10 Reasons to do Bhandardara in Monsoon

BHANDARDARA, A serene & unspoiled beauty situated in middle of Western Ghats in Nagar district offers you an overwhelming experience. A weekend trip to Bhandardara especially in monsoon bounded with majestic waterfalls, emerald colored lake, old dam, hidden valleys and different shades of green all around makes for a great treat to the eyes . So here it is; we give 10 major reasons for you to pack your bags and Explore the Bhandardara in monsoon now ! 

1. Wilson DamBhandardara Dam, also known as Wilson dam is one of the oldest Dams in India. It was built in 1910 and located on River Pravara. A visit to the garden located just at the base of dam is one of beholding view to witness. 


2. Arthur Lake : Arthur Lake, locally famous as Bhandardara Lake is major and must visit destination in Bhandardara. It is said that Saint Agastya mediated here & was blessed with River Pravara which serves the water to the horse-shoe shaped lake-Arthur ! 

arthur lake-bhandardara

3. Randha Falls : Another 10 kms drive from Bhandardara lake towards Rajur, takes you to majestic waterfalls Randha ! Situated at the bank of Ghorpada Devi temple, Randha gives you view of the gushing waterfall, photogenic backwater and photography & selfie spots !

randha falls bhandardara

4. Rice Farming : A Drive to Bhandardara takes you through the Paddy farms on both side. Here’s a fabulous opportunity for you to roll up your sleeves and get into a farmer’s shoes. Truly be a farmer as you wade knee deep in rice paddy fields, discover the thrill in harvesting crops and be one with nature like never before & Discover what it takes for food to reach a plate!

rice farming bhandardara

5. Amruteshwar Temple : Amruteshwar temple, an Hemadpanti style temple makes one speechless with its graceful carvings and the archaeological & mythological stories.

amruteshwar temple bhandardara

6. Nanhe, Necklace & Umbrella Waterfalls : Bhandardara itself means Bhandar (surplus) of Dara (Waterfalls). The journey to explore hundreds of cascades & waterfalls streaming through the magnificent mountains are like cherry on cake ! Witnessing the unmapped waterfalls like Nanhe, Necklace & Umbrella Waterfalls with roasted maize is worth an experience. 

waterfalls in bhandardara

7. Monsoon Treks : Bhandardara is blessed with Western Ghats ! The dreamlike hill station positioned in middle of Western Ghats of Maharashtra makes it the Paradise for Trekkers and Hikers in and around Maharashtra. 

monsoon treks

8.  Monsoon Bike Rides : Cruising & Cornering around the Mountains & waterfalls is the best part of riding which ultimately takes you to Majestic & splendid Bhandardara !!

monsoon bike rides in monsoon

9. Sandhan ValleySandhan valley is one of the greatest canyons in the Sahyadri mountain ranges & serves a splendid combination of a canyon and a valley. Located in the Ahmednagar district, near the famous fort Ratangad; Sandhan valley is undoubtedly “The Valley of Suspense”.

sandhan valley in monsoon

10. Reverse Waterfall at Kokankada : Last but not the least ! Foggy weather & shower of reverse waterfall is something one could not afford to miss it from the bucketlist ! Well, the real fact of waterfall is when it flows downwards, the pressure of wind throws the waterfalls upwards & that’s how you get drenched in gushing reverse waterfalls at Kokankada !! 

reverse waterfalls in monsoon

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