Month: AUG-16

So if you are thinking of getting in shape, want to make new friends or explore the most beautiful routes in and around Mumbai city and more importantly have a blast while doing it! Then you are certainly in the right place. From organizing the city’s FIRST MIDNIGHT COASTAL RIDE & HERITAGE RIDE (Yes it […]

About the Tour : Enjoy your weekend pedaling through some outstanding great green trail across small villages and fields on ​​Ambivali -Peth route, followed by leisure walk to a beautiful waterfall and experience of yummy local food in a Native village with Mumbai Travellers. There's no better way than to spend your day cycling in [...]

Why stay home? India is Waiting, where are you?! Travelling your home country or state doesn’t have to be a second-best option. Thousands or millions of tourists visit India every year — why shouldn’t you be one of them, even if you are a local? Mumbai Travellers Backpacking Tours are platform for the like – […]

Serene trek to Karnala !! About the Tour : Karnala is a famous bird sanctuary located on Mumbai Goa Highway. It also houses a small fort at top. Many rulers have ruled this fort from Yadav dynasty, Tughalq, Gujurat Sultanate, Nizamshah of Ahmednagar. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured this fort in 1670. It held strategic importance […]

The second largest plunge falls -Jog, second largest Shiva Statue-Murudeshwar & Gigantic Yana !! About the Tour : Karnataka is blessed with the Mysterious Western Ghats, Majestic Waterfalls &  Name it and Karnataka has got it all !! Famous for the second largest plunge waterfalls in India, Jog Falls is  one of the must visit destinations in [...]

About the Tour : ‘The elevated land”, how beautifully the elegance is defined – Karnataka, the place has its own pride! It is a place of the ancient sculptured temple, modern cities, the hill ranges, forest & beaches.  Basically, Karnataka is like a sweet and salty dish spiced up with a modern tadka and topping of ancient […]

Theme: Hoisting the Indian Flag from Highest peak of Maharashtra on 15th August!! About the Tour : Kalsubai Peak is the Highest Peak of the Sahyadris (1646M) in the Akole Taluka of Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. Kalsubai Temple is Located at the Topmost peak of Sahyadri Mountain Range Of Maharashtra. To reach the summit there [...]
Nature’s gift in lap of Western Ghats : Amba Ghat !! About the Tour :  A Picturesque mountain pass is exactly located between Ratnagiri district and Kolhapur highway and is accessible from Shahuwadi, Kolhapur. This upcoming nature getaway offers the serene landscapes of Western Ghats. It lies in the buffer zone of Bison Wildlife sanctuary [...]
Herping Special Jungle Trail to Matheran !! About the Tour : Matheran apart from being a tourist attraction is also well known for its flora and fauna. Many endangered species has been recorded in Matheran by naturalists. This Trip is basically planned to explore Matheran forest for reptiles, amphibians and other nocturnal animals. This trip will [...]