08th-09th December 2018 : Gandikota & Belum Caves

  5. JANUARY 2019
  6. FEBRUARY 2019
  7. MARCH 2019

    Eco-Tour : 09th-10th March 2019 : Velas Turtle Festival

    Eco-Tour : 16th-17th March 2019 : Velas Turtle Festival

    Eco-Tour : 23rd-24th March 2019 : Velas Turtle Festival

    Eco-Tour : 30th-31st March 2019 : Velas Turtle Festival

  8. APRIL 2019

    Eco-Tour : 06th-07th April 2019 : Velas Turtle Festival

    Eco-Tour : 13th-14th April 2019 : Velas Turtle Festival

  9. JUNE 2019

    Eco-Tour : June 2019 : Kolad Fireflies Festival

  10. JULY 2019
  11. AUGUST 2019
  12. SEPTEMBER 2019

    Eco-Tour : September 2019 : Lonar Crater Tour – Coming Soon

    Eco-Tour : September 2019 : Kaas Plateau 1 Day Tour – Coming Soon

Indias topography is a melting pot of diverse natural beauty. Our eco-tours take you across the length and breadth of the nation. From the highest waterfalls to deepest valleys, from the longest cave to the dense forests, from rustic villages to the French, Portugal colonies in India, from Canyons to the Craters, from traditions to lifestyle, from fairs to festivals, from heritage to culture, connect with nature as part of our varied eco-trips.

We take every effort to ensure that the natives are not disturbed in their natural environment. Our goal is to leave the ecosystem undisturbed, minimize carbon footprint, and ensure natural resources are not wasted or polluted. We believe that education, awareness, and peaceful co-existence are indeed the keys to our future. Now, you can truly travel with the knowledge that you can make a difference.

Traverse unexplored destinations to discover cultures and languages you never knew shared the same homeland as you. Be amazed at the sight of new lands, let your taste buds tingle with delicious food, open up to the world like never before and make new friends along the way. Come be a part of the truly rewarding experience that eco-tourism brings!


    Gayatri Ananthakrishnan“Looking back at the trips i have almost done every ecotour that Karishma, the division head and now a dear friend has put up. Ecotour to the uninducted is a 2-3 day trip to offbeat destinations giving you an opportunity to explore locations not frequented by outsiders, taking in the flavour of local cuisine and stay. Locations like Jog falls with Yana caves, Lonar crater, Gandikota with belum caves, Velas turtle festival, Khajuraho with Bhedaghat to name a few are not locations that are easy to plan a solo trip to. So having a team planning an economical trip covering all major attractions within 2 to 3 day weekend is simply awesome. Not to mention the “if time permits” destination that gets thrown in by Karishma into the itinerary that i have always been very excited about.. Much can be said about the beautiful places themselves but crazy stories from fellow travellers and leaders during late night chats, well meaning leg pulling during the trip, memories from the delays during train journey followed by on-the-run improvisation are simply unforgettable. Along the way I have met some amazing people and fellow travellers who have made the travelling all the more enjoyable and memorable. Always thankful and lots of love to MT”

    Sunil Kumar Started my journey with Mumbai Travellers on 03rd August 2017 on Friendship Day. Started with a small trek to Korigad, then to River Rafting at Kolad, ecotour to Lonar Crater with Family, bike ride to Patta, bhandardara waterfalls ecotour, Dudhsagar waterfalls trek, Bungee Jumping at River rafting at Rishikesh & on & on &on I went on to meet the most engaging travellers throughout my journey with MT. Every trip had its own countless memories filled Fun, Masti & Magic too. Trips are well planned & executed to perfection by their superbly Talented Team leaders.You can blindly trust their arrangements at the remotest of places & still get the best facilities. Thank to MT ! I had did things I never had imagined & it bought out a different side of me. Through the trips of mt i am exploring different places along with exploring myself (the inner me)

    Peter Theobald“If you stay in Mumbai, love to travel, see interesting places, make new friends, have unique experiences and if you are wondering what to do on weekends, think no more. MT is what you are looking for. Look at their trip calendar and you will never be bored again…and the best part is, it does not break the bank either!

    Swapna Deshpande – “Being a traveloholic at heart, any type of tour is a welcome for me. But since I have found this option of Ecotours with Mumbai Travellers, I have been very relaxed. A normal service person can go for a week long or even longer duration of tour once or twice a year & that definitely is a rejuvenating break. But that freshness lasts for very short. Those who are working continuously with a hectic schedule in Mumbai know that regular short breaks are the real answer for breaking a stereotype. So Ecotours provide exactly that. (Trekking is not everyones cup of tea) Offbeat but well researched itineraries, convenient tour dates which are weekends or long weekends, comfortable stay & arrangements, lots of options to choose from & lots of fun this is how Ecotours can be described.

