Nilesh Haldankar is the Renting Partner of Mumbai Travellers.

Bragpacker : Travel Gear to Rent-Try-Buy is an online travel store – with a difference.
At Bragpacker, you can not only Buy premium travel gear but also Rent it for the duration of your travel. We also offer products for you to Try before you decide to Buy them.

Bragpacker is a one stop shop to equip you with whatever you need for wherever you are going. So, be it your annual vacation, business trip, a hiking trip or a road trip, we provide you with specialized gear that can really elevate your travel experience.What’s more, we will deliver it to your doorstep.

Our motto is “Save on Luggage, Spend on Experiences”. With our daily rental fees as low as 1% of product value, you can save upto 90-95% on your pre travel shopping by renting our premium travel gear. Plus, by renting you will avoid all hassles of maintenance and storage of gear that will gather dust for most of the year. We guarantee that our products will always be fully functional and spic & span. With our curated list of travel tested products, you can carry the latest gear every time you travel
We currently stock products under 4 categories: Luggage, Photography, Baby Travel Care, Travel Essentials. We have also just launched a list of products on rent specifically for Road trips. We carry our own inventory, so stocks are limited. Please check us out and book the gear you need for your next trip as early as possible.

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Indian Adventures with its dedicated team of professionals has positioned itself as India’s Premier chain of Wildlife and Adventure Resorts and is Hospitality Partner with Mumbai Travellers.

Indian Adventures : Widlife, Adventure and Resorts
India for long now has been known for its immense beauty, Historical and Cultural Heritage and is already a much sought after destination in the International and Domestic Tourism Market. However till recently it had not figured on the Wildlife maps of the world. What is less known is that India boasts of the widest variety in flora and fauna world over with more than 13000 species of Flowering plants, 1200 species of Birds and 310 species of mammals and species of Reptiles. It is the only Country which boasts of both the Lion and the Tiger.
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Jogi Prajapati

Once started as a small ticketing agency by three best friends with initials R.A. & V, today RAV travels is one of the most trusted companies in Mumbai in the industry of complete ticketing solutions. RAV Travels is based out of Ghatkopar in Mumbai and specializes in Air and Rail ticketing. Along with retail ticketing, the company holds corporate accounts of various major corporate brands in India and is very well know for the efficient service they provide. Tatkal ticketing is another forte of this brand and they are registered ticketing partners with Mumbai Travellers Club.
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