About Vrindavan Holi :
This festival of colors that brings in unfettered joy, fun and play, music and dance with a myriad of bright colors! With winter left behind, it is time to look ahead to the spring season and enjoy this colorful and lovely occasion! Thousand years of history, mythological legends, stories of goodness prevailing over the evil and that 6 year old neighbor kid wildly throwing water balloons at you – if this is your idea of Holi, we dare you to be a part of the crazy Holi celebrations of Barsana, Nandgaon, Vrindavan in Mathura. With an immensely strong bonding with Lord Krishna, people of Mathura and Vrindavan celebrate Holi for over a week.people relive the legends of Holi associated with Radha and Krishna and play pranks the young Krishna played with the cowgirls called gopis. The underlying feeling of this fun-frolic was love and devotion. Even today, romance can be experienced in the very atmosphere in the Krishna-nagari. One just needs to breathe in this air and drench oneself in the feeling of love and romance.  So much is the passion of the people here, that they throng these temples every day and get drenched in colored water…all in the name of the Lord they love so much.Yes! You’ll play Holi this time with our Greeter at Vrindavan – the world’s favorite destination for the festival of colors! Excited? to celebrate holi in the most wild, yet colorful and sane revelry. With sticks, shields, colors and canons of water.

About Barsana Holi : The Holi celebrations in Braj begin at Barsana, Radha’s (Krishna’s consort) village, six days before Holi. The people of Nandgaon and Barsana play Holi together. The men wear huge turbans decorated with leaves to protect themselves from the color and beatings of the women of Barsana. Lathmar Holi (literally Stick Beatings Holi) is played at sunset, when women dressed in beautiful sarees hit the men with sticks. They unleash a shower of sticks on the naughty boys of Nandgaon to teach them a lesson for all the broken pots and for teasing the girls of Barsana.

Tour Highlights : Lathmar Holi | Laddu holi | Taj Mahal | Street Food | Tuk-Tuk Rides | Phoolon Ki holi  | Widow’s  Holi



    Outing Date : 06th-10th March 2017


    Category : Backpacking India
    Duration : 04 Nights / 05 Days
    Travel Suggestions :
    Bus Travel : Please confirm with us during tour booking itself for Mathura – Mumbai , Mumbai – Mathura transport.
    *Travel Dates differ from your Tour dates plan you leaves accordingly


    Day 0 : 06th March 2017 – Welcome to Mathura (Barsana Holi or Laddu)
    Morning arrival in Mathura. Head to Ashram Load your Luggage in dorm, rest a while.
    Celebration begins in afternoon in Barsana. Overnight in Mathura 

    Day 1 : 07th March 2017 : Barsana (Lathmar Holi)
    Post local Lunch we will visit Barsana Radhas’s village, where mens of Nandgao reign supreme over the womens of Barsana, in yet another day of Lathmar Holi, but the beatings are much gentler, since Radha’s side remains the more powerful one during Holi. Overnight At Mathura.

    Day 3 : 8th March 2017 : Rango ki Holi Nandgaon
    The Third day, Holi celebrations at Nandgao Krishna’s village as last 2 dyas we are playing Holi at diffrent places Nandgao Is village where we are going to play holi with water and colors made by flowers and you can not miss this is the last day of holi. Overnight at Vrindavan.

    Day 4 : 09th March 2017 : Break from Holi Vist iconic Taj Mahal
    Early morning drive to Agra! Visit Taj Mahal and Explore Surrounding place. Overnight in Mathura

    Day 5 : 10th March 2017
    Your memorable Backpacking tour ends here.Prepare yourself to celebrate Holi in Mumbai on 13th ;)

    Your memorable Backpacking tour ends here.!

    Backpacking India 

    This is Guided Backpacking version of Trip. Our Itineraries are carefully put together by our backpacking experts aiming to cover & experience some lesser known must-see offbeat places in India in backpacking style. Our trips are the perfect way to rediscover yourself and socialize yourself with like minded backpackers while you explore the unexplored places in India which are offbeat and general tourist often skip because of the obscure nature of these locales. After all, Columbus wouldn’t be Columbus if he’d stuck to taking the same journey again and again, right? Occasionally backpacking trips might be bit low on leisure but always high on experiences as you enjoy local street food, interact with locals, or sharing a dorm,hostel or home-stay with other fellow travelers at some breathtaking locations across India .

    “Life is all about courage and going in to unknowns”

    Seems like the kind of trip you’ve been waiting to take? Save the date!

  4. PRICE

    Tour Price : Rs.12,000/- per person
    For Lifetime Members : Rs.11,700/- per members
    For Lifetime Membership Details (Rs.1000/- only), click here

    Note :
    – This is Backpacking version of trip – Sometimes low on Leisure and But always High on experiences.
    Visits, Activities and their order are subject to change for backpacking trip based on the discretion of Mumbai Travellers.
    – Trip involves walking, rick ride (Shared)

    Inclusions :
    1. Daily Breakfast.
    2. All nights accommodation in Ashrams and hotels
    3. All Transfers between Madhura-Barsana-Nandgoa-Agra Taj Mahal
    4. An experienced backpacking expert & a Friend who will help you take the hassle out of your travel.