    I have been to tours like Jog falls which is a well-known attraction, but Yana caves and jungle trail to reach there was a pleasant surprise. Bhedaghat, Dhuandhar falls & Khajuraho are world famous sites, but Raneh falls was relatively unknown but equally beautiful . One gets to meet like-minded, positive strangers who turn into friends at the end of trips. One can get totally disconnected with their work & office. Karishma, who is a division head of Ecotours, has become an expert in planning, Managing & if required firefighting with a smiling face, to ensure that each trip becomes an experience for each of traveller . So I am already planning my next Ecotour;) “

    Sabyasachi Talukdar“37.2 km of hiking. 62277 steps on mountainous terrain. 5 days. 1 Mountain Range – Kumaon. 12 locations. Kathgodam-Bhimtal-Mukteshwar-Bhaalu Gaad Waterfalls-Shashbani-Almora-Kosi-Katarmal-Goluchhina-Airadiyo Ridge-Ranikhet-Nainital. All of this meant nothing when we saw the Mighty Himalayas looming over us, as the clouds and mist gave away their veil to reveal the most beautiful face of Nature. The only thing that made us believe that we were not in a dream, was the amazing company of new travel companions and friends that were present there to enjoy the bounties of nature with us. The hikes, the bonfires, sunrises and sunsets alike, travelling becomes a luxury with people who you care about. Mumbai Travellers cares for it’s travellers. Hence, they were able to design a trip which would give us an eccentric experience of Kumaon. Karishma, our tour coordinator and leader, an avid traveller, kept us on our toes, in spirit and body, to make sure we had an enriching experience of the beautiful Kumaon, as were our hosts at the places where we stayed, be it Campsite, century old stone house and the beautiful village of Shashbani. Kumaon Hinterland Tour would be a journey I will cherish, forever.”


    1. Alcohol and smoking is strictly disallowed on eco-tours. If found, outing under influence of drugs or drinks youll be barred from the tour. And our responsibility ceases with you.

    2. Do not litter. Leave nothing but footprints.

    3. There might be alteration in the itinerary as per the situation.

    4. Eco-Tours are arranged considering normal weather. If there’s sudden change in the weather, Mumbai Travellers Leaders decision will be final and binding on all members. No Arguments will be entertained.

    5. It is equally important to respect the locals and their customs of the eco-destination we are exploring.

    6. It is of utmost importance that all participants stick together in the group. In the event of any deviation by the participant without the consent of the Tour Manager or Leader, he/she/they will be considered as Independent/s and will no longer be considered as a part of the group.
    In the event of any Mishap/Eventuality, Mumbai Travellers & its Leaders will not be held responsible.

    7. Eco-Destination in India have very limited sources available for the stay, vehicle and meals. Mumbai Travellers are serving the best facility available on eco-tours.


    1. What is the Age group of travelers joining the eco-tour
    Either it is child above 03 years accompanying parents, teenagers or senior citizens, travellers with any age is welcomed to travel with us as Journey of Travel is not limited to any specific age.

    2. What is normally the group size of the ecotour
    Being an eco friendly tour, we make sure the trip is well managed without disturbing ecosystem and serving an excellent experience of the tour to our travellers. So we normally keep the group size of 15-25 travellers maximum. In case of seasonal trips like Kaas and Velas, the batch size goes to 40-60 travellers max.

    3. What kind of accommodation and mode of transportation you provide
    We travel to ecotourist and offbeat destinations like rustic villages or isolated places, where the resources like stay, vehicle and meals are limited. Mumbai Travellers serves the best facility available at ecotourist destination. It depends outing to outing, how mode of transport and accommodation is provided.

    4. Will you assist us with train/flight bookings..
    You may get in touch with us for assistance regarding the train / flight booking, we will be happy to help you.

    5. What is the Child policy for ecotours
    It varies outing to outing. Feel free to inquire about the same before you go ahead with the booking.

    6. Is everyone coming in group and I will be travelling alone..
    Most of our travelers here are solo . No one has a prior acquaintance with anybody other than on the community. It is going to be like the first day of school or college or office, excitement of meeting new people with the thrill of the trip. Do not expect anything less than an enthusiast passionate journey. Absolutely, thats the beauty of group travel. You will make friends quickly and our trip leader will become a good source of support to you along the way too!

    7. Can we conduct the same event specially for our group/family/friends..
    Yes definitely any of the eco-tours can be conducted specially for your group on any given dates. Every event to be customized needs some minimum count which will be conveyed to you once we get your query. For customization please fill up your inquiry @ https://www.mumbaitravellers.in/customize-your-tour/

    8. Are the sighting or any natural phenomenon guarantee
    – Sightings of any wildlife or nature is natural phenomena and is a matter of luck. The tour dates have been planned after precise calculation as per climate and current situations. However nobody can assure about sightings which are totally depended on nature.

For More Details, Mail Us – contact@mumbaitravellers.in Or Call us – 08692055777 / 08692086927
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