“Diwali Gifting & Donation drive in a Tribal Village”

Diwali is undoubtedly the most celebrated festival across India. However due to several reasons there are people for whom Diwali is not as glorious and as happening as they dream it to be.

So, with simple objective to bring smiles on those innocent faces, Mumbai Travellers has taken up this initiative named #DiwaliForAll. This initiative will be taken at Tribal village in Tansa Sanctuary (About 2 Hrs from Mumbai) and Mumbai Travellers team will be spending some time with tribal families, will be gifting them a few Diwali gifts, will also be donating them things of basic necessities and will try best to create memorable Diwali for them.

We have done procurement of all the necessary arrangements and donations but still we request all our travellers and well-wishers to participate in the initiative and if possible, we want everyone to support the cause of DiwaliForAll. It would indeed be a great feeling to be associated and to be on field for a noble cause.

Please find the details about the initiative below:

 “Diwali For All – Diwali Gifting & Donation drive in a Tribal Village”

WHO: Initiative by Go Travellism Pvt Ltd (Team of – Mumbai Travellers | Book My Safari | Corporate Compass | Wholesale Holidays)

WHERE: At Kuwaripada, an ignored tribal settlement of merely 20 houses sheltering about 119 people for whom the struggle for water, food and employment is a daily routine. Kuwaripada is within the limits of Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary near Asangaon town on Mumbai-Nasik highway.

WHAT: We are taking the initiative for

Gifting – Gifting the children and students various exciting gifts like colour books, colour boxes, geometry boxes, pen sets, water bottles, toys etc.

Donating – For kindergarten and boarding school – donating the story books and display charts.

For the elders – donating the raw grains like Rice, Wheat, Pulses etc. | Minimum 5 Kg per family


This small settlement is right in the heart of sanctuary however the village is based on top of the ghat at the highest spot in the landscape.  Due to such a critical geographical location, this village is cut off from main land and hence is devoid of the basic infrastructure like

  1. Public Transport facility: One has to wait for hours and hours to catch the public transport.
  2. Basic Commutation options: Most of the villagers do not have any private vehicle like a cycle or a bike and hence have to walk miles to reach.
  3. Drinking Water: Village still doesn’t have any drinking water facility. Women bring water from a small lake situated about 2 km from the village, filter the water and use it for drinking purpose.
  4. Electricity: So far, the electricity has not reached the place and villagers are managing on solar bulbs donated by forest department.
  5. School: There is only one Kinder garden that is functional. No schooling facility within the village and children have to go to government aided Boarding schools which are minimum 5 km away from their village.
  6. Employment: There is no means of good employment within or nearby village. For most of them farming is the only option which hardly generates any good amount of produce which can be sold in the market. Most of the times crops go waste due to lack of rain and lack of water for farming like this time.
  7. Medical Facility: There is no medical facility within the village.

Irrespective of these cons there are a several pros as mentioned below that made us help Kuwaripada. Do read through –

  1. Kuwaripada is a village that is globally important for it shelters a critically endangered bird species found only in India named Forest Owlet. Forest Owlet is an intelligent & interesting species of small Owl which is almost on the verge of extinction as less than 300 individuals are left alive across globe. This bird was declared supposedly extinct in year 1884 and was rediscovered in year 1997 in Melghat Ranges of Maharashtra. After Melghat a small population of this bird (Only 12 to 22 individuals) was discovered in Tansa Sanctuary at Kuwaripada and surrounding area.
  • More details about Forest Owlet can be found at http://www.conservationindia.org/articles/the-enigma-of-the-forest-owlet
  1. Irrespective of being the tribal area having multiple challenges, villagers of village Kuwaripada are responding in a positive way towards conservation of this important bird. The villagers are no longer hunting the birds using catapult and are also cooperating with forest department for ensuring survival of Forest Owlet in Tansa Sanctuary.
  2. It is really appreciable that children from this village have good urge to learn and are trying their level best in the boarding schools. Men are hardworking and go on daily wages-based works even far off from the district. Most importantly, villagers of Kuwaripada look content irrespective of the challenging life they live.

WHEN : Our team of volunteers is heading to Kuwaripada for DiwaliForAll initiative on 6th November 2018. We shall leave from Mumbai around 1.30 pm and reach the village before 4 pm. We shall depart from the Village around 6 pm. For more details about schedule you can contact us on email.


It’s simple and it’s impactful! Hence we request all of you to contribute your bit in any of the ways listed below:

Be a Gifter : Gift any good stuff for the children/ students/ adults of the village so as to bring a smile on their face 🙂

Be a Donor : Donate a Kg of Rice / Wheat / Any necessary food grain. One can also choose to donate Solar lanterns, Clothes, Sweaters, Utensils etc.

Be a Volunteer : Join us personally on the day of initiative. We would highly appreciate that. However we are limiting the number of volunteers visiting the village, so prior confirmation is necessary.

Be a Well Wisher: Simply spread the word and let it reach to those who may be willing to help

IMP Notes:

  1. You can bring stuff along with you if you are joining the visit. Alternatively you can drop / send you stuff to our office address. Please email for exact details on contact@mumbaitravellers.in with subject line “Diwali For All”
  2. As far as possible avoid donating anything in monetary terms. “Be Kind to donate in Kinds”.
  3. We will not be donating and insist you also not to donate any pre-used stuff / clothes as it a Diwali celebration. Let’s ask ourselves – “How would we feel if we are gifted a second hand cloth on Diwali?”
  4. If you are donating/ gifting/ attending the event, please keep team Go Travellism informed beforehand to ensure better coordination.
  5. For those who are willing to join on visit, kindly note that limited volunteers are allowed and registration is necessary. Snacks & Water will be provided by our team. Volunteers are requested to make arrangements for own transportation.
  6. For any query/ suggestion/ support, feel free to get in touch with us on contact@mumbaitravellers.in / 8422049888 (Call & WhatsApp)

We hope that all of us, together, can create some smiles and good memories for our counterparts from the forest. Looking forward to a better and brighter Diwali 🙂


Warm regards,
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