5 Reasons Why Travelling Is (Bad) For Introverts (3)Coz if they start travelling & exploring…then they would turn out to be an ANOTHER (yet Awesome) person altogether!!!

As an introvert, you would have come under pressure at some point or the other to be ‘outgoing’ and ‘social’. Culture and the social order rarely encourage individuality and anything done differently is considered abnormal or weird. With all the pressure mounting around you, the last thing you need is yet another quirk to make you weird.
Travelling has long been acknowledged as a great way to discover the world; an ideal escape into new waters. However, be warned. If you simply think you can pack your bags and head off into the unknown and be done with it once and for all, you’re wrong. Travelling is an incurable infection; a blithering blithe that will leave you with constant cravings. The only way to satiate these cravings will be to travel more. You will change and evolve; remember that society hates anyone who breaks the bubble of conformity. The last thing you need is another peculiarity that people can press you about. To prevent yourself from becoming a victim of the travel pathosis, here are five reasons why travelling is bad for introverts.

A Creative Contagion
Like most introverts, you probably find spending lone time the perfect outlet for a creative mind. Travelling will immerse you into a deep pool of art and enlightenment that will leave you longing for more. Mundane hangouts at the mall and mindless gossiping sessions at coffee shops will seem like a misuse of time that can be spent perusing new locations. You might delve deeper within to propel yourself into a whole new experience of discovery.


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The People Syndrome

As an introvert, you have definitely spent a good deal of effort fielding odd and unfair comments about being anti-social. Most of your friends and family have already fit you in a box and have certain preconceptions about you. Travelling will metamorphose you into a new being as you encounter live many tales through your journeys. Those who stereotyped you as a wallflower will have to eat their words as you will acquire a newfound admiration and respect and even a bit of jealous looks along the way.

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Need to Explore Fever

Staying cooped up in a city apartment is not the way you were born to live. Travelling will set you as free as you were born to be. People around you will be amazed – and even envious – as you boldly head out into new places. Travelling is like a viral fever once it gets a hold of you, it barely let’s it go! You will no longer live in the shell of social boundaries and your life becomes a reflection of wisdom gained on the route.

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A Self-Discovery Spell
Since you were born, your whole life was mapped out for you by your family, by your teachers, and then later by society. Travelling will spellbind you with the wonders of a limitless existence. Travelling is truly dangerous as it will drive you to explore outside the box. Like a virus, reverence for the awe-inspiring beauty of this world will plunge your mind into new-found creativity. Now now, who likes a free-thinker with a mind of his her own

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An Addictive Bug
Travelling is an abominable addiction. Once you get back to the city, your life will suddenly seem to turn to monotonous shades of black and white. Hanging out at the local pub will appear to be a waste of precious money that can be spent instead on another journey. Travelling will inspire the wordsmith in you and you will find yourself spending hours and hours telling everyone you meet about the wonders of the wide world that exists beyond your own. Truly a fascinating fixation without a cure.

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To conclude, it is really true that “To travel is to take a journey within yourself”. There are high chances that when you travel to the core, you meet the best person hidden inside you who is such a lovable, respectful and interesting persona. We have seen and met hundreds of so called “Introverts” who had just missed their direction, were short of expressions or were fighting with a deep struggle, but when they took travel one-on-one and explored a new direction of living life…they have evolved! Evolved into something magical!! Evolved into someone who today is a role model for others…

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So go out…Spread your wings and start flying! Cheers!!