Dear Travel and Nature lover,

Thank you very much for showing your interest in supporting the cause of “Help the Forest Communities” during this challenging time of Covid-19.

Team Go Travellism (Mumbai Travellers, Book My Safari and Corporate compass) in association with ‘CLAW community’ and ‘Last Wilderness Foundation’ is extending its support to some of the most susceptible tribal and forest communities living around forest areas in India.

These are the communities cut off from general civilization, dependant on forest for their living and are pushed to the edge of survival due to adversity of current situation, hence need our support.

All the initiatives are being undertaken with active and transparent ground support from respective government authorities as we cannot volunteer personally on ground due to lockdown.

Why should you even bother helping?

– If you have ever been touched by the beauty of forest, serenity of those non polluted lands, thrill of a jungle safari, sight of your favourite bird or animal, taste of a local cuisine in tribal area…directly or indirectly these were the people behind it
– Undoubtedly the most neglected and most affected communities in our country since years. Their struggles start with basic necessities of 2 time meals, first hand clothes and shelter that can save life.
– Total hand to mouth living…Most of them either depend on forest or earn their living via daily wages, which isn’t possible anyway in coming future.
– Lastly they are also humans and have right to survive. Their children deserve at least 2 meals a day if not all fancy cuisines that we are enjoying in the comfort of our home. Government help haven’t reached them and they aren’t able to reach government for obvious reasons.

How can you also help?

We request every member of Mumbai Travellers family to support these cause open heartedly or at least help spread the word so that it reaches up to those who are in position to support a few meals for these tribal communities. Remember – No contribution is small.

Below is the summary of 3 major initiatives being taken for helping the communities in urgent need. Follow these steps to extend your support-

1. Kindly go through the details of all 3 initiatives below, choose the initiatives you wish to support. You can support all 3 initiatives as well.
2. Get in touch with the “respective” contact person if you need any more details about the initiative. All 3 are available on WhatsApp as well.
3. Donate whatever best you can in the respective account number. There is no minimum / maximum contribution limit. Remember- it is not the amount but it is the gesture that matters at this challenging time.
4. Once donation has been made please share the transaction details with respective contact person for that initiative. we may publish your name on social forum once donation is received. You can convey the contact person if you wish to keep your donation anonymous and don’t want your name to be published.
5. Irrespective of you donate or not – Spread the word. Share it with your friends and relatives and support in letting the information reach to those who can help.

We are looking forward to your open hearted support.



Initiative : TheFriendInNeed

Community Area addressed : Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Importance of Community and Area :

Protected forest area and national park. Highly important area for conservation of Tigers along with other endangered wild species. It’s a major wildlife tourism hotspot on world map and pride of Maharashtra. Tourism being the primary livelihood source for the local community here, the entire local economy is at a standstill and future looks dark due to current tourism season being crushed due to lockdown which will be followed immediately by monsoon when park remains closed.

Details of the help proposed :

Intention is to provide basic grocery for a total of 415 local families, comprising of 253 guides and 160 drivers serving

Fundraising Target : Rs. 4,15,000/-

Minimum contribution : Any amount is welcome

Initiated by : CLaW (Conservation Lenses And Wildlife) – a non-profit community of 1,75,000 nature lovers.

Operating with support of : Maharashtra Forest Department and Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Conservation Foundation

Where to donate:
Account Name : Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Conservation Foundation
Bank : SBI
Account No. : 3071 4733 456
IFSC : SBIN0001941
Branch code : 1941

Contact Person : Ms. Tanwi Chowdhary (+91 – 7022975222)

More details available at these links :


2. “SUPPORT THE PARDHI COMMUNITY” by Last Wilderness Foundation

Initiative : ‘Support the Pardhi community’

Community Area addressed : Panna Tiger Reserve

Importance of Community and Area : Tribe Pardhis, Panna Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, India

The crash in India’s tiger population from some 100,000 at the beginning of the 20th century to only a couple of thousand by the end of it has been attributed largely to a community called the Pardhis. They are a nomadic community and the extinction of tigers in Panna Tiger Reserve (Madhya Pradesh) by 2009 was primarily owing to this community’s activities inside the forests of Panna. However, in order to provide this tribe with an alternate source of livelihood, so that instead of destroyers this community stand as conservators of forest, we started the Walk with the Pardhis initiative, which channelizes the age-old knowledge of the forest, bird and animal mimicry and the skills of identifying animal tracks and signs possessed by the community members. The idea is to take tourists on walk in the wilderness and understand the forest as the Pardhis do. The walk can be undertaken by the tourists on a designated trail led by a Pardhi guide.

Owing to the absence of tourism, the Walk with the Pardhis initiative and with it the Pardhi guides, will see a significant hit with regard to their income. Apart from the Pardhi guides, the outbreak will also affect other Pardhi families, whose source of income is primarily the sale of medicinal herbs outside of Panna.

Details of the help proposed :

Providing safe & sustainable living for the communities who are dependent on the forest in these challenging times

Fundraising Target : Rs. 2,00,000/-

Minimum contribution : Any amount is welcome

Initiated by : Last Wilderness Foundation, one of the very few NGOs working at the grassroots level for forest and its denizens in central India.

Operating with support of : Last Wilderness Foundation and the Forest Department, since we can’t travel to field due to COVID – 19

Where to donate:

Name : Last Wilderness Foundation

Bank : Axis Bank

A/C No. : 912010031503388

IFSC : UTIB0000653

Branch : Worli Naka

Contact Person : Ms. Bhavna Menon (+91 – 9619282264)

More details available at :
You can find out more about our previous work with the Pardhi community and other forest communities at –


3. “HELP THE TRIBALS” by Mumbai Travellers Club

Initiative : ‘Help the Tribals’

Community Area addressed : Tribal village Kuwaripada in Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary

Importance of Community and Area :

Tiny Tribal settlement dependent on natural resources and villagers make a living working as daily wage workers.

Village is situated on top of the mountain and disconnected from all sides from civilization.

This village shelters the only population of extremely endangered bird forest owlet in entire Tansa sanctuary and is the only place (after Melghat tiger reserve) in entire world where forest owlets are surviving.

Details of the help proposed :

Basic grocery for every house in the village.

Fundraising Target : Rs. 40,000/-

Minimum contribution : Any amount is welcome

Initiated by : Mumbai Travellers Club who has been supporting this tribal village from 3 years. Read our previous initiative details at and

Operating with support of : BMC officers at Tansa dam as we cannot personally travel to location.
Where to donate :
Google Pay (G pay) number : 8692086927
Name : Go Travellism Pvt Ltd
Bank : ICICI Bank
Account : Current
A/C No. : 623805030086
IFSC : ICIC0006238
Branch : Mulund West

Contact Person : Saurabh Thakekar – (+ 91 – 8422049888)

More details available at these links :


Should you have any queries or need any assistance, feel free to call / WhatsApp Mumbai Travellers team on following numbers. We will be happy to help 🙂

Warm Regards,
Team Mumbai Travellers
Mr. Jogi Prajapati – (+91 – 8692022777)
Mr. Saurabh Thakekar – (+91 – 8422049888)
Mr. Kedar Kalamkar – (+91 – 9773431401)