Along with Adventure and Leisure, Wildlife and Treks has always been a vital passion at Mumbai Travellers. Our Biking division works really hard to find out and make you all explore amazing locations and always tries to provide you best services on all the outings. This year we have received tremendous response for all the weekend bike rides, [...]

So if you are thinking of getting in shape, want to make new friends or explore the most beautiful routes in and around Mumbai city and more importantly have a blast while doing it! Then you are certainly in the right place. From organizing the city’s FIRST MIDNIGHT COASTAL RIDE & HERITAGE RIDE (Yes it […]

In search of Old Silk Route !! About North East Sikkim Tour : Since ancient times Old Silk Route played an important role in world trade. This route is the only connection between Asia, Europe and Africa. It is considered as World's first information superhighway as due to this route only exchange of ideas can be [...]
!! Weekend Bike Ride to Lap of History !! About the Naneghat-Malshej Ghat Bike  Ride :  Mumbai Travellers announces weekend bike ride to Naneghat which is also known as one of the most vital places of historical importance in Maharashtra. It is an ancient trade route, connecting Konkan and Ghat and a very famous spot for trekkers. [...]
Spiti - The Middle Land between India & Tibet !! About the Lahaul-Spiti Valley Bike Tour : Spiti Valley known as an “Unknown World” The definition of word "Spiti" means middle land i.e. land between Tibet and India. It is located in trans Himalayan belt of Himachal Pradesh. This area has lots to explore and hold [...]
Ladakh- the beauty beyond words !! About the Ladakh Bike Trip : Ladakh The land of high altitude passes, snow capped mountains, cold desert, silent monasteries and mysterious culture. It has everything to appeal any kind of traveller. Its the dream destination of every traveller, adventure seeker and it never disappoints you in any term.Trans Himalayan [...]
About Bordi Bike Ride : What is the first thing which comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Beach’? Sand, Tides, Sunset right? Why not add your motorcycle to that mix? Yes, you heard that right! Cruise away to the idyllic beach’ of Kelve and Bordi navigating those awesome Ghats and splendid internal roads. [...]
!! Ride & Trek to the Secret Waterfall of Shayadri !! About Devkund Waterfall Bike Ride :  Lets ride together to this secret location in Sahyadri. It’s one of the virgin places with crystal clear water. The confluence of three waterfalls and is said to be the origin of Kundalika river. We need to do [...]
Breakfast Bike Ride on NH8 (Ahura Hotel) !! About Breakfast Bike Ride : Being hungry and power-hungry often go hand in hand especially in the mornings! So, why not twist that throttle and head down the Ahmedabad Highway for a scrumptious breakfast and some refreshing talks with our biker brethren! Who knows, maybe we all could [...]
About Saputara Bike Ride : Swaying you bike across the corners on the Ghats at speeds of 60kmph! Sounds thrilling? Wanted to enjoy the view of the city below as you ride at heights of 3000 feet? Sounds impossible? Not so soon my friends! Join us for this epic ride to Saputara as we explore life [...]