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About the Breakfast Cycle Trail :
Did you ever wonder what Mumbai looks like on a sleepy Sunday morning? Imagine passing by boundless roads with lanes and by lanes of solitude that provide the perfect set-up for those photography shots you always wanted but could not manage because of huge crowds. Picture seeing those regal buildings of old Colaba undisturbed by a single footfall. Truly a rare sight indeed!

Come and join Mumbai Travellers on an exciting early morning cycle tour of South Mumbai and witness a side of the city before it stirs from slumber. From sharing exciting stories, to making new friends, the breakfast cycle ride seeks to see the city through different eyes. Feel revved up at the start of the day as you test your endurance and revisit historical places filled with nostalgia. Come be a part of this trip and create memories that will beckon you for more.

Mumbai Travellers - Breakfast Cycle Trail

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    It’s a total 15 kms ride which start from Colaba at 6.30 in the morning and will end at till 10.00 am. Our ultimate aim to have yummy and delicious breakfast at restaurant in south Mumbai like Olympia who serve best “Kheema Pav”.

    Category : Cycling
    Level : Easy
    Age Limit : 18 years and above

    Duration : Half Day

    Outing Dates :
    Batch 01 : 03rd September 2017
    Batch 02 : 17th September 2017
    Batch 03 : 24th September 2017
    Batch 04 : 08th October 2017
    Batch 05 : 15th October 2017
    Batch 06 : 22nd October 2017
    Batch 07 : 29th October 2017
    Batch 08 : 05th November 2017
    Batch 09 : 12th November 2017
    Batch 10 : 19th November 2017
    Batch 11 : 26th November 2017
    Batch 12 : 03rd December 2017
    Batch 13 : 10th December 2017
    Batch 14 : 17th December 2017
    Batch 15 : 14th January 2018
    Batch 16 : 04th February 2018
    Batch 17 : 18th February 2018
    Batch 18 : 4th March 2018
    Batch 19 : 18th March 2018
    Batch 20 : 1st April 2018
    Batch 21 : 8th April 2018
    Batch 22 : 22nd April 2018
    Batch 23 : 29th April 2018
    Batch 24 : 6th May 2018
    Batch 25 : 20th May 2018
    Batch 26 : 3rd June 2018
    Batch 27 : 23rd June 2018
    Batch 28 : 24th June 2018



    1. Bun Maska / Kheema Pav at Olympia
    2. Empty South Bombay roads
    3. Lots fun while riding


    The journey begins at 06:30am at Theobroma, Cusrow Baug, Colaba Causeway, Colaba. Cycles will be provided for all participants. The journey is an educative, interactive, and fun experience. Participants are narrated stories of heritage structures, important historical events in the area and are encouraged to share their own experiences and knowledge.
    The ride concludes with a sumptuous breakfast at the famed Olympia Coffee House, and Madras Cafe in Colaba with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options made available for participants.

    Gateway of India
    This historic landmark of Mumbai was completed in 1924. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, no Mumbai selfie is complete without a visit to this majestic gateway.

    Taj Hotel
    One of the most iconic landmarks of Mumbai, this 5-star hotel is a heritage structure. Having first opened its gates to guests in 1903, the Taj is synonymous with luxury and fine living at its best.

    Asiatic Library
    One of the citys oldest libraries, the Asiatic Library was founded back in 1830. It is a treasure trove of ancient manuscripts some of which are written in Prakrit, Sanskrit, and Persian.

    Horniman Circle
    Named after British journalist Benjamin Horniman who supported the Indian freedom struggle, the area is an art and culture hub of Mumbai city.

    Nariman Point
    The end point of South Mumbai, Nariman Point is a popular hangout for college students and families on a walk post dinner. A beautiful sea facing promenade, the beauty of the city can be seen from the views of the coastline here.

    Flora Fountain/Hutatma Chowk
    This heritage structure dates back to 1864 and was named after the Roman goddess Flora. One of the most noted landmarks in the south side of the city.

    A popular hotspot in South Mumbai, Churchgate has a splattering of restaurants, shopping centres, and pubs to suit every taste and budget.