    Exclusions :
    1. Mumbai – Mathura, Mathura – Mumbai by Bus/Train/Flight
    2. Lunch and dinner (We want you to try out local Cuisines & not restrict to particular restaurant ,cafe)
    3. Camera Charges.
    4. Personal Expenses
    5. Anything other than mentioned above.
    6. Taxes as applicable

    *Free consultation and assistance from packing your backpack to choosing lens for your Camera (pre or post trip extended days)


    For booking you need to deposit the advance amount of Rs.8,000/- per person in the following Account:

    Balance payment to be cleared  21 days prior to the tour.
    AC NO. 623805030086
    IFSC CODE : ICIC0006238

    Cancellation and Refund applicable on whole tour price:
    1. If cancellation done prior to 15 days of outing 75% will be refunded.
    2. If done prior to 10 days of outing 50% will be refunded
    3. After that no refund will be provided.


    1. Gov approved Id proof Compulsory ( NO Pan Card)
    2. A small Backpack (Avoid Suitcases)
    3. A Day Bag to hold camera and essential during sightseeing .
    4. Beachwear in case you decide to swim or enjoy water sports.
    5. Torch (Must)
    6. Personal Medicines If any
    7. Cap, Shades, Sun-screen etc….
    8. Sport shoes or Good quality Floaters
    9. Camera (Optional)
    10. Sanitary Kit
    11. Mosquito Repellent

  7. FAQS

    FAQ’s For Backpacking Trips

    1. What’s the age range of the Group trip? 
    – We have travelers from all the groups of age. Since this is an offbeat backpacking travelling community, The majority of travelers are between the age group of 20-40 belonging from various professional sectors.

    2. I am travelling solo for the first time . how can i expect my experience to be ? 
    – Most of our travelers here are solo . No one has a prior acquaintance with anybody other than on the community. It is going to be like the first day of school or college or office, excitement of meeting new people with the thrill of the trip. Do not expect anything less than an adventure. Absolutely, that’s the beauty of small group travel. You will make friends quickly and your Tour lead will become a good source of support to you along the way too!

    3. Are single traveler mainly male or female?
    Most of our trips split pretty evenly down gender lines. We average roughly 60:40 female-to-males, so you’ll never feel outnumbered.

    4. How can i be sure i am safe ? 
    – We follow a set of safety rules to make your travel experience physically and mentally safe. Our team is well trained and equipped to handle any kind of situations. Also we send precaution note for most of our trips couple of days
    before departure.

    5. What if i want room to myself ? 
    The fun of travelling in groups is sharing of rooms. We recommend that you share the room with fellow travelers for better bonding and understanding. Somehow, if you wish to have a separate room anyway, that can be possible for additional amount depending upon the accommodation.

    6. How much freedom do i have during a Backpacking trip ? 
    Every trip has an well designed itinerary to make most out of the destination or event. Group travel are all about experiences . However If any point of time, you feel like exploring the things by yourself or would like to skip a day at stay back apart from set Itinerary, you have the freedom to do so yes only after consulting with tour Lead (Remember Traveler adhere the additional cost if any ;) ). Not everybody likes museums like no everyone enjoys shopping.

    Essential Checklist :
    Our number one piece of advice is: collect everything you think you need…
    Almost everyone brings far too much stuff. We like to travel light. However, everyone has different wants and needs, so make sure you bring the stuff that makes you happy when travelling!

    1. Should i bring Backpack or Suitcase ?
    – Either is completely fine! Personally, we would recommend a backpack as it easier to carry around when going from trains to boats (and easier to lift above your head when standing knee-deep in water ;)).

    2. Parents often worry about the safety of their progeny. This is completely understandable.
    – It’s why a group tour is ideal for any first-time traveller… you are mostly in the company of other travellers, so are far less likely to get into trouble than if you were travelling solo. We try to ensure the safety of all our travellers, however we are also against the ‘babysitting’ approach of other tour companies. This means a healthy amount of individual space, with a base understanding that everyone is a self-sufficient, responsible adult.

    3. What are accommodation like ?
    During the tour you will be staying in varied places (one being the night train! during travel). However, most nights you will be staying in twin or Triple rooms/Hostels/Havelis/Nature Camps etc.. with a fellow Travellers. Our accommodation are comfortable and safe and we strive to get you guys in the best locations – so some mornings you’ll be waking up on a lake, and others right on the beach!

    4. How fit do I need to be?
    You don’t have to be an athlete to travel with us – all walks and activities are optional and there is something for everyone.

    5. Do I need to bring a sleeping bag or mosquito net?
    You don’t need to bring a sleeping bag unless informed but a sleeping bag liner/ inner is advisable. You don’t need to bring a mosquito net but we do recommend getting bug repellent


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