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ABHIJIT LAD : WINNER OF #MyTravelStory Contest 2016  Title: Udata Abhijit ( No Controversy Plz) ? After doing plenty of adventure activities decided to push the envelope further during my Mauritius visit. Enter .. Skydiving ✈ You don’t always need a plan to jump into something , sometimes you need a plane. So after doing […]

Hello Travellers… We are back with #MyTravelStory Contest and this year our theme is #MyTravelPhoto What’s Up ? Guys…Cheers from Mumbai Travellers. It has always been a great journey with you and we would love to commit that we ourselves truly love to travel with our fellow travellers like you. It’s the common passion of […]

KARGIL- The Himalayan Gateway of Ladakh !! Kargil Town is situated between Srinagar (204 Kms) and Leh, (234 kms) on the Srinagar-Leh highway The Kargil derived from the Khar (Castle) and Rkil (Centre) which means the castle placed in the centre of the Kingdom. Kargil is inhabited by the Burig and Balti people which are considered […]

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