ABHIJIT LAD : WINNER OF #MyTravelStory Contest 2016 

Title: Udata Abhijit ( No Controversy Plz) ?

MyTravelStoryWinner-Abhijit Lad Udta Abhijit

After doing plenty of adventure activities decided to push the envelope further during my Mauritius visit.
Enter .. Skydiving

You don’t always need a plan to jump into something , sometimes you need a plane. So after doing some research booked a flight. Then came news of storm brewing on Mauritius coast & possible cancellation ? Never ever checked weather updates so frequently , sometimes within minutes. ?

Tring .. Tring .. ? Call from Skydiving guys .. Heart beating fast ..Hey man let’s try tom?

After sleepless night headed to Moin Loisir sugar fields early morning. Though I had done virtual skydiving many times on couch by zooming in Google Earth pretty fast , anticipation of doing it in real gave butterflies in stomach , goose bumps on skin , anxiety in mind & sweaty hands . ?

A little pep talk during ground training by my instructor Chris smoothen nerves a bit. Flight before jump was awesomeness personified & gave me complete 360 degree birds eye view of stunning lagoons & reefs. Turquoise & deep blue indian ocean meeting horizon.

Heartbeats & Altimeter both were going up.. 2000 ..4000…6000 ..8000 ..10000 Feet. Then come the moment of truth ..?

What am I doing here ?????

Chris said ..”Don’t forget to smile for camera , we are going home baby.” & Gave a push.

Then came most surreal 40 seconds of my life .. The freefall ……. A different kind of meditation ..The zen state .. Speeding towards mother earth at speed excess to 200 kmph like torpedo missile. Chris pulled of cord & stable flight started over one of the most spectacular island paradise of the world. We landed safe n sound taking a memorable experience .

Was it easy ??? No

Worth it ?? Absolutely ..?

P S : Tandem Skydiving is safe adventure when done under expert supervision & I wish all of you get a chance to see , what I seen from above.

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