Written by Sneha Bhoyar

zenith under my wandering soul by sneha bhoyar

27th-28th May 2017, marks the most imperative day of my travelling expedition.The day when I made myself proud enough for successfully reaching to the summit of “Everest of Maharashtra “KALSUBAI” situated at a height of 5400 ft above Sea Level✌️? with Mumbai Travellers. 

The whole trekking experience was one of a kind and life cherishing one. When you are amidst the fog ☁️ surrounded with the serene beauty the nature has to offer you,then you feel as pious as those untouched tiny droplets of water forming the clouds.

zenith under my wandering soul by sneha bhoyar 1

The chilling breeze up there at the pinnacle ,soothed out all the tiredness I had ,travelling the whole night through a long route with vertical slopes and treacherous rocky outcrops covered with iron ladders.

The dew drops ? drenching out the body was giving the climb a refreshing thrill.

And when I finally made it to the apex , it literally was the feeling of being “At Cloud 9”.

This was the day when I realized the true essence of being a trekker. The more you climb up,the deeper you dive within your soul??