“Khamma Ghani”! Welcome to the land of desserts – Rajasthan, in India. Pushkar town is one of the famous tourist attractions in Ajmer city of Rajasthan. Pushkar Mela is the major reason behind its popularity. It is also known as Pushkar Fair, Pushkar Festival, Pushkar Camel fair and many other local names. Not only Indian tourists but international tourists also come to attend this famous festival every year.

I feel its just not a festival to attend, but a chance to see the Indian Culture closely! It is a heavenly experience to get surrounded with beautiful colours, smiling faces, amazingly decorated camels and other cattle, antique handicrafts, and off course delicious food items. In short, its an opportunity to witness cultural ethnicity in Rajasthan.

As per Hindu Calendar, Pushkar festival falls in the month of Kartik (October-November). Kartik Ekadashi marks the start while, Kartik Poornima marks the end of this festival. This event has a holy significance for Hindu pilgrims. Their main purpose is to take holy dive in Pushkar Lake and take blessings at Brahma Temple. It is believed to be the only Brahma temple in the entire world. For local people it is important because they trade camel, horses and other cattle. But amongst all the cattle, camels become the main tourist attraction because of the way it is fully decorated. Thousands of photographers visit every year to capture this beauty of Pushkar camel fair, and most importantly the culture and religion of Rajasthan.

The moment I entered this beautiful land, I was taken aback by the vibrant colours around. Those beautiful costumes, different types of jewellery and clothes kept for sale and the very famous Rajasthani puppets, everything around was just amazing. Trust me it felt like some wonderland. My entire day went so quickly, later did I realised how many new things I explored in one single day. Camel race, Horse race, MatkaPhod Competition were a real fun time. Adventure lovers like me will definitely enjoy the view from hot air balloon, enjoy paramotoring and camel safari. Apart from that moustache race was something new and exciting for me. Men with longest moustaches were present. Few men tied their moustaches to small trucks and tried to move them, thus trying to impress the audience. It was really a thrilling sight. Finally, when sun started to take rest, everything around was lit up by Diyas. It was like, every single thing around started changing their costumes for the second half. I wish every traveller get to witness that mesmerising view. My soul was really delighted with this beauty and now came the time to treat my stomach!

Pushkar being a place of Holy significance, it is one of the non-alcoholic and vegetarian area. But you will get the best meal of dal bati churma and lassi during your Pushkar trip. Later you can have malpua for sweet dish.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip and keep your backpack ready for this year’s Pushkar Mela.

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