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Written by Sneha Bhoyar 27th-28th May 2017, marks the most imperative day of my travelling expedition.The day when I made myself proud enough for successfully reaching to the summit of “Everest of Maharashtra “KALSUBAI” situated at a height of 5400 ft above Sea Level✌️? with Mumbai Travellers.  The whole trekking experience was one of a […]

Dear Travellers, Thank you for our amazing love and support towards Mumbai Travellers Club. As we build the foundation of success, we completely recognize the trust you have placed in us and with your continuous support, we assure you to maintain our best-in-class service, genuineness and gratitude. About the Concept  At Mumbai Travellers Family, our […]

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. Like a continual bolt of energy, the wheels of life here trundle on. However, sometimes, the urban clamour and din can get too much to bear. Soaring stress levels, snowballing pollution, and the restless rat race can come together to create a deadly cocktail. Sometimes, it helps kickstart […]

In the lush green surroundings of Nashik, rises an old fort called ratangad. Resting in the beautiful ranges of the Sahyadris, It is one of the oldest forts in the region.Believed to be one of the favorite forts of even Shivaji maharaj. Ratangad is known as jewel fort. So here it goes….. Night Trek to Ratangad […]

Movies carry us into magical moments of time. Although mostly based on fictional tales, the locations are very much and often leave us filled with wanderlust. Here are 10 movies that will inspire you to get packing and head off to awaiting adventures. 1. Into the Wild (2007) The quintessential travel movie, Into the Wild […]

Written by Meeta Abhishek Randive Lonar lake in Buldhana district Maharashtra is only one of its kind basalt salt lake. Its a high velocity impact crater formed by a meteor some 5000 years ago. Visited this awesome place with Mumbai travellers, a travel group that gets into such offbeat destinations.. It takes good 4hrs to […]

Everyone has a different reason for travelling. For some it’s the thrill of an adventure, for others a journey in introspection, and yet for some the excitement of culinary delights. If the thrill of trying out new cuisines gets your senses tingling, then you are in for a treat. Mumbai Travellers pulls together a list […]

Coz if they start travelling & exploring…then they would turn out to be an ANOTHER (yet Awesome) person altogether!!! As an introvert, you would have come under pressure at some point or the other to be ‘outgoing’ and ‘social’. Culture and the social order rarely encourage individuality and anything done differently is considered abnormal or weird. […]