A social initiative by Mumbai Travellers for the students of a small & distant village near SANDHAN VALLEY



We feel blessed to get good quality education and great teachers…however there is one very important thing, without which we could have never been what we are today : That thing is Exposure…Exposure to the world, Miracles of Life, Growth opportunities in Market, History-geography & Economy of various locations, Knowledge of our skills and awareness of our weak points….We think all this comes from the EXPOSURE we get…and We are sure this is everybody’s story…not only ours.

But there are people who still are not aware about all these things…They are born at a village, try to study there, do some basic work, earn about Rs.1000 per month and die silently passing on this trend to the next generation.

Mumbai Travellers don’t want this trend to get transmitted in fresh generation and we all are wishing that this fresh generation in schools of some of the distant schools should get a great EXPOSURE that will open up the doors of success for them.








For this we have planned “DONATE THE KNOWLEDGE” initiative for the students of a small & distant village near SANDHAN VALLEY… All we are going to do is DONATE A COMPUTE (or computers) with PENDRIVES & CDs filled with beautiful photos, amazing information, lovely presentations and knowledgeable videos/documentaries…


All this will be donated to primary school at Sandhan Valley Base village school (Samrad) on 25-26 August, 2012 on the occasion of Mumbai Travellers tour to Sandhan Valley. Mumbai Travellers is celebrating Launch of its MUMBAI TRAVELLERS CLUB MEMBERSHIP with this Social Initiative.


Mumbai Travellers Club, one of the leading Travel Clubs in Mumbai who has been equally involved in the social initiative. Before that Mumbai Travellers has successfully adopted a turtle nest at Velas that resulted in survival of 50 baby turtles and have also started on reconstruction of a temple at Samrad village, which was left unreconstructed by a trekking group from Pune.


All you have to do is DONATE as MUCH as possible and SHARE this initiative as MUCH as possible!! 

Following is the list of things you can donate
1. Computer Monitors ( 2nd hand but in working condition or New)

2. Computer CPU ( 2nd hand but in working condition or New)

3. Hard Disc / Motherboard/ RAM/ Processor ( 2nd hand but in working condition or New)

4. CDs & Pendrives loaded with Informative stuff

5. Money for purchasing all such technological stuffs

So lets come together in this Donation drive, and spread the Knowledge to the needful Childrens and spread this to maximum people. The More Helping Hand, more effective Donation Drive will be 🙂 …


All those who are willing to help in this initiative, please email us on : mumbaitravellers@gmail.com

Call on 8692033777 / 8692055777 / 8692022777
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