Herping Special Jungle Trail to Matheran !!

About Matheran Herping Trail :
Matheran apart from being a tourist attraction is also well known for its flora and fauna. Many endangered species has been recorded in Matheran by naturalists. This Trip is basically planned to explore Matheran forest for reptiles, amphibians and other nocturnal animals. This trip will be accompanied by a Herpetologist who will help you with identification and photography techniques. 


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    Batch 01 : 22nd-23rd July 2017
    Batch 02 : 26th-27th August 2017
    Batch 03 : 09th-10th September 2017 


    Category : Wildlife
    Type : Wildlife Photography Tour (Herpetofauna)
    Duration : 1 Day
    Batch Size : 10 Travellers-Maximum


    Leave for Neral by Karjat Local train from CST starting at 1.40 pm (fast train). Reach Neral by 3.30 pm. We will move towards Matheran by Local Taxi. We will be entering Matheran Forest by 4.30 pm.

    Session One : Start exploring forest right from the beginning till main Market via small trails relax over tea and snacks.

    Session Two : Later around 7.00 pm we will start with our second forest trail in search of reptiles. Explore the mysterious world of frogs, reptiles, spiders and so on. Try hands on macro- photography and compose some super shots of these hidden jewels. Return to market area for Dinner.

    Session three : Post dinner around 10.00 pm we will be doing our third trail in the forest. This trail will be the longest and the most exciting one! Experience the thrill of nocturnal life. Observe the wildlife in its raw form and get to know more these amazing creatures. Return to our home stay  by 2.00 – 2.30 am.  Rest at the home stay.

     At dawn, walk back to the Dasturi naka still observing and looking for the beautiful herpetofauna of Matheran. Catch the first train back to Mumbai. Transfer from Matheran to Neral station will be local taxi.

    Tour concludes with the Happy Moments 🙂

  4. PRICE

    Tour Price: Rs.1,999 /- per person+Tax as applicable 
    For Lifetime Member : Rs.1,799 /- per member+Tax as applicable 
    For Lifetime Membership Details (Rs.1000/- only) , click here


    1. Shared room at Home stay with basic amenities for freshening up and resting.
    2. Meals included : Evening Snacks, Dinner and Breakfast.
    3. Transportation from Neral to Neral by local taxi.
    4. 03 Forest trails conducted by our expert.
    5. Expertise charges and Entry tickets.


    1. Any Other Expense other than mentioned above.
    2. Taxes as applicable.

    Disclaimer :

    1. These night trails are focus solely on the Herpetofauna of Matheran and are designed for extensive 8-9 hours of Herpetology exploration.
    2. The focus will remain on exploring and photographing nocturnal micro and macro fauna and is recommended for travellers with genuine interest in exploring the same. Night trails will be extensive walking for 3-4 hours in rain and muddy ground.
    3. Basic amenities will be made available for travellers to rest and freshen up.
    4.  The last trail will end around 2.30 am on Sunday and by 4 am we shall depart for Neral station. If anyone wishes to extend the stay and check out late, it can be arranged at an extra cost.

  5. FAQS


    1. How many people will be there in Gypsy for a safari tour..?
    – All wildlife safaris will have 6 pax in one gypsy.

    2. Can I get a Safari on 4 sharing basis..?
    – Definitely yes, but it will be on extra cost and you need to inform us well in advance.

    3. What is the Child policy for Wildlife Safaris?
    – A child above 05 years of age is considered as an adult for any safari permit all over India. Children below 05 years of age exempted from any safari costs and can travel free of charge.

    4. Are Wildlife Safaris safe?
    – Absolutely! Even if all the safaris are carried out in an open gypsy, there is hardly any danger from any wildlife. Plus on every safari we would have a Forest guide with us along with the gypsy driver and our expert who will help out if any unwanted situation arises.

