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About the Tour :  Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary is located 02 hours away from the border of the Kolhapur and Sindhudurg districts. The Jungle is completely isolated and restrained from the human habitations. It is a very beautiful and surprising gateway for the nature and wildlife enthusiast also rich in Flora and Fauna. We are accommodating in a […]

A walk with an expert in the nature…!! About the Tour : Nature trails will be a half day walk in nearby forest areas where we find some good birds, insects, reptiles. Trails will we lead by a wildlife expert. We will also be sharing few photography tips which can be helpful for you in clicking […]

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About the Tour:  Nandur Madhmeshwar bird sanctuary is located in Niphad, Nashik district of Maharashtra. Located at Godavari river its a harbour for thousands of beautiful and migratory birds. The migratory birds found in this sanctuary are White stork, Glossy Ibis, Spoonbills, Flamingo, Goose, Brahminy Duck, Pintails, Mallard, Wigeon, Gargeny, Shoveller, Pocchards, Cranes, Shanks, Curlews, […]

We, at www.mumbaitravellers.com are proud to provide this “much needed” stage for all the Professional as well as Amateurs Wildlife Photographers. Today, Wildlife Photography is growing like anything in India and most of us are coming out with really amazing photographs. However the question always remains unanswered that How should I provide a professional / […]

!! 19-20 October 2013 !! Complete 360 Degree Photography Exposure  Short Info: This quick photography trip revolves around FLORA, WILDLIFE, MICRO & LANDSCAPES with the centre of the circle being KONKAN !! Konkan is a pure paradise when it comes to photography. Amazing scenes, great variety of objects and suitable weather to shoot it at […]

Masti Ki Pathshala….!! About the Tour :  Let your child disconnect with virtual world and reconnect with self amidst the beauty of Nature. Introducing, kids special batch to make our future generation more inclined towards wildlife and understand the functioning of the nature. Unlimited fun, Nature games, Interactive sessions on wildlife and Jeep safaris in […]