Why stay home India is Waiting, where are you !

Travelling your home country or state doesn’t have to be a second-best option. Thousands or millions of tourists visit India every year why shouldn’t you be one of them, even if you are a local

Backpacking Trips in India

Mumbai Travellers Backpacking Tours is the platform for the like-minded travellers, photographers, tour leaders who find their home away from home. We understand that travel is an expression of individuality, which is why we craft a travel plan based on your taste and idea. If you are planning your low budget backpacking tours in India we got it for you. Why Go Backpacking Leaving your vehicle behind will give you access to parts of the world you simply can’t see otherwise. It is not just sightseeing and marking your checklist its journey of lifetime truly extraordinary and utterly rewarding experiences for travellers who are willing and open.

Backpacking India Rajasthan

Stretching from Majestic frozen summits of Kashmir, Spiti, Auli and Ladakh of Himalayas,tropical green Landscape & beautiful Beaches of Kerala & Maharshtra, Enchanting mangroves of Sundarban in Bengal,Wilderness of Ranthambore to White Salt Desert of Kutch & Thar of Rajasthan, From experience of Life and Death besides holy river Ganga in Varanasi to Colorful & Chaotic life on the streets of Kolkata & Mumbai. be it brave men showcasing their strength at Kila Raipur Sports Festival in Punjab & Arnnamula Boat race in Kerala or Lakhs of Warkari passionately chanting Mauli in Pandharpur Wari Yatra & Radhe – Radhe Bhajans at Vrindavaan Holi. From Hippies culture in Goa, Gokarna, Kasol to Century old temples of Hampi & Benaras. India has all and still much more is yet to be discovered as it is rightly said India is not a country, but a continent. There is Lot to be explored, seen and most importantly felt. The best way to do it is one of them, eat what the locals eat, travel how the local travels you Walk the streets of any city and you’ll surely rub shoulders with representatives of great faith. And Mumbai Travellers’ free-style offbeat Backpacking trips aimed to achieved all these!

Backpacking India Kolkata

Few countries in the world carve such a deep, lasting impression on a traveller that once visited, get into your heart and won’t go. Our India is one such a place. Sitting upon layers upon layers of history, there is perhaps no other country on Earth that is home to such marked contrasts as our India is. India overloads the senses with its cacophony of sounds, its vibrant colours and its extreme contradictions. A trip across India is full of the unexpected but one thing certain: you won’t return home quite the same after the adventure! Get stunned by the richness of the land, by its lush beauty and exotic architecture, by its ability to overload the senses with the pure, concentrated intensity of its colours, smells, tastes, and sounds

Backpacking India Vrindavan Holi

Backpacking India Varanasi

Backpacking India Rann of Kutch


    Whats the age range of the Group trip
    We have travellers from all the groups of age. Since this is an offbeat backpacking travelling community, The majority of travellers are between the age group of 20-40 belonging from various professional sectors.

    I am travelling solo for the first time. how can I expect my experience to be
    Most of our travellers here are solo. No one has a prior acquaintance with anybody other than on the community. It is going to be like the first day of school or college or office, excitement of meeting new people with the thrill of the trip. Do not expect anything less than an adventure. Absolutely, that’s the beauty of small group travel. You will make friends quickly and your Tour lead will become a good source of support to you along the way too!

    Is single traveller mainly male or female?
    Most of our trips split pretty evenly down gender lines. We average roughly 60:40 female-to-males, so you’ll never feel outnumbered.

    How can I be sure I am safe?
    We follow a set of safety rules to make your travel experience physically and mentally safe. Our team is well trained and equipped to handle any kind of situations. Also, we send precaution note for most of our trips couple of days before departure.

    What if I want room for myself?
    – The fun of travelling in groups is the sharing of rooms. We recommend that you share the room with fellow travelers for better bonding and understanding. Somehow, if you wish to have a separate room anyway, that can be possible for an additional amount depending upon the accommodation.

    How much freedom do i have during a Backpacking trip?
    – Every trip has an well designed itinerary to make most out of the destination or event. Group travel are all about experiences . However If any point of time, you feel like exploring the things by yourself or would like to skip a day at stay back apart from set Itinerary, you have the freedom to do so yes only after consulting with tour Lead (Remember Traveler adhere the additional cost if any ;) ). Not everybody likes museums like no everyone enjoys shopping.

    Essential Checklist
    Our number one piece of advice is: collect everything you think you need

    Almost everyone brings far too much stuff. We like to travel light. However, everyone has different wants and needs, so make sure you bring the stuff that makes you happy when travelling!

