Backpacking Trip

Beach Hopping | Dudhsagar | Camping | Parties | Sea food | Tree house & More !! About the Goa Backpacking Trip : Fellas get set to backpack across Goa in Style. Yes Goa you heard it right , Dont worry this wont be like your regular trips to Goa with Friends Trust us this [...]
Holi Hai !! About Holi Celebration in Mathura : This festival of colors that brings in unfettered joy, fun and play, music and dance with a myriad of bright colors! With winter left behind, it is time to look ahead to the spring season and enjoy this colorful and lovely occasion! Thousand years of history, [...]
Four Days of Hampiness !! About the Hampi-Badami-Anegundi Backpacking : An echo of a glorious past, Asia's Largest Lost city Hampi a jewel in the jungle and a UNESCO world heritage destination. Beloved by Backpackers and photographer is Unreal and bewitching, the forlorn ruins of Hampi dot an unearthly landscape that will leave you spellbound [...]
Padharo Maro Des..!! About Rajasthan Backpacking Tour : Come Dive into the Rich culture of Rajasthan while travelling with like minded people in Backpacking Style. It is the most fun , safe and budget friendly way to travel. Rajasthan has so much to offer to every traveller and photographer with its breathtaking natural beauty, unique historical [...]
Explore the Culture of Kumaon Empire !! About Kumaon Backpacking Trip : Mukteshwar : Mountain Madness : On the altitude of 7290 ft, Mukteshwar lies right in the centre of Himalaya making it the backbone of Townlet of Mountains. It offers some really spectacular views of prestigious snow clad peaks of Himalayas like Nandadevi, Trishul and [...]
Explore the vast White Desert on a Full Moon Night !! About Rann of Kutch Bike Ride : The Great Rann of Kutch is situated in the district of Kutch between the Gulf of Kutch and the mouth of the Indus River in southern Pakistan. This is undoubetdly the hottest areas in India. The tempreature [...]

Knowing Konkan ! A Unexplored Native !! About the Tour :  Even though there’s something alluring about the far-away, there’s a lot to be said for spending quality time discovering your native land and surrounding places. We all love experiencing new countries,cities and cultures, But exploring your home land or state doesn’t have to be a […]

Backpacking to the elevated Land of India !! About Karnataka Backpacking : ‘The elevated land”, how beautifully the elegance is defined – Karnataka, the place has its own pride! It is a place of the ancient sculptured temple, modern cities, the hill ranges, forest & beaches.  Basically, Karnataka is like a sweet and salty dish spiced up [...]
 !! विठ्ठल भेटीची आस !! About the Tour : येळकोट येळकोट जय मल्हार | सदानंदाचा विजय असो |खंडोबाच्या नावाने चांगभलं जेजुरी म्हणजे माजे स्वतःचे गाव लहानपणा पासून कित्येक वेळा या मंदिरात गेलो भंडारा उधळला नाही तर जमा केला पण कधीच वाटले नव्हते असा फोटो मी काढीन मंदिराच्या विश्वास्थांचे आभार ज्यांनी हि संधी दिली गळया मध्ये [...]

Ride in the Desert..!! About the Tour  Jaislmer the GOLDEN CITY. City of forts, City of the Deserts… After visiting jaisalmer , we found one aspect of the city which is really beautiful“Deserts and Dunes of Jaisalmer “. We are introducing the amazing and unique outing in this city which include 100 + Kms Camel […]

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