Almost everyone wants to take out some time out of their busy schedule and enjoy life by taking small outdoor trips and experience the adventure around us. Weekends have now turn to weekendtures.

Mumbaikars and Punekars are now following this trend and finding new places in and around Mumbai and Pune to experience some thrill and adventures. Here are some adventure spots that are around Mumbai – Pune which can be enjoyed by the thrill seekers.



    Photo Credit : Ishita Manek

    Mandwa is the closest getaway for Mumbaikar’s. It is a popular beach destination which has several water sports activities. Kayaking in Mandwa lets you explore the sea by using the kayak. The kayak is a narrow boat and one has to sit where the paddler faces. The kayaking is done with the help of double bladed paddle.

    One can enjoy the thrill and adventure in the moving water and relax while being in the water body. You would have a breathtaking view across the bay of Mandwa Village and the beautiful beach and coconut trees.


    Photo Credit : Vishakha Shah

    Kolad –a village situated on the banks of Kundalika River is a favourite destination for adventure junkies to experience River Rafting in the outskirts of Mumbai.

    You can visit Kolad in the monsoon to encounter the water sport activities and its charming beauty. One can enjoy River Rafting throughout the year, as the Dam releases Water in Kundalika River. While rafting, you will experience a rapid and plentiful stream gushing towards you. This is the real thrill of River rafting, that you don’t want to miss.

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    Photo Credit : Google Images

    Lonavala –a real treat for the adventure lovers, gives an opportunity to choose adventure activities   from 80 exciting options. Della Adventure provides Activities from bungee jumping to getting into mud driving the dirt bikes.


    Photo Credit : Vishakha Shah

    Waterfall Rappelling is an activity that is conducted during monsoon. Waterfall rappelling is held in outskirts of Mumbai i.e., in Kasara, Karjat and many more places.

    Waterfall rappelling is  done by leading downwards from the natural waterfall, where you feel the water rushing on your body. This idea may look scary to you, but it’s not. You are tied to a proper harnessed rope that will ensure your safety. :) Here are few Waterfall Rappelling sites around Mumbai and Pune : 

    1. Bekare Waterfall at Bhivpuri : 70-75 feet
    2. Dodhani Waterfall at Panvel : 70-75 feet
    3. Waterfall near Kondana Caves : 100 feet
    4. Vardayini Waterfall near Roha : 150 feet
    5. Dudhiware Waterfall at Lonavala : 135 feet
    6. Vihi Waterfall at Kasara : 100 feet

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    Camping just gives you a much needed break from your crazy routine and spend some time with your loved ones in close proximity of the nature. Here are some favorite camping sites around Mumbai.

    1. Bhandardara
    2. Vaitarna
    3. Karnala
    4. Lonavala
    5. Kolad
    6. Matheran
    7. Karjat
    8. Sandhan Valley
    9. Prabalmachi Camping

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    Have you ever thought of how the underwater world would be? Those colorful fishes, clear blue water, the corals,etc…Scuba diving lets you experience all this in real.

    Tarkarli is the best site for Scuba Diving and snorkeling in Maharashtra as it has pristine clear water that makes the Divers fall in love with it. Tarkarli has the state’s only scuba diving training center.

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    Everyone at some point or another is thinking of flying like a bird and be free. Paragliding lets you do just that! There many organisations out there providing lessons in paragliding and Space Apple situated in Virar being the most prominent out of them.

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    Holi is one of the most famous festivals in India and that is for a reason. Who doesn’t like to be a child again throwing paints at each other? Paintball just takes this to another level. Patrons are provided with Paint Gun and appropriate protective gear so they can go wild without hurting anyone, including themselves. There are many companies providing this service in Mumbai. Action Paintball in Andheri is one of them.

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  1. JUNE 2017

    Adventure : 24th June 2017 : Bekare Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 25th June 2017 : Bekare Waterfall Rappelling

  2. JULY 2017

    Adventure : 01st July 2017 : Dodhani Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 02nd July 2017 : Dodhani Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 02nd July 2017 : Kolad River Rafting

    Adventure : 08th July 2017 : Dudhiware Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 08th July 2017 : Kolad River Rafting

    Adventure : 09th July 2017 : Dudhiware Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 09th July 2017 : Kolad River Rafting

    Adventure : 15th July 2017 : Bekare Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 16th July 2017 : Bekare Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 22nd July 2017 : Kondana Caves Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 22nd July 2017 : Kolad River Rafting

    Adventure : 23rd July 2017 : Kondana Caves Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 23rd July 2017 : Kolad River Rafting

    Adventure : 29th July 2017 : Dodhani Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 30th July 2017 : Dodhani Waterfall Rappelling

  3. AUGUST 2017

    Adventure : 05th August 2017 : Dudhiware Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 06th August 2017 : Dudhiware Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 12th August 2017 : Dodhani Waterfall Rappelling & Zip lining

    Adventure : 12th August 2017 : Kolad River Rafting

    Adventure : 13th August 2017 : Dodhani Waterfall Rappelling & Zip lining

    Adventure : 13th August 2017 : Kolad River Rafting

    Adventure : 15th August 2017 : Dodhani Waterfall Rappelling & Zip lining

    Adventure : 15th August 2017 : Kolad River Rafting

    Adventure : 19th August 2017 : Kondana Caves Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 20th August 2017 : Kondana Caves Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 26th August 2017 : Bekare Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 26th August 2017 : Kolad River Rafting

    Adventure : 27th August 2017 : Bekare Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 27th August 2017 : Kolad River Rafting

  4. SEPTEMBER 2017

    Adventure : 02nd September 2017 : Dudhiware Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 03rd September 2017 : Dudhiware Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 09th September 2017 : Dodhani Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 10th September 2017 : Dodhani Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 16th September 2017 : Bekare Waterfall Rappelling & Zip lining

    Adventure : 17th September 2017 : Bekare Waterfall Rappelling & Zip lining

    Adventure : 23rd September 2017 : Dodhani Waterfall Rappelling

    Adventure : 24th September 2017 : Dodhani Waterfall Rappelling

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