Lonar Crater

Written by Meeta Abhishek Randive

Lonar lake in Buldhana district Maharashtra is only one of its kind basalt salt lake. Its a high velocity impact crater formed by a meteor some 5000 years ago.

Lonar Crater 4

Visited this awesome place with Mumbai travellers, a travel group that gets into such offbeat destinations..

Lonar Crater 7

It takes good 4hrs to descend, move around the crater peripheral and back up. The water content of the lake is saline however its still a bird watchers paradise. Reason being the algae is rich in proteins which is where they gain their energy from. There are also a number of stone Shivlings around the lake.Lonar Crater 3

Along with birds you can also spot wild boars, porcupines, langurs and recently people seem to have spotted a leopard here.The Parikrama would end at the “kund” which is believed to have powers to cleanse off your sins.Lonar Crater 4 (2)

Lonar is also famous for the DaityaSudan temple.Its intricate carvings and intelligent architecture would definitely amaze you. There is also a Motha Hanuman temple believed to have formed from the splinter of a meteor and has an indused magnetic power around it.

Lonar Crater 1

Stay : MTDC has comfortable shacks for stay overlooking the crater
MTDC can help you get in touch with guides- Sudhakar Bugdane and Ramesh Rathore
And if u are travelling from Jalna.. due pay a visit on the way to Malsa Mahal.. which is birth place of JijamataLonar Crater 6

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