Are you tired of the done and dusted tourist routes? Does the chaos of the city leave you yearning for the quiet of the unknown? Is the familiar boring? Then, come and join Mumbai Travellers as we head out on an off-beat trip towards lesser explored locales of the country!

From pristine beaches to sprawling meadows, quaint markets, winding roads, lost villages, thriving jungles and secluded valleys, at Mumbai Traveller’s we take you off the common trail and into the wild. Learn about the history of places forgotten in time, discover thriving eco-systems, plunge headlong into adventure activities, and meet new people who live life differently, yet share the same planet. Visiting an off-beat destination is truly a learning experience in itself. You come to witness a big melting pot of mind-blowing experiences that are sure to bring out the travel story-teller and shutterbug in you. As the great J.R.R.Tolkien once wrote, ‘Not all those who wander are lost.

Mumbai Travellers’ off-beat trips cover incredible destinations in India including Nelong Valley, Spiti, Kinnaur, Leh, Malvan, and the North-East states. A myriad of experiences awaits you including adventure activities, bike trips, water sports, safaris, culinary experiences, hiking and trekking and so much more! Moreover, every journey is conducted under the trained eye of our travel experts who have been there and done that. Rest assured you’re in good hands!

An important aspect of our travel itineraries is that we always take into consideration the comfort and safety of our travel groups and the natives of the place we plan to visit. At Mumbai Travellers, we truly believe that every adventure should support the two goals of creating an exciting experience for the traveller and maintaining a sustainable environment for the locals. A win-win situation for all indeed. Come and Explore like never before !!


  1. APRIL 2018

    Offbeat Tour : 21st-28th April 2018 : Sangla Valley : Shimla-Kalpa-Chitkul-Kinnaur

  2. MAY 2018

    Offbeat Tour : 26th May-03rd June 2018 : Sikkim- The Old Silk Route

  3. JUNE 2018

    Offbeat Tour : 15th-23rd June 2018 : Leh-Ladakh Offbeat Tour (Srinagar to Leh)

  4. JULY 2018

    Offbeat Tour : 14th-25th July 2018 : Spiti Valley Offbeat Tour

    Offbeat Tour : 21st-29th July 2018 : Leh-Ladakh Offbeat Tour (Leh to Leh City)

  5. AUGUST 2018

    Offbeat Tour : 04th-15th August 2018 : Pangi Valley Offbeat Tour

    Offbeat Tour : 11th-19th August 2018 : Leh-Ladakh Offbeat Tour (Srinagar to Leh) 

    Offbeat Tour : 14th-19th August 2018 : Offbeat Meghalaya | Monsoon Special

    Offbeat Tour : 26th-31st August 2018 : Aranmula Boat Race

  6. SEPTEMBER 2018

    Offbeat Tour : 01st-09th September 2018 : Leh-Ladakh Offbeat Tou(Leh to Leh City) 

    Offbeat Tour : 16th-23rd September 2018 : Sangla Valley : Shimla-Kalpa-Chitkul-Kinnaur


    Dhiraj Patil – “Ladakh… heard it is challenging… curvy roads…huge mountains touching sky… crossing pagal naala… extreme weather conditions…. But all these factors were eased by Mumbai Travellers Though you have to kill these factors on your own but the support and management by these people were awesome… Most of us do not like the parental moderation when we are exploring new places so as we three friends… the decision was to make whether we have to go with MT or search for other group who can lead us to a riders dream place… decision was made and we are glad that we travelled with MT!!! Three Cheers for MT was truly a memorable journey…. Looking forward to have many such memories with you guys Nilesh Haldankar, Jogi Prajapati, Suraj Shinde.”