    5. What are the safari timings?
    – Safari timings change from season to season in different National Parks depending on the Sunrise and Sunset. Usually a safari lasts for 3-4 hours morning and evening.
    Approximately the timings are:
    Morning: 6.00 am – 10 am
    Afternoon : 3.00 pm – 6 pm

    6. What is a Core zone and Buffer Zone ?
    – A tourism zone in any National Park is divided into two zones: Core Zone and Buffer Zone. Buffer zone lies around the periphery of core forest area. Most of the tourism/safaris takes place in core zone.

    7. What is the best season to do a Wildlife Safari?
    – The wildlife safari season starts from October-June. In Winter, from October to March one can have amazing birding opportunities with some migratory birds along with decent Tiger sightings and other mammals. March to May as the summer approaches one can have good tiger sightings along with other mammalian sightings and birding. So if you are a tiger centric wildlifer, we suggest you do a safari from March-May.

    8. What are chances of Tiger Sightings during the safaris?
    – Tiger sightings are dependent on pure luck and chance.Weather conditions also affect tiger sightings.But all our safari tours are well guided with experts and local guides who help track tigers along with other mammals and birds! So we ensure that you take back some unique experiences with you if not tiger sightings!

    9. Why does one has to book Wildlife Tours in advance?
    – The safari permit booking starts 120 days before the actual travel date. Plus there are limited number of gypsies that can enter each gate every safari.Hence safari booking is very crucial and needs to be done at earliest.

    10. What kind of facilities will be available at the destionation we are travelling to?
    – Our resorts in all the wildlife safaris tours are Deluxe Category; comfortable and homely All resorts are equipped with all amenities like hot/cold water, toiletries, A/C facilitates, Laundry on call etc. Along with this, Veg-Non veg meals will be available in buffet style.

    11. What are the camera charges for safaris?
    – Some National parks forest permit charge extra camnera fees to the travellers which carry a high-end cameras with telelenses or video cameras for photography and shooting. For eg: In tadoba : A camera with lens of 200mm and above is charged Rs.200 per safari.

    12. I am not a professional photographer or wildlifer…can i still enroll for safari tour?
    – Yes,why not?? Every nature lover is welcomed on a safari tour! We feel every traveller must do a wildlife safari atleast once in his lifetime! Its an experience that every individual must take in

    13. What are photography opportunities for someone who is keen on wildlife photography and will he/she get guidance for the same?
    – All our safari tours are balanced providing ample opportunities for wildlife photography. It not only focuses on tigers but also on other mammalian species, birds, reptiles along with capturing beautiful Landscapes and natural beauty.

    14. What will the climate/weather be like in/around the park we will travel to?
    – The weather differs from regoin to region. Winters are usually cool with temperature ranging from 8-20 degrees while Summers are hot and dry with temperatures ranging from 25-45 degrees.

    Some Do’s :

    * Carry clothes according to the season of the visit. Carry clothes that will help you camouflage with the surroundings.
    * Always carry Original Identity Proof.
    * Carry a frangrance-free Sunscreen.
    * Always keep your phone on silent or airplane mode when entering forest.
    * Cover your face with a scarf to protect it from dust.
    * Also carry extra batteries, memory cards for cameras and cover it to protect the camera from dust,rain etc.
    * Always remain calm and composed when any sighting takes place.
    * Your guide/mentor and locals know the area inside the forest better than anyone, so do cooperate with them.
    * Do follow strict timing as given by your team leader to avoid delay in any activities as safaris are group events.
    * Always respect your local guide/driver and their knowledge about the forest during an safari.
    * For herping/monsoon wildlife tous, always carry wind-cheaters, proper clothing and shoes, water-proof bags. Also get rain proof covers for your camers/binoculars etc.

    Some Donts:

    * Do not litter in forest and surrounding areas
    * Do not throw anything out of the gypsy.
    * Dont yell,scream or wave at the animals.
    * Do not wear brightly coloured clothes or apply any kind of perfumes or deos
    * Never feed any animals
    * Do not play any loud music in vicinity of the forest area.
    * No one is allowed to get down from the gypsy inside the forest.
    * Do not argue with any person like forest guards,guides,locals or even travellers from another gypsy during the safari.

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