Camping near Mumbai, Gazing the Stars…!! About Stargazing & Camping trip near Mumbai : Stargazing is perhaps the only activity where you look at the stars but end up gazing into yourself, the grand scale of the Universe slowly unravels as you feel tiny, a minuscule speck in the grand ocean of the seemingly infinite [...]

Camping at Wai – the Pristine Water Reservoir in Wai with the Strawberry farm visit!! About Camping at Wai with the Strawberry farm visit: If you are living in the city of Mumbai or any of the surrounding towns, then a quick getaway over a long weekend becomes a must, to escape the chaos and […]

New Year Bash at Vaitarna Riverside Camping !! About Riverside Camping on New Year Eve : On New Years Eve, Mumbai Travellers comes alive with celebrations, friends and camping. Make your New Years Eve 2017-18 a special one by booking ahead for a memorable adventure of camping. Be with us at Vaitarna New Year special [...]

Camping Under the Dark Sky with Glowing Fireflies !! About Fireflies Festival at Bhandardara : Fireflies are basically insects which display the bio-luminescence character!! They actually throw out fluorescent green light from the body to attract their mate. This phenomenon of natural lighting is so mesmerizing that at times one can experience thousands of fireflies flashing […]

Riverside Camping at Vaitarna !! About Vaitarna Riverside Camping :  This weekend spend your best time at the beautiful campsite of Mumbai Travellers. We at Mumbai Travellers has been doing camping since years, and will make sure that this camping will be part of your golden memories forever. The campsite will give you beautiful view of [...]