    Madhuri Birodkar – “Dream come true… It was in 2015 during Ladakh trip I said to Jogi about my wish to travel to Spiti and look in Aug 2017 the wish came true.. oh what a beautiful experience it is to be transported into the nature’s lap and live your heart’s content. Thanks co-travellers you all made the journey so much memorable.. It was right blend of bubbly youngsters and eternal enthusiasts senior citizens. Could not have asked for more happening people around during these 12/13 days to be with. The drivers of my vehicle and all those who took care of all of us did commendable job. Could pass through treacherous roads and passes bcos of their care and experience. We all owe them a lot. Enjoyed every moment in the beautiful valley bcos of the well thought out itinerary by Jogi and Nilesh. I am so very happy to have lived my dream of Spiti valley. Thanks once again to the founders of Mumbai Travellers for this wonderful life changing experience and as usual look forward to many more … 🙂

    Omkar Malushte –“10 days of sheer adventure… Spiti was one tour which was to ticked off from bucket list asap… so it was 2017 finally decided to visit spiti and did my booking with MT, still sceptical whether would do it on my bike or travel in SUV. So finally I was doing it on my bike. As the tour commenced the group was a great mixture of all ages with enthusiast people eager to explore Himalayas and willing to accept any challenges that may come forward. 10 days of the tour passed swiftly among group of lovely people and beautiful experience it was whether riding on the bike or travelling in TT and SUV. The arrangement of accommodation, food and logistics was absolute fantabulous . couldn’t expect anything more in such kind of terrains. The entire tour was carried out professionally by tour leaders with great coordination. Professionalism was evident in every aspect by MT. Looking forward to next adventure with MT. Thank you MT for this lovely experience..”

    Srinivasan KS- I’m basically an outdoor enthusiast and love trekking and touring in Himalaya. The Himalayan range covering North to Northeast offers such a diverse landscape, one will always love to come again and again. Himachal Pradesh, HP, is well known for its tourist attractions. Simla, Kulu, Manali, Dalhousie, Dharamshala and so on. The true face of HP lies beyond these places and very little is known about them. When “Mumbai Travellers” announced their offbeat tour to Lahaul Spiti, I and my wife decided to join them. We knew from our experience of past tours with MT, it would planned meticulously and offer a a good experience to be with nature. Setting off from Chandigarh by SUVs with like minded group of travellers, daring but responsible bikers and an excellent support staff, it was a normal road tour via Simla , with a night halt at Narkanda and then towards Rampur where we meet Sutlej river. Here onwards we are following one river or the other and that to me was thrilling. Continuing our journey alongside Sutlej till it meets Baspa river at Karcham and then following Baspa we reached Kinnaur camps at Sangla. Wow ! This camp is just awesome, Heavenly. They almost grow all the vegetables inside the camps for use in kitchen and that too organically ! Though every camp was very good, this one was the best. I just fell in love with the place, the delicious food and the hospitality of the guy Tulsi managing the place. To me travel along winding roads, if I can call them so, with mighty rivers on one side, mighty mountains with landscapes varying from one extreme to another and unpredictable weather, Hot at times, cold at times, windy sometime is the best way to know nature from close. Travelling alongside the great rivers and standing amazed at the confluences of Baspa with Sutlej, Spiti with Sutlej, Pin with Spiti were the high points of this dream come true tour. It was beyond all my expectations and will remain fresh in memory for lifetime. There were of course other highlights like visiting Basteri village, Chandraral lake, crossing scary pagal nullahs and Star gazing. Hats off to MT for organising this very difficult tour look very easy . Special mention about my friends and co-founders, Nilesh and Jogi who have special skill to attract like minded adventurists and keep the spirit of the group very high with their constant interactions. Looking forward to next such adventure with them..

    Dr.Jay Gupta – ” Spiti and Pin Valley are completely off beat tours. with Mumbai Travellers, we did it in our own car, svelte red Creta. I love driving, and the leaders in the tour, Nilesh and Jogi helped me take this further. Spiti is an unpredictable place given the height, terrain and the suddenly changing terrain due to sudden changes in temperatures. Their leadership skills are commendable given they managed 5 bikes, 4 cars…….total 21 people. Apart from the fact that there were no roads, only stones, beaten mud and rushing Pagal Nallahs, the leaders, including Kiran gave us a wonderful culture trip in the villages. Batseri and Kibber need interaction with villagers. so we went hiking around the place, both to acclimatize and fully understand the lives of people who have chosen to stay at that height and terrain. it was a trip to remember! And it feels so true: when the Himalaya beckons, we MUST go!”


    1. Alcohol and smoking is strictly disallowed on offbeat-tours. If found, outing under influence of drugs or drinks youll be barred from the tour. And our responsibility ceases with you.

