About Matheran Birding Trail :
Matheran has been declared as eco-sensitive region by Union Environment ministry. The reason behind it has been vast flora and fauna it inhabits. It is one of those forests which attract all kind of wild lifers, from a plant expert, to reptiles and bird experts. When it comes to birding, winters have been paradise for birdwatchers at this forest. Small water bodies starts attracting flies which makes flycatchers active all throughout the day. Migratory Warblers and flycatchers are key highlights of this tour.

This nature trail is open for all the serious nature lovers & photographers and Mumbai Travellers ‘s leader will be there to guide you for the same. We shall focus on all sort of Flora & Fauna that nature will gift us.

Mathern forest is known for following bird species – Crested Serpent Eagle, Indian Paradise Flycatcher, Black Naped Monarch, Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher, Verditer Flycatcher, Western Crowned Warbler, Ashy Drongo, Indian Blue Robin, Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Black Bulbul and many others.


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    Outing Dates : 30th March 2019

    Highlights : Bird Watching
    Duration : One Day Session


    Day 1
    All the travellers will be meeting at Neral train station at 7.30 am (Train – CSMT 05:20 – KARJAT 07:39), from there we will move towards Matheran by local taxi. Trail will start around 8.30 am with the light. We will try to spot maximum number of species. On Field bird identification on Forest birds. It will help everyone to start with the beautiful trail. Around 12 noon we proceed back to Neral station by local taxi. Later everyone disperse for their respective location.

    Trail concludes with happy memories ! 

    Note : One should follow the rules and regulations given by the Expert and should not leave the group till the nature trail ends.


    Tour Cost : Rs.750/- per person + Taxes as applicable
    For Lifetime Members : Rs.700/- per member + Taxes as applicable
    For Lifetime Membership Details (Rs.1000/- only), click here

    Inclusions :
    1. Transportation from Neral station to Matheran and return by local taxi
    2. Breakfast
    3. Entry Fees to Matheran Forest
    4. Expertise Charges

    Exclusions :
    1. Any Other Personal Charges
    2. Camera charges
    3. GST 

    Cancellation & Refund Policy :
    1. If Tour/Event/Activity cancellation done by participant prior to 90 days of Tour/Event/Activity 80% of total price will be refunded.
    2. If Tour/Event/Activity cancellation done by participant prior to 60 days of Tour/Event/Activity 60% of total price will be refunded.
    3. If Tour/Event/Activity cancellation done by participant prior to 30 days of Tour/Event/Activity 40% of total price will be refunded.
    4. If Tour/Event/Activity cancellation done by participant prior to 15 days of Tour/Event/Activity 20% of total price will be refunded.
    5. If Tour/Event/Activity cancellation done by participant prior to 14 days or less of Tour/Event/Activity No refund will be provided.


    1. How many people will be there in nature trail?
    – Min 3 – Max 12 participants per trail

    2. What is the Child policy for Nature Trails?
    – A child above 05 years of age is considered as an adult for any trails all over India. Children below 05 years of age can travel free of charge.

    3. Are Nature Trails safe?
    – Absolutely! Our experts are always around to help out if any unwanted situation arises.

    4. What are the trail timings?
    – Wildlife activity is at its peak and most active during peak morning and late evening hours.

    5. What is the best season to go for a nature trail?
    – India being a vast country with some unique wildlife species, every species has its own season where the sighting is really good. When it comes to winters, from October to March one can have amazing birding opportunities with some migratory birds. Monsoons are best time to observe lesser flora & fauna i.e. orchids, snakes, frogs & lizards. Summers are best time to observe Himalayan flora & fauna.

    6. What are chances of sighting birds during the trails?
    – Bird sightings are dependent on tracking skills, knowledge of the forest along with luck & chance. Weather conditions also affect sightings. But all our tours are well guided with experts and local guides who help track birds! This has resulted in extremely successful bird sighting ratio for us compared to others. We also focus on overall biodiversity and hence we ensure that you take back some unique experiences with you if not just particular species!

    7. Why does one has to book Nature Trails in advance?
    – In order to ensure smooth operations and organize logistical arrangements.

    8. What kind of facilities will be available at the destination we are travelling to?
    – Though we are taking you to wilderness places away from luxury, we have ensured that you will get at least all the required basic comforts during the tour as in when required. Our resorts in all the Nature Trails tours are Deluxe Category; comfortable and homely. All resorts are equipped with all amenities like comfortable bedding, hot/cold water, western toiletries, A/C facilities, laundry on request, doctor on call, mineral water, generator backup etc. Along with this, Veg-Non veg meals will be available in buffet style. Jain food provision, Wifi connection and Television are also available at most of the places.

    9. What are the camera charges for nature trail?
    – Some National parks forest permit charge extra camera fees to the travellers who are carrying high-end cameras with telephoto lenses or video cameras for photography and videography. Rules are different for different forests.

    10. I am not a professional photographer or frequent wildlifer…can I still enroll for nature trail?
    – Yes,why not?? Every nature lover is welcomed on a nature trail! We feel every traveller must go for a nature trail at least once in his lifetime! It’s an experience that every individual must take in especially when India has such a rich biodiversity.

    11. What are photography opportunities for someone who is keen on wildlife photography and will he/she get guidance for the same?
    – All our nature trails are balanced providing ample opportunities for wildlife photography. Our experts also help the participants with guidance and tips for wildlife photography.

    12. What will the climate/weather be like in/around the park we will travel to?
    – The weather differs from region to region. Winters are usually cool with temperature ranging from 8-20 degrees while summers are hot and dry with temperatures ranging from 25-45 degrees.

    Some Do’s :
    * Carry clothes according to the season of the visit. Carry clothes that will help you camouflage with the surroundings.
    * Always carry original identity proof.
    * Carry a fragrance-free Sunscreen.
    * Always keep your phone on silent or airplane mode when entering forest.
    * Cover your face with a scarf to protect it from dust.
    * Also carry extra batteries, memory cards for camera and cover it to protect the camera from dust,rain etc.
    * Always remain calm and composed when any sighting takes place. Remember patience is the only key.
    * Your guide/mentor and locals know the area inside the forest better than anyone, so do co-operate with them.
    * Do follow strict timings as given by your team leader to avoid delay in any activities as safaris are group events.
    * Always respect your local guide/driver and their knowledge about the forest during a nature trail.
    * For herping/monsoon wildlife tours, always carry wind-cheaters, proper clothing and shoes, water-proof bags. Also get rain proof covers for your cameras/binoculars etc.

    Some Don’ts :
    * Do not litter in forest and surrounding areas.
    * Do not throw anything out of the gypsy.
    * Do not yell, scream or wave at the animals.
    * Do not wear brightly colored clothes or apply any kind of perfumes or deodorants.
    * Avoid wearing camouflage patterned clothes; instead go for dull colour clothes.
    * Never feed any animals.
    * No Smoking or drinking allowed in forest areas.
    * Do not play any loud music in vicinity of the forest area.
    * No one is allowed to get down from the vehicle inside the forest unless permitted.
    * Do not argue with any person like forest guards, guides, locals or even travellers.

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