    Should I bring Backpack or Suitcase?
    Either is completely fine! Personally, we would recommend a backpack as it easier to carry around when going from trains to boats (and easier to lift above your head when standing knee-deep in water ;)).

    Parents often worry about the safety of their progeny? This is completely understandable.
    Its why a group tour is ideal for any first-time traveller you are mostly in the company of other travellers, so are far less likely to get into trouble than if you were travelling solo. We try to ensure the safety of all our travellers, however, we are also against the babysitting approach of other tour companies. This means a healthy amount of individual space, with a base understanding that everyone is a self-sufficient, responsible adult.

    What are accommodation like
    During the tour, you will be staying in varied places (one being the night train! during travel). However, most nights you will be staying in twin or Triple rooms/Hostels/Havelis/Nature Camps etc.. with a fellow Travellers. Our accommodation are comfortable and safe and we strive to get you guys in the best locations so some mornings youll be waking up on a lake, and others right on the beach!

    How fit do I need to be
    You dont have to be an athlete to travel with us all walks and activities are optional and there is something for everyone.

    Do I need to bring a sleeping bag or mosquito net
    You dont need to bring a sleeping bag unless informed but a sleeping bag liner/ inner is advisable. You dont need to bring a mosquito net but we do recommend getting bug repellent.


    Natasha BhagwatSuperbly organized trip.. comfort, time, and likes of all was taken into consideration,, and taking care of a gang of 12 girls in not an easy task… Kudos to Neenad & Rakesh!!!! Keep up the good work..Cheers!!!! “

    Shveta Kudalkar ” My first trip with MT and came back with a lot of good memories and happy moments. Neenad and Rakesh Best leader as well very much flexible during travel and taking care of everyone and make sure everyone is enjoying or not !! ”

    Kiran Roy “Awesome tour and great job by Mumbai Travellers. 5 stars! ”

    Carol Patrao Thank you Vaibhav and Neenad (A special thanks to Anthony too) for all the efforts, in making this trip memorable and very enjoyable. I really appreciate the way you planned everything so meticulously and made sure that we were comfortable, especially, the last minute night stay arrangements at Mysore, on our very first day. Must also add, our stays including the food, at all the destinations were spectacular. Cant wait to plan my next trip with you guys.


  1. MARCH 2018

    Kasol Backpacking Trip : 01st-06th March 2018

    Kasol Backpacking Trip : 27th March – 01st April 2018

  2. APRIL 2018

    Kasol Backpacking Trip : 26th April-01st May 2018

  3. MAY 2018

    Kasol Backpacking Trip : 26th-31st May 2018 May 2018

  4. JUNE 2018

    Kashmir Backpacking Trip : 23rd-28th June 2018

    Kasol Backpacking Trip : 23rd-28th June 2018

  5. AUGUST 2018

    Hampi Backpacking Trip : 17th-19th August 2018

    Spiti Valley Backpacking Trip : 13th-20th August 2018

  6. SEPTEMBER 2018

    Hampi Backpacking Trip : 21st-23rd September 2018

    Jaisalmer Backpacking Trip : 30th Sept-02nd October 2018

  7. OCTOBER 2018

    Durga Puja & Sundarban : 12th-15th October 2018

    Hampi Backpacking Trip : 19th-21st October 2018

  8. NOVEMBER 2018

    Rann Of Kutch Backpacking Trip : 23rd-25th November 2018

    Hampi Backpacking Trip : 23rd-25th November 2018

  9. DECEMBER 2018

    Rann Of Kutch Backpacking Trip : 22nd-24th December 2018

    Varanasi Backpacking Trip : 22nd-25th December 2018

  10. JANUARY 2019

    Rishikesh Backpacking Trip : 22nd-26th January 2019

    Rann Of Kutch Backpacking Trip : 26th-28th January 2019

    Backpacking Tour : 26th-28th January 2019 : Hampi Backpacking Trip

  11. FEBRUARY 2019
  12. MARCH 2019

    Backpacking Tour : 2nd-4th March 2019 : Hampi Backpacking Trip

    Backpacking Tour : 18th-23rd March 2019 : Kasol Backpacking Trip

  13. APRIL 2019

    Backpacking Tour : 26th April – 1st May 2019 : Kasol Backpacking Trip

  14. MAY 2019

    Backpacking Tour : 26th-31st May 2019 : Kasol Backpacking Trip

  15. JUNE 2019

    Backpacking Tour : 23rd-28th June 2019 : Kasol Backpacking Trip

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