Month-Jan 2020

Wildlife & Bird Photography tour to Hampi & Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary About Hampi Wildlife Tour : The UNESCO world heritage site of Hampi town is also a hidden treasure for some rare, endemic and endangered wildlife along with the heriatge monuments. For years this graslass and scubland habitiat had been out of sight from [...]

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Explore the Jungle Book Forest- Pench !! About Pench National Park : Pench national park is the located in central India and is the place where writer Rudyard Kipling got the inspiration to write the world famous “Jungle Book”. Pench tiger reserve in divided in different zones with its some part in Maharashtra state and other [...]
About the Tippeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary :  Named after the Lord Tippeshwar for its temple inside the park, Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected tiger habitat in Yavatmal District of Maharastra, situated close enough from Nagpur, Wardha, Chandrapur and Yavatmal. As one enters the forest of Tipeshwar, the eyes meet with kilometers of raw beauty. The [...]