Month-Jan 2018

Are you tired of the done and dusted tourist routes? Does the chaos of the city leave you yearning for the quiet of the unknown? Is the familiar boring? Then, come and join Mumbai Travellers as we head out on an off-beat trip towards lesser explored locales of the country! From pristine beaches to sprawling [...]
Khajuraho, A Poetry Etched in the Stone !! About Khajuraho Heritage Tour : Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India is a hub for culture, history, food, people, wildlife and natural beauty. Jabalpur is a busy town in MP offers places of natural grandeur. The scenic river Narmada flows through the the 100 feet tall marble [...]

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Along with Adventure and Leisure, Wildlife has always been a vital passion at Mumbai Travellers. Our wildlife division works really hard to find out and help you all explore amazing locations with varied wildlife and we try to provide you best services on all the tours / trails. We believe that everyone at least once [...]
New Year Bash at Vaitarna Riverside Camping !! About Riverside Camping on New Year Eve : On New Years Eve, Mumbai Travellers comes alive with celebrations, friends and camping. Make your New Years Eve 2017-18 a special one by booking ahead for a memorable adventure of camping. Be with us at Vaitarna New Year special [...]
Beach Hopping | Dudhsagar | Camping | Parties | Sea food | Tree house & More !! About the Goa Backpacking Trip : Fellas get set to backpack across Goa in Style. Yes Goa you heard it right , Dont worry this wont be like your regular trips to Goa with Friends Trust us this [...]
Spiti - The Middle Land between India & Tibet !! About Spiti Valley Expedition in Winter: Looking for the ideal detox from the digital world? Then pack your bags and head off to the magnificent Himalayan valley of Spiti in winter. The snow-covered gorges, frozen lakes, and icy deserts are sure to thrill you in [...]
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