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LOST WORLD OF MAHARASHTRA – LONAR CRATER !! The Mysterious Crater created by Meteor Impact 52,000 years ago is the “Only Hypervelocity Crater on Earth”. Every year about 30,000 – 1,50,000 meteors plunge towards Earth but none of them have managed to create an impact like Lonar. Here are 07 amazing reasons to Explore the […]

ABHIJIT LAD : WINNER OF #MyTravelStory Contest 2016  Title: Udata Abhijit ( No Controversy Plz) ? After doing plenty of adventure activities decided to push the envelope further during my Mauritius visit. Enter .. Skydiving ✈ You don’t always need a plan to jump into something , sometimes you need a plane. So after doing […]

15 Offbeat Weekend Getaways near Mumbai and Pune Love Travelling on weekends ? If you are bored of spending weekends at Lonavala, Khandala, Matheran here is the list of Must Visit Offbeat destinations in Maharashtra. Pack your bags and sneak this weekend to take those off from your bucketlist. 1. Lost World of Maharashtra-Lonar Crater […]

The hidden beauty of Sahyadri which you can explore this year. Those trekking destinations are equally beautiful like other treks which we have done earlier. Some of them are difficult to climb, some are not accessible as you can reach there only by private vehicle or by state government Bus. There are base villages but there […]

Hello Travellers… We are back with #MyTravelStory Contest and this year our theme is #MyTravelPhoto What’s Up ? Guys…Cheers from Mumbai Travellers. It has always been a great journey with you and we would love to commit that we ourselves truly love to travel with our fellow travellers like you. It’s the common passion of […]

Do you remember those childhood days when cycle was the only vehicle we had. We used to spend our holidays on cycles with our childhood buddies.. It was indeed an awesome feeling, ain’t it ??  Yes it was ! And you remember that…!! Life is like a pedal. They can push you down, but you’ll […]

TIGER TOURISM INFLUENCING THE WILDLIFE DESTINATIONS IN INDIA !! TADOBA NATIONAL PARK :  Tadoba national park, located near Nagpur city in Maharashtra is currently at the heart of every wildlife lover for the tiger safari tours in india. Tadoba tiger safari offers magnificent sighting of wildlife especially tigers from a very close distance. Having a […]

Best Travel Stories : After so many entries by our travellers from round the country, look through our judges' favorite stories for the #MyTravelStory Contest 2016 so far. MY TRAVEL STORY CONTEST 2016 WINNER MY TRAVEL STORY CONTEST 2016 WINNER ANKITA NADGIR Winner of Day 29 XURY ELISE #MyTravelStory Day 29 AKSHAY NALAWADE #MyTravelStory Day 29 [...]
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LOOKING FOR A TRAVEL BREAK ? Check the list of a Few Popular Weekend Getaways near Mumbai and Pune that can bring your Smiles back… The Traffic, honking of cars, the local Train’s rush …all just lets you down. And to bring the energy back, weekend acts as an energy drink. Visiting places near Mumbai […]