Month: May-17

“We travel to be a part of nature and to let nature be a part of us.” Mumbai Travellers conducts special eco-tours that are based on environmental conservation and that create minimal impact on the natural surroundings. These ecologically sustainable tours are the need of the hour, and provide a truly unique experience to those [...]
 Tickle your sweet bud after Cycling !!! About the Aamras Puri Breakfast Ride : Most of us might have joined us for the Breakfast ride where you’ve enjoyed cycling, fun, masti & the special Kheema Pav @ the famous Olympia. However this time it will be something different. Instead of ending it over Kheema Pav, it [...]
You would not believe your eyes, If ten million fireflies Lit up the world !! About Purushwadi Fireflies Ecotour :  Fireflies are basically insects which display the bio-luminescence character!! They actually throw out fluorescent green light from the body to attract their mate. This phenomenon of natural lighting is so mesmerizing that at times one can [...]
About the Tamhini-Lonavala Circuit : The ranges of Sahyadri divides Deccan plateau from Konkan region in Maharashtra and both these regions are connected to each other by various mountain passes. There are more than 16 passes in Sahyadri and each pass is having its own geographical uniqueness and historical background. Lots of villages lies in [...]
About the Trek : Korigad : Located in Pune District and is about 20 Kms away from Lonavala. One has to climb around 510 steps from Peth-Shahpur route. We can reach the top within 45-50 minutes from the base near Bhairavnath Temple. After entering through Ganesh Darwaja we can view some remnants of old buildings. [...]
Explore the Culture of Kumaon Empire !! About Kumaon Backpacking Trip : Mukteshwar : Mountain Madness : On the altitude of 7290 ft, Mukteshwar lies right in the centre of Himalaya making it the backbone of Townlet of Mountains. It offers some really spectacular views of prestigious snow clad peaks of Himalayas like Nandadevi, Trishul and [...]
Your most memorable MANGOwala Summer !! About Mango Festival 2017 : Summer 2017 is finally here! And what beats the summer heat, if it’s not a basket full of mangoes? And to beat that too, mangoes on a Huuuuuge mango farm! We know people playing around with tomatoes and grapes. How fun would it be to play [...]
Masti Ki Paathshala : A Summer Camp which will make the kids…Enjoy a tension free life !! Do what they love…Try out new things…Make new friends…Get Closer to Nature…Find Happiness in small things…Respect humanity and most Importantly – Discover their inner soul !! A two day outing which will gift your kids the “Most Memorable 2 [...]

Why stay home? India is Waiting, where are you?! Travelling your home country or state doesn’t have to be a second-best option. Thousands or millions of tourists visit India every year — why shouldn’t you be one of them, even if you are a local? Mumbai Travellers Backpacking Tours are platform for the like – […]

Along with Adventure and Leisure, Wildlife has always been a vital passion at Mumbai Travellers. Our wildlife division works really hard to find out and help you all explore amazing locations with varied wildlife and we try to provide you best services on all the tours / trails. We believe that everyone atleast once in [...]
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