Why Outdoor for Corporates??

With Companies becoming more and more demanding about maximum output from their employees, good quality corporate outbound programs have become a prerequisite in establishing a result bound corporate culture.

The workplace can be stressful at times; now-a-days we all know that corporate life is all about hectic schedule, tiring weekdays and monotonous work. It is very important for employees to recharge their batteries once in a while. Corporate out-bounds are important in a way that besides just having fun this serves a deeper purpose and have positive impact on workplace.

When employees are able to cultivate meaningful relationships and connect with one another on a personal level it can have a profound effect on business. Interacting in everyday work environment allows team members bond to some extent but out-bounds can be a catalyst for a genuine team chemistry. With our corporate facilitators having years of industry experience, we try to deliver great learning with extra edge to our corporate partners. Mumbai Travellers conducts various theme based corporate out-bounds, which we have broadly categorized into three themes.

Recreational Out-bounds are done for enjoyment, amusement or pleasure while we are off-work.

These Out-bounds are considered as ‘FUN’ Out-bounds where the primary and only objective is “Let’s go out together and have fun”. It can be used as a very important tool to help the employees free their minds and relieve stress. Also, these trips can help an individual to start thinking in a better and positive way :


An outbound is multipurpose tool for many organizational initiatives. These Out-bounds cater to various team objectives along with the fun part which involve various management games near to nature. It is aimed at helping participants understand critical elements of team building and leadership development. Also, these Out-bounds majorly help in reducing the communication gap between employees. Leadership, teamwork and risk are our top objectives. It helps employees to learn the dynamics of working in teams and also creates an impact on the individual. Employees behave differently when they are in open environment, which stimulates smart thinking.

Learning and Development Out-bounds are effective for every individuals working, from Leadership to Managers to Team Leads to the rest of the employees. Every such outbound has a particular theme or Human Resource Initiative as per corporate need. Outbound ends with review where-in outbound objectives get addressed through collective and shared reflection on participant’s experience. Various initiatives can be:

1. Employee Management
2. Employee Engagement
3. Employee Induction
4. Stress Management 
5. Creativity
6. Reinforcing Organizational Values
7. Leadership Development
8. Icebreaking
9. Conflict Management
10. Negotiations and Resource Management
11. Decision Making
12. Risk Management 

With the help of the combination of 1 and 2 type of Out-bounds we want to create the never before experience for all the working professionals and for the organizations as well. These Out-bounds are basically designed with “out of the box” concept. Here, the motive is to derive experiential learning through activities which are full of thrill, adventure, excitement and learning.

Some examples of Out of the Box Out-bounds are as follows:

  1. Survival Training Course

    Survival CourseIf Bear Grylls makes survival in the wilderness look cool; if you are fascinated by the survival training of the Special Forces commandos; if you wish you could embark on a wilderness survival expedition other than from your TV; then we have perfect packages for you.
    Experience life in the dense forests with your senses to guide you. Master the jungle and learn to use the skills if you are ever stranded in the wilderness. And you can do all this with your own teams. The course is more than just a training exercise as it hones your skills and your common sense which can help you in your workplace as well.

  2. Office Olympics

    Office OlympicsHow about having altogether separate Olympics for your corporate Team?? Sounds interesting, Right??
    This concept is a great combination of fun and corporate learning for different departments within the organization. It boosts the team spirit for sure. The entire outbound is conceptualized in proper Olympic style with the blend of interesting games.

  3. City / Jungle Treasure Hunt

    treasure huntMap Based Treasure and Tag Hunts with the help of compass in wilderness or city with the limited recourses provided in stipulated time. It is a perfect outbound for Team Bonding, learning how to negotiate and how to manage resources.

  4. Checkpoint Challenges

    Check Point Challenge (1)A game exclusively designed for you, with completely different kinds of tasks to earn rewards. It is very simple and at the same time very interesting.






  5. Crime Scene Investigation

    Crime Scene InvestigationCrime Scene Investigation is one of the most mentally challenging, yet engaging events we offer. Over the course of the day you will see participants’ attention to detail, team working, communication, leadership and problem solving skills put to the test, in order the solve the crime!



  6. Drum Circle

    Drum CircleA drum circle is any group of people playing (usually) hand-drums and percussion in a circle. The main objective is to share rhythm and get in tune with each other and themselves and to form a group consciousness.

  7. Musical Jam

    Jam sessions are for people to interact with all others and make music in a freewheeling environment, without having to be concerned about pleasing an audience.


  8. Raft / Bike Building

    Raft BuildingThis water based competitive team challenge involves constructing a raft from barrels, planks and rope with a little technical training, followed by a race. The real test to any raft is time, how long will it last? Raft building is great fun and can be used to develop interpersonal skills and team work.

  9. Fire Walk

    fire-walkYou read that right. We’ll take your team out back and put their feet to the fire… literally! Not only does it build confidence, it offers lifelong bragging rights.
    Think your team is better than mine? My team has WALKED ON FIRE!

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