    2. Do not litter. Leave nothing but footprints.

    3. There might be alteration in the itinerary as per the situation.

    4. Offbeat Tours are arranged considering normal weather. If there’s sudden change in the weather, Mumbai Travellers Leaders decision will be final and binding on all members. No Arguments will be entertained.

    5. It is equally important to respect the locals and their customs of the offbeat-destination we are exploring.

    6. It is of utmost importance that all participants stick together in the group. In the event of any deviation by the participant without the consent of the Tour Manager or Leader, he/she/they will be considered as Independent/s and will no longer be considered as a part of the group.
    In the event of any Mishap/Eventuality, Mumbai Travellers & its Leaders will not be held responsible.

    7. Offbeat-Destination in India have very limited sources available for the stay, vehicle and meals. 


    What kind of of Hotels you are going to provide in it ?
    -We are providing Deluxe Category Hotels in it on Double / Triple sharing basis

    Is this tour schedule hectic?
    -Yes, it’s a bit hectic as we are exploring unexplored destinations; we have to cover targeted distance in a day to complete a tour in a give time duration

    How many Female Travellers will be travelling ?
    -Generally for every outing we have 40% girls count at times we get 60-70% girls on tour. So girls seems to be exploring the world more !!

    Will there be network there?
    -Generally we don’t get networks on such destinations as this places are untouched and are far away from human disturbance. But there are few destinations where you get networks, so you can consider few exceptions.

    Will you assist us with train/flight bookings ?
    -We don’t assist with such bookings but we have a very professional Ticketing agent who can help you with any mode of transport bookings you can get in touch with him directly: Alok Singh : 08097327743

    What will be weather of the place we are travelling to ?
    -As we are fortunate to get birth in India, we have three different seasons accordingly you can prepare yourself for the event. But human disturbance has caused unwanted weather at times, if such is the case you will be informed about the weather 2 days in advance of the outing date.

    I am Jain, so will you be able to arrange Jain food for me ? 
    -Most of the Hotels do provide Jain food. But as the its locally traditionalist destinations we cannot assure you that you will get complete Jain meal at all the destinations

    How will be the transport arrangements ?
    -The type of vehicle depends upon the batch size. Mostly it will be wither a tempo traveler Or Innova. But we make sure private vehicle are provided.

    Why lunch is not included in the tour cost ?
    – Lunch is not included because its not a routine travel destination so preset food booking is not available. There are lots of stand alone dhaba’s en route where we going to stop for lunch so you will get a chance to taste local food as per your choice and food is lot cheaper as compared to preset lunch.

    Can I get room on twin sharing ?
    -Definitely yes, but it will be on extra cost and as per availability. One needs to inform us well in advance.

    What does quadruple or Triple sharing means ?
    -Quadruple sharing means 4 travellers will be sharing in one room and triple means travellers sharing one room, extra mattress will be provided accordingly.

    What is tentative arrival & departure time ?
    -It will be communicated to you mail only. 

    What all things to carry ?
    -Every tour has different things to carry list depend on the season as well. It is mentioned on the itinerary itself on the website. So you can go through it before registering for the tour

    What is the Age group of travelers joining the tour?
    -Normally travelers of all age group travel with us as Journey of Travel is not limited to any specific age. To be specific for bike expeditions, we strictly allow 18+ experienced riders to join. 

    Who will be leading the tour ?
    -The leader’s details with contact number will be mailed to you all a week prior the tour.

    Is everyone coming in group and I will be travelling alone ?
    -We get many individual registrations and few group registrations also, so no need to worry you will make some really good friends on event you won’t be left alone.

    What is the group size ?
    -The group size will be min 10 to max 20

    Are the entry fees included ?
    -Please check the inclusions and exclusions list.

    How much baggage we need to carry ?
    -Carry all required things with minimum baggage. As its an long tours one need to carry your luggage accordingly as we are travelling from one place to other everyday.

    Can we get a discount for 02 People ?
    You will only get a discount for a group size of minimum group of 05 people. You may also register as Lifetime Member to avail the discounts on such trips. 

    Is the flight / train cost included ?
    – No, The flight / train cost are excluded from the tour cost.

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