Escape, Explore, Discover! Life? RajasthanRajasthan has so much to offer to every traveller and photographer with its breathtaking natural beauty, unique historical sites and the colorful culture. Here are the incredible 11 reasons Why You Need to Drop Everything & join us for Rajasthan Backpacking !!

1Folk Night Desert Camp : Something which you could not miss it from your bucketlist in Rajasthan !


2.  Ranthambore National Park : Tiger Safari is renowned Ranthambore National Park is must !



3. Thar Desert : Chasing sunset in serene Thar Desert is memorable.


4. People of Rajasthan : The People of Rajasthan are well known for their warm, friendly and affable nature !


5. Pushkar Fair : Pushkar Fair has a magnestism all of its own-it’s quite unlike anywhere else in Rajasthan



6. Haunted Village of Rajasthan : Visit to Haunted Village-Kuldhara at Night 


7. Like Minded Backpackers : A perfect way to rediscover and socialise with like minded backpackers in fun, safe and friendly way!like-minded-people

8.Midnight at Pushkar Lake : It is a complete Bliss to spending midnight at Pushkar Lake !


9. Art, Craft, Clothes : Rajasthan, a treasure trove for shoppers which Offers unique range of arts, crafts & clothes!


10. Colorful Traditions : Rajasthan still regains the glory and richness of those times with its marvelous monuments, colorful traditions and customs.


11. Hill Forts in Rajasthan : Hill Fort of Rajasthan are long standing masterpieces of architecture and rich culture heritage !hill-forts-of-rajasthan

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