    Marine Drive
    A concrete C-shaped boulevard, Marine Drive is a much sought-after landmark facing the Arabian Sea. The magic of the location lies in an air view of the locale: the lights resemble a string of pearls thus earing it the moniker Queens Necklace.

    Girgaum Chowpatty
    A famous beach that is a popular hangout among locals and tourists alike. Numerous stalls offer an array of mouth-watering snacks and beverages.

  3. PRICE

    Tour Price : Rs.750 /- per person+Tax as applicable
    For Lifetime Members : Rs.700/- per member+Tax as applicable
    For Lifetime Membership Details (Rs.1000/- only), click here

    Age Limit : 18 years and above

    1. Morning breakfast
    2. Cycle on Rental basis
    3. Helmets

    4. Expertise Charges

    Disclaimer for Monsoon Rides between June to August 2017 :?In case of heavy rains, we may cancel the ride. The final decision of whether to conduct or cancel the ride rests with Mumbai Travellers. No arguments or complaints will be entertained in this regards. If we cancel the ride, Refund will be provided to the registered participants.
    Only transaction charges of Rs. 50/- will be deducted from the paid amount.

    1. Wear Shorts / Track Pants and T-shirt for the tour
    2. Water Bottle (2 Litre) Must
    3. Dry Food (snacks) and Chocolates
    4. Personal Medicines/ First Aid Kit
    5. Poncho / Wind cheater / Rain cover
    6. Sturdy Sport shoes
    7. Electral powder / Glucon D /Tang Must
    8. Camera (Optional)
    9. Sunscreen and Goggle
    10. Rucksack to carry all this things

    Important Tips for Cycling Tour?:

    1. Do not carry heavy luggage while travelling. It burns your energy and takes the fun away.
    2. The best way to distress is by involving into various activities in the itinerary.
    3. Do not use abusive language or play loud music. By doing this you will only loose respect and get divided from the locals.
    4. Talk to your local coordinator who will accompany you in all activities in case of any discomfort.
    5. In case you are curious to try something please do so but with permission of your coordinator only.
    6. Mumbai Travellers will not be responsible for any physical harm during the activity. If you follow the instruction of the coordinator chances of getting hurt remain rare.
    7. Carry desired medicines. In case of any allergy, please inform the coordinator to take care of your stay.
  5. FAQS
    1. Do we have to get our own cycle ?
      No, we provide you the cycles. Since the price includes the cycle rent. Our cycles are all good quality branded cycles.
    2. Are cycles geared or non geared ?
      It depends on route but mostly mixture of geared and non-geared cycles
    3. What if we want back out from ride ?
      Normally people dont back out from these ride but in case of injury you can seat inside the utility vehicle(for long range countryside rides). In case of Midnight cycling we dont provide utility vehicle. Our Leaders will arrange Taxi to drop Cycles on starting point, the whole expenses of dropping cycles will be occurred by rider him/herself.
    4. Whats the riding distance (in kms)?
      All the rides which we arrange in City and outdoor are between 20 Kms and 60 Kms.
    5. What we will get in refreshment/snacks ?
      Energy Drink + Sandwich (Veg) + Water bottle (500 ml).
    6. Is Jain food available ?
      Sorry its not possible.
    7. Is there any washroom facility ?
      During the ride there will be one halt for washroom in city rides, in case of outdoor ride there will be washroom at starting and ending point.
    8. What do weve to carry during rides ?
      Small backpack which can easily accommodated on your back or cycle.
    9. Can I get cycle for my height ?
      Seat height is adjustable and the same can be adjusted before the ride.
    10. Is there any group discount?
      Group Discount is applicable Minimum booking of 5 and above. Please call us during working hours (10:30 am – 7: 30 pm – Mon-Fri)
    11. Is this ride is difficult ? Will I able to do this ?
      All the city rides are of easy level and anyone can do it. But there are few outdoor rides where you will need to have cycling practice, good stamina and endurance.

For more details, Email – Or Call – 08652370001 / 09869129901 / 08692